Отдых в Индии

India is an exotic country with ancient history and culture. A country of diversity and contrasts, urban noise and natural silence, a single culture in its mass diversity. The caste structure of society, many religious movements, the primordial beauty of nature, historical sights and the warm welcome of local residents and an unusual love of fishing, chaotic traffic on the roads and an endless number of small traders are a small list of what India will meet you with. Even nature in this region is full of contrasts. The thick and deep jungle combines with the sunny desert, the mountain peaks of the Himalayas and the valley sunny beaches of Goa. A marble silence in places of yoga can be replaced by loud and sharp music on the streets. In a word, there is something to see and what to listen to. And tourists go to this marvelous country.

Annually, over six million people visit India. Many of them often come there again. Where to relax in India ? Yes, almost everywhere. This country is famous for its unique cultural heritage. There are an infinite number of historical and cultural heritage values. You will be offered to relax on the beaches, healing body and soul, sightseeing trips around the country. Tours of the combined type are popular. Here, at the same time, you can relax in the resorts of India, soak up the beaches of the resorts of Goa and Kerala and visit the historical sites of the country. Holidays in India, reviews about it are a popular forum topic. Particular attention is given to the opportunity to experience Ayurveda treatment programs. In the hotel itself, Indian healers, who have taken over the experience of treatment from generation to generation, will help you regain vitality, relax, relax and get excellent well-being for a long time.

Где отдыхают в Индии

Places to relax in India

If you are a history buff and want to know more about this country, start with Delhi. The Indian capital is famous for the architectural structures of the great Mongols simultaneously with the shrines of the Hindu and Christian faith.

How to choose a hotel in India, more details: Hotels in India .

If you are attracted to a relaxing holiday on the shores of the great ocean - you are in Goa. Here, many kilometers of beaches with yellow sand, clear water, a variety of flora and lush parties until the morning. Such is India rest at sea .

Those who want to plunge into deep meditation. And forget for a while about this mortal world, you need to head to Varancy, the city of temples.

Lovers of conquering the mountains will substitute their shoulders for the foothills of the Himalayas. If only there was enough strength to get to the top.

Resorts of India

Tamil Nadu - corresponds to the name of the Indian state. In this state, the Tamil people have long lived. These are some of the indigenous people of India. When the Indo-Aryans came to the continent and forcedly moved them more to the south. Today's Tamiland is the land of more than thirty thousand temples. It is also called the land of temples. They were built at different times and by different generations, but united by a single Tamil culture. Its main style is a large tower entrance combined with wide rooms.

The climate of this place is tropical, there is no sharp change in weather conditions at the transition of the seasons. In April and May, the highest temperature is forty degrees. Relax on the beaches uncomfortable, high humidity. Air freshening comes at night with a sea breeze. But November - February in Tamil Nadu brings cool weather. This is the so-called winter, but the temperature does not drop to such an extent that you wear warm clothes.

Marina Beach - twelve kilometers of clean sand, azure sea and places for surfers . Here you can watch the sunset and sunrise. But swimming here is very dangerous. Strong ebbs take into the sea even the most experienced. But in the evening there is a place of entertainment for vacationers and locals. Like mushrooms, cafes and stalls instantly grow, they sell everything. For children, fly kites and ride them on little ponies. A garden of fruit trees grows around, and in the distance a lone lighthouse shines. Nearby is an aquarium with an amazing collection of fish.

Mahabalipuram - a beach that almost preserved the primacy of nature and was not spoiled by civilization. Located near the port city with the same name. It is surrounded by a large number of temple premises of rock monuments. Very close you will find a farm where crocodiles are grown, the center where snake venom is harvested.

Rameshvaram - a small exotic island of the Indian Peninsula and connected to the land by a bridge that bears the name of Indira Gandhi. There is always a peaceful sea on the island. Lots of coral reefs and unknown species of marine life flora and fauna. For swimming and relaxation - the perfect place. Safe to swim at any time of the day. Dolphins are constantly swimming near the shore. And during the fishing period, I grow up temporary villages of fishermen.

Features of the country's resorts, more details: Resorts of India .

Kovelong - the beach is only forty kilometers from the city of Chennai. A place of solitude, broken occasionally by fishermen in boats. This is a state-of-the-art resort area. Lovers of water sports here expanse. There are historical monuments. These are the ruins of an ancient Dutch fort and a long-time fishing port. The excursion boat route along the Alleppey and Kovelong canals among groves of palm trees, rice fields and many temple structures will leave an indelible impression.

India rest

Orissa Resort

Corresponds to the name of the state. Located along the length of the Bay of Bengal. It is a small part of the kingdom of Kalinga. The history of the kingdom changed in 260 BC, when the conqueror Ashok, seeing the beauty of the nature of this place, gave it to its former owners and himself adopted Buddhism. Memorabilia from the 7th to the 9th century as if placed throughout the state. This is the land of peasants who built many small villages here. Minerals are mined in these lands. Indeed, more than half of the state is rock with multiple types of minerals. The weather in winter is very comfortable here. Many migratory birds appear in forests and lakes. May - June is very hot weather. And the beginning of autumn will bring many days of heavy rains.

