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India is an unusual country that has a rich history, provides its guests with abundant soil for spiritual development, a deeper understanding of itself, awareness of its life and actions. For many years, millions of tourists and travelers have been seeking the country who want to find answers to various questions and better understand themselves, as well as the meaning of their being. India can give any answers and revelations, or it may not be revealed to man at all. Much depends on the perception of being and everything that happens.

What is an ashram?

An ashram is a spiritual community, people come here from almost all over the world to get meditation skills, to meet with a mentor , to study different types and directions in practical yoga, for understanding yourself and your spiritual renewal. Most often, ashrams are organized on the basis of a certain direction, or when students gather around the great master, creating a community and following his ideas and the meaning of life after the departure of a mentor. Many people visit ashrams of India to better understand themselves, to determine their path and their desires.

In India, a large number of ashrams, from very small to huge and international, where there are tens of thousands of travelers, tourists and pilgrims from various countries. The most famous ashrams of India , such as: the ashram of Amma (Shre Mata Amritanondamaya Devi , she is a saint, in childhood was able to change plain water into food); huge ashram of Shre Ramon Mahorsi (in his youth he felt his death and subsequently woke up, later went to the distant mountains of Arunochaly and stayed there until his death); well-known throughout the country Ashram Shre Shre Ravi Shonkara (from his very birth he was an unusual boy and had been meditating since 3 years old, in his youth he kept all the posts, one of which involves ten days of silence); Somi Sivonanda's ashram (revered sage and famous philosopher).

The Great Ashrams of India

One of the country's greatest and most revered gurus is Osho Rognis , its numerous ashram has been operating in Pune for 37 years - it is about 255 km from Bombay, you can get to it by train. After the death of the teacher, Osho Rognis in 1990, his huge ashram successfully functions.

Гуру Индии

Visiting tourists and travelers most often stay at the Guesthouse, payment for accommodation at this hotel starts from $ 52 for a single room, this is the most expensive of the ashrams in the country, but you can easily find where to stay for the night much cheaper.

When it is better to visit the country so as not to spoil your vacation with bad weather, more details: India rest season .

Living in an ashram, excluding payment for housing, will cost a traveler or a tourist $ 15-30 per day.

One of the most respected gurus of India is Shre Aurabindo, his ashram is located in Pondichirri, Tamil Nadu. Shre Aurabindo became the creator of integral yoga, its meaning is the unity and complete harmony of the two main and most important principles - the human spirit and matter. Mother (Mira Alfasa) - his assistant, came to Shre Aurabindo from Europe. Over the past 9 years, Shre Aurabindo left the outside world and locked himself at home, where he was engaged in full meditation. Contact with him was through letters that his students wrote. Mira Alfasa took responsibility for the future development and management of the ashram. Auroville is located 25 minutes from Pondicherry - this is the city of the future, and Mir Alfas took a very active part in its construction. In Auroville there is a large-sized spherical ball, which was called - Matrimandir , in it there is a hall for meditation and yoga. A large crystal ball is installed in the center and sun rays pass through its entire area. In the hall, while meditating, people's thoughts are completely cleared of everything superfluous, a person clearly sees his life and realizes his purpose for a new one, many understand the whole essence of being and meaning in life.

Sathya Sai Baba and his ashram

Sathya Sai Baba is a unique person in the history of the country. His the Sai Boba Ashram located in Putaparti (Andhra Pradish State) can be called a city, because in a large area on which the ashram is located, a small city could fit. Sai Boba considers himself the reincarnation of Sherdy Sai Boba - a revered saint, wonderworker and thinker. A large number of inexplicable miracles and legends are associated with Sai Boba, he accurately predicted the date of his death that this would happen in 2022 and exactly one year later a child would appear in Karnotaka, which would be the next reincarnation of Sherdy Sai Boba. The Sai Boba Ashram was visited by many celebrities: singers, actors, for example, Stephen Seagal visited the Sai Boba Ashram.

Медитация в Индии

The Shre Aurabindo Ashram is located in an amazing place, the Ganges River flows 210 meters from the Shre Aurabindo Ashram, on the other side of it is the savannah. The holy river comes from its origins, which are located in the mountains. If you visit these amazing places at the very beginning of January, then the Ganges will be a very small and inconspicuous river.

More information about the country in general will tell the article: Country India .

The daily routine is the usual: getting up at 5-6 in the morning, then morning meditation and yoga, Assanas, various exercises to strengthen and improve breathing with the elements of yoga present in them and a light breakfast. In the afternoon - a meeting with the teacher, he is allowed to ask absolutely any questions, or you can listen to interesting and useful lectures on various topics. 233

Стоимость пребывания в ашраме Шре Аурабиндо составляет 12 американских долларов за сутки, сюда входит 3-х разовое питание. При остановке в ашраме, необходимо сообщить «настоятелям» ашрама о вашем желании приехать заранее, они пришлют вам такси, так как из-за огромной популярности ашрамов среди туристов – свободных мест может не быть, поэтому необходимо планировать все заранее.

Кому следует посетить ашрам?

Ashrams should be visited by those people who are in search of harmony, vitality and inner well-being and peace. After visiting and staying in the ashram of India something changes forever inside a person, a new meaningfulness in one’s actions and behavior appears, the person’s energy changes. All this gets any traveler or tourist from visiting such places. India is truly an amazing and multifaceted country, a trip to which will bring a lot of unforgettable impressions and experience.

Gurus of India and their ashrams, video:

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