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In India, you can relax much cheaper than on the Black Sea coast. After all, India is one of the inexpensive countries. Only a flight will cost a lot. From Moscow to Goa in both directions for flights you must pay 41,737 rubles .

Now let's talk about everything in detail. So, what are the prices in India waiting for tourists who want to get acquainted with such a fabulous country.

Cost of living in India

There are wonderful hotels in all the big cities of this magnificent country. In terms of value, they are considered the most inexpensive in the world. You can’t meet for 500 rupees (this is less than 10 $ ) a two-star hotel in no country. There are many four and five-star hotels that will simply amaze tourists with their luxury. Accommodation in such hotels will naturally cost more.

For example, the cost of a double room in Mumbai , which has five stars, in the capital of India costs $ 140 to $ 180 per day.

Стоимость проживания в Индии

You can rent a house in India much cheaper in ashrams and monasteries, guesthouses or in private homes. Let's look at everything in order:

· Indian ashrams and monasteries provide cheaper housing than hotels. But comfort will be much lower. All the amenities they have are usually on the street. Here, residents are required to observe some rules of residence: on the territory of the ashram it is forbidden to talk loudly, it is not allowed to smoke and drink alcohol, there is a certain daily routine. After all, ashrams are primarily intended for pilgrims who come here from different countries of the world to master meditation and communicate with a spiritual teacher. The cost of living in ashrams ranges from $ 10 to $ 50 . The price depends on the quality of the room provided.

· Depending on the financial well-being of tourists, you can choose the appropriate hotel, which has from two to five stars. Expensive rooms often resemble fabulous palaces with very friendly staff who will fulfill any whim of vacationers. This applies more to hotels located in the coastal zone. The number of a five-star hotel at a cost ranges from 80-180 $ , In a hotel with four stars - 60-100 $ , a three-star hotel has prices lower, approximately, | || 211 35-70 $ and a room in a two-star hotel can be rented up to 30 $ .

What the indigenous people of India live, more: The population of India .

· Often tourists travel to places where there are no hotels. Then you have to rent a room in the private sector. The cost of the room will be much cheaper, but the amenities will, of course, be less. As a rule, there are no toilets and showers inside. Hot water is also often absent here. They will bring it to you in a special bowl. The local population with great pleasure will tell you where to rent a room.

· For those who like to settle right on the ocean, you can rent a bamboo huts (bamboo house). Its cost is slightly higher compared to ordinary housing. For the opportunity to meet sunrises and sunsets right on the ocean, you have to pay more. There are many such houses on the coast. Among them there are those who have their own toilet.

You can pre rent a house in India , but you can also upon arrival. If you rent a hotel for more than two months, then the cost for it is much reduced. Elite housing provides additional services: you can order breakfast, bartender services, etc.

The cost of food in India

The most cheap in India являются фрукты и овощи. Например, банан можно купить всего за 2 rupees . For 15-20 rupees you will be sold a kilogram of any choice of vegetables. The cost of grapes is only 50-60 rupees per kilogram. The cost of a tomato per kilogram - 12 rupees . A kilogram of tangerine can only be bought for 40 rupees . For one pineapple you need to pay 40 rupees , per kilogram of cherries - 40 rupees .

For twelve eggs - 25 rupees , per kilogram of chicken - 150 rupees , per liter of milk - 20 rupees , a loaf of bread costs 10 rupees .

Alcoholic beverages are sold in specialized stores that you need still find. The cost of beer, for example, for 0, 65 liters - about two dollars. A bottle of wine with average quality costs 300 rupees . For a bottle of mineral water you need to give 18 rupees .

Цены в ресторанах и на рынках Индии

The cost of a dinner for two in a cafe consisting of soup, chicken, seafood and cheese cake will cost 300 rupees .

All people in India are divided into castes, more details: Castes in India .

In an Indian restaurant you need to pay for rice with seafood and salad 230 rupees .

How much to tip?

It is not necessary to tip in India. But, if you took into account that tips for many of the attendants are the main type of income, then you have to give them. This applies especially to minors.

For restaurants, tips are given in the amount of 10% of the order price, it happens that this amount is already included in the order price.

In low-cost hotels, the tip amount is from 10 to 20 rupees . Expensive hotels require large gratuity expenses - $ 15-20 daily.

Local markets. Shopping and prices in India on them

How can you visit India and not get to know the local markets? All the big cities of this country have many shopping centers where you can buy inexpensive, good-quality beautiful things. They differ from Russian shopping centers in that all sellers will very persistently offer to buy some goods only from them.

The Indian market makes an unforgettable impression. The noise and noise characteristic of each market is also here. On the market, you can buy literally everything from popular Indian tea to jewelry.

Trading on the market is a ritual. You will greatly offend the Indian seller if you do not bargain with him. He, as a rule, inflates the initial price of any product by two to three times. For example, you have selected a product valued at 800 rupees and you are showing on the calculator that you are ready to buy it for 300 rupees . For the seller, this will mean that the trade has begun, so he smiles warmly at you and displays the amount of 750 rupees . But you will insist on your amount. This will happen until you get tired of bargaining or the price drops to the amount needed by the seller (as a rule, it is 50% of the initial cost). The seller will be very pleased that everything worked out smartly, you will be glad that you managed to reduce the cost by half. Everyone will feel satisfied and contented.

But it will not work with fruit. It is inappropriate to bargain there, because all fruits and vegetables prices in India are fixed. The same applies to all teas and applies to spices. Otherwise, you can bargain and get pleasure from it.

If you want to buy several identical things at once, then any seller will simply give you one of the things.

What is prohibited in India, more: It is forbidden in India ...

However, you need to know about the unwritten rule: if the bidding has already begun, then you definitely need to buy something. If you are not serious about buying, then it’s best not to start bargaining.

Цены на ювелирные украшения в Индии

Indian bazaars are truly amazing places where you can get unforgettable impressions and recharge with positive emotions.

There are night bazaars in India. One of them is located in the resort area of ​​Goa. Of course, the same products can be purchased at various stores, but you have to pay a lot more. Night markets will delight you with numerous restaurants and cafes. Here you can admire the fire show.

Transport rental. The cost of gasoline

Often tourists rent a car in order to be able to independently admire the remote places in the country. If you rent