Prices for tours to India

Цены на туры в Индию фото

India is a unique country with an unusual culture and interesting history. Traveling in India you find yourself in another world with a different religion. In India, you can visit different temples and monasteries, see interesting Indian dances, and also imbued with traditions and customs. Prices for tours to India different, basically, it costs a lot to fly. It’s good if there is a direct flight. For example, it’s easy to get to India from Perm, as there is a direct flight and it takes about 7 hours.

Types of resorts in India:

· Beach. The best beaches are in Goa and Kerala. People in India from Yekaterinburg love to fly to these beach resorts.
· Ski resorts. One of the best resorts - Kufri, which is located in the famous Himalayas.
· Excursions. A very large number and about them a little lower.

Climate in India

На юге страны климат экваториальный, а на севере – субтропический. Хорошее время для поездки – это с октября по март.

Sights of India

One of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal is located in India. This incredible building is located in the city of Agra. Its height is 74 meters, and the walls are covered with snow-white marble. In India from Kazan Perm, Yekaterinburg, as well as from different parts of the world, people go to see this building.

An interesting and created by nature place - Ajanta caves. Nice and beautiful for a sightseeing trip. It is also worth a visit in the city of Khajuraho and look at the living stones. There are hundreds of stone statues in this place that look like real ones.

Достопримечательности Индии

It is advisable to visit modern India. Take a trip to Mumbai - this is the business capital of the country. The entire film industry is concentrated here. From interesting in Mumbai: the Temple of the god Shiva, the Prince of Wales Museum, Gateway of India.

Divar Island is a holy place for Hindus. You need to visit a Hindu house and buy coconut oil and bring souvenirs to friends and family from this place.

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Paradise beach Palolem. Here you will see the life of ordinary people. The highlight of this tour is the famous and beautiful Palolem beach. You can eat tasty in an unusual hut with a roof of banana leaves. Such interesting restaurants here.

Various nature reserves go to India from Kazan, of which there are a lot in the country. In the Dadneli nature reserve, you will see unique nature, wild animals and the beautiful Kali River. Those who love the jungle are advised to visit the Bhagwan Mahavir Nature Reserve and spend the night in a hut located in the undergrowth. Also there you can ride elephants and camels.

The nature of India

The border of India is very wide, therefore nature is very diverse. Mountain landscapes of the Himalayas, numerous rivers, tropics and steppes. You can get acquainted with the wildlife in parks such as Keopadeo or Rantambore. In such parks there are many different animals - tigers, lions, elephants and others. In India from Samara set off to see the extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

National cuisine of India

There are a lot of spices in Indian cuisine. The well-known curry spread throughout the world from this territory. Coriander, cardamom, turmeric - they are all part of this seasoning. Spices are added even to tea or coffee. It is worth noting that many Indians do not eat meat and many dishes here are made from vegetables, rice and fish. Tours in India from Minsk offer vegetarians.

Индия из Минска

Last-minute tours to India from Novosibirsk

What are these tours and when do they happen? Many travelers are misled that there are always last minute packages. They are wrong, such tours rarely appear, and for this reason they appear:

1. On the eve of departure, a travel agency sells a tour that has been abandoned but already paid. The price will be low, and it is possible that the hotel is good, but only live in a particular hotel. These vouchers disperse extremely quickly.

2. The tour operator cannot fill all the seats on a charter flight in which tickets have already been bought out and he reduces the tour by the ticket price.

3. The tour operator already has rooms for which he paid in certain hotels, and which could not be sold on time and therefore reduces the price of the tour by cheapening the price of the hotel room so that money does not disappear.

Last minute trips only for the coming numbers. Be careful when you are offered a ticket to India from Novosibirsk with a departure in a month or two. It just can't be. Low prices for tours to India only happen during the peak tourist season.

The capital of India

Delhi is the capital of India. Old and very big city. They come to India from Kazan to see the capital. Delhi has good infrastructure. The city is divided into new and old cities and has a division of 9 districts. In the old city there are many architectural structures, and in the new there are many new buildings and hotels. The old part of the city is good for excursions, and the new part for night walks.

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Winter holidays in India

For you cannot go all over India during one trip. Before you travel, make routes for yourself. If you are a lover of swimming, then go to Goa in the winter. It's warm all year round. Those who are interested in shopping, such a trip will be a wonderful pastime. For a small price you can buy silver products, woven carpets or silk scarves. A trip to India from Minsk will be a fascinating journey.

Зимний отдых в Индии

New Year in India from Perm

Many Russians have a holiday weekend, so tourism lovers go to resorts in warm places. It is better to redeem such tours in advance, because they offer discount certificates for early reservations. The best hotels are being sold out very quickly, and there are almost no last minute trips.

Entertainment in India

After arriving in India from Samara, you, of course, want to have some fun. This beautiful country has many magnificent and entertaining places. You can simply swim and sunbathe, or you can take an active rest, such as surfing or diving. You can also take part in a camel safari or kayak down the mountain river.

Souvenirs from India

When you eat in India from Perm , do not forget to buy souvenirs for loved ones. India is very multifaceted and offers different souvenirs. Relatives can buy a figurine of an elephant or an Indian god. It is believed that such figures bring good luck. Fans of drinks need to bring a packet of tea. Buy a scarf or scarf for your wife, mom or girlfriend, any woman will be happy with such a gift.

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