Maharashtra resort

Gourmet paradise. After all, the local inhabitants believe that cooking is a sacred action. In parallel, there are two types of cuisine: konkani and varadi. But at the heart of any cuisine are sea fish, seafood and coconuts. The resort is located in one of the largest and most ancient states of India. There are rules that tourists must follow. This is the obligatory removal of shoes at the entrance to the premises, the prohibition of loud conversations and drinking alcohol in public places, women enter the temple with their heads covered, and they must enter the mosque with their right foot.

Lakshadwip Resort

India rest september

Climatic seasons

The Indian climate is tropical. But given the proximity of the ocean, the climatic conditions periodically change. Temperature differences created three seasons in India. Winter - last from November to February. Summer - from March to June. And the third is the rainy season, lasting from June to September. Tourists visit India at any time. Indeed, in the country there is always something to see. But still, the most favorable moment of tourism is the winter season. Warm weather, lack of heat and rain, there is no sharp change in temperature. But you should not go to the Himalayas at this time. It is very cold there in winter.

India in July - it is continuous rains, and even in extreme heat. This is a very difficult period throughout the country. But in the north of the country, the rains gradually stop. A visit to Delhi and other northern cities of India in July will become available.

India in August become cooler. But still, the temperature is high, and it falls at night after rain. The lack of monsoon in the mountains makes it possible to relax comfortably there. The remaining regions of India in August still floods with rains.

India in September - the beginning of the tourist season. The rains stop and the temperature drops. Suitable period for the tourist season. Holidays in India in September already more intense. Now you can see Ladakh, go on an excursion to the mountain passes, because they will close at the end of September.

India in October receives post-monsoon season from the weather. The weather is improving dramatically. Rains stop. The temperature is released up to thirty degrees of heat. Tourists massively go to Goa and to the state of Kerala. There are health Ayurvedic resorts. The alternative Tibetan Ayurverd medicine system, born before our era, attracts many lovers of a healthy lifestyle. The active tourist season of India in October is just beginning.

India in November is the most popular country among lovers of exotic. The temperature indicators of air and water do not rise above thirty degrees. There is practically no rain. You can relax on multiple beaches, swim in the sea, enjoy the rich fauna of Kerala. It is better to visit the southern cities, go on historical excursions and see the sights of India in November.

How to choose the best time to relax in India

How to choose the best time for a vacation in India?

For tours, the best time is India in September and October. The excursion program will be saturated, do not try to see everything at once. This is simply impossible to do. The abundance of historical sites of India, temple complexes, monuments, natural areas can be seen right away unless in the album rest in India in the photo . If you still want to visit as many historical and modern attractions as possible, then for vacation in India in September - in November you can buy a Golden Triangle tour.

Read more about the weather in India in the article: Monthly weather in India .

For отдыха в Индии на море it should be noted that the beach season is until the end of March. The ideal water temperature is from 25 to 28 degrees heat. Alternating ebbs and flows that come by the clock. But you have to be careful with the evening tide. Water can just tighten. Better not to swim.

The most suitable time for diving is the swimming season. The wealth of the underwater world of India is incomparable with anything. Different types of fish, both harmless and predators, coral reefs, sunken ships. "Underwater" holidays in India, photo as a souvenir, this wonderful world will be left with you forever. The best time for such a holiday is October-March.

Surfers season in India - summer. Surfing is the most outdoor activities in India . It is still developing there, but it is already very popular. From May to September, you can swim on the five-meter waves.

Mountain holidays in India , for the reviews of his fans, it is better to spend from December to May. The country has a large number of ski resorts. The height and beauty of the mountains, one of the largest cable cars, attract the most desperate in the Himalayas.

Summer is the best time for Indian recovery. These trips are called health tours. Having given yourself to the healers of ancient medicine, remember that the minimum course of treatment is three weeks. The period from June to September is the best for treatment according to the Ayurveda system.

No matter what period you come to India, you will definitely get to the next holiday. Because of the many beliefs, cultures and peoples, their number is uncountable.

How to relax in India is up to you to decide. If you want to plunge into the seabed, see the sights, relax in the spa, climb the mountains, indulge in meditation or treatment - go there. Any holidays in India and prices will be available to you.

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  • Mskb in Mahabalipuram on a crocodile farm, in principle, the tricks are the same, head to mouth, jumping, etc., but the beach there is simply oppressive, I would live there.

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Was in May, I thought I would die from heat and humidity, do not go in the summer.

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    for me Kovelong is just perfect, it’s quiet and the ocean isn’t raging heavily and you can sunbathe topless.

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    It’s worth it only to come once and that’s all, you won’t go on a vacation anymore, all thoughts are only about India .. .

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    I would have traveled to the Himalayas ...

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    India is beautiful because you can go here at any time of the year with family and alone, and even on a romantic trip. | || 541

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    After last year's vacation in India, I can not imagine a vacation in another country.

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    to go there in October

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