Indian Social Action Forum

INSAF was established in 1993, when the social action groups and people’s movements were struggling to cope up with the changing realities of globalization & religious fundamentalism in the country. With time, it has grown into a national forum with a political thrust, bringing together over 500 social action groups, people’s movements and progressive intellectuals to resist globalization, combat communalism and defend democracy.

INSAF is active in over 15 states of India as a political forum of NGOs, trade unions, people’s movements and grassroots organisations to garner all progressive forces in society to:




Talking about LAND reforms today – love in time of cholera

AGROFUELS – resist the LAND SCAM; stop jatropha in NREGA & corporatisation of land


INSAF Bulletin: Special Economic Zones (March.2007)

The Jan Lokpal Bill also referred to as the citizens’ ombudsman bill is a proposed independent anti-corruption law in India. Anti-corruption social activists proposed it as a more effective improvement to the original Lokpal bill, which is currently being proposed by the the Government of India. The prefix Jan…
Statement on Xenophobic Killings in Norway – AEPF ADMIN // JUL 28TH, 2011 Statement on Xenophobic Killings in Norway – AEPF
ASIA-EUROPE PEOPLES’ FORUM (AEPF) advancing the people’s voice and agenda within Asia-Europe relations The Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) grieves and condoles with the families and friends of the people, many of them very young, who lost their lives in the horrific and senseless massacre…
Convention on “Indian State and the Art of Fabricating False Cases” ADMIN // JUL 28TH, 2011
July 30, 2011 in Bangalore. Two spectres are haunting the civil society in India – the spectres of communalism and globalisation. As a part this invasion on people, minorities are attacked as it happened in Gujarat or Kandhamal and many other places in the recent past. Multinationals, the World Bank, ADB, IMF and…
National Action against Land Acquisition demanding new comprehensive legislation ADMIN // JUL 28TH, 2011 National Action against Land Acquisition demanding new comprehensive legislation
Sansad Gherao! Delhi Chalo! INVITATION National Action against Land Acquisition Act, 1894 AGAINST Amendments, demanding new comprehensive legislation & TO PROTECT Jal, Jungle, Jameen, Khaneej & Livelihood Rights Sansad (Parliament) Dharna 3rd – 5th August, 2011, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi Dear Comrades, Forced…
Film Festival & discussions : “25 years after Chernobyl disaster” ADMIN // APR 15TH, 2011 Film Festival & discussions :
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Courting Nuclear Disaster in Maharashtra – Why the Jaitapur Project Must Be Scrapped ADMIN // APR 4TH, 2011 Courting Nuclear Disaster in Maharashtra – Why the Jaitapur Project Must Be Scrapped
A team of concerned citizens visited the Jaitapur area between January 6 and 8 to investigate the depth of popular concerns about the environmental, nuclear safety, livelihood and governance issues raised by the project, to assess the extent of violations of civil liberties and social, economic and cultural rights…
NO more Chernobyl, NO Fukushima: NO TO NUCLEAR ENERGY WORLDWIDE! ADMIN // MAR 17TH, 2011 NO more Chernobyl, NO Fukushima: NO TO NUCLEAR ENERGY WORLDWIDE!
The tragedy in Japan has aroused worldwide solidarity due to the loss of thousands of human lives and of vast regions and cities caused by the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated major parts of Japanese territory. The undersigned networks, organizations, and individuals wish to first express…
Nuclear Crisis in Japan and its Implications for India: Say no to NUCLEAR POWER! ADMIN // MAR 14TH, 2011
Press release at a press conference in New Delhi on March 14, 2011: The tragedy in Japan and the nuclear crisis are a wake-up call for India, which has launched a huge nuclear expansion programme based on the nuclear deal with the US and other countries. Three Fukushima Daiichi reactors have suffered a loss-of-coolant…
An Open Letter to the Governments: Meeting at the 16th COP of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Cancun ADMIN // DEC 3RD, 2010
People and communities throughout the global South need hundreds of billions of dollars each year to deal with the impacts of climate change, build resiliency and adopt alternative development pathways. The cost of compensation for past, present, and future damages due to climate change will only grow if, in addition,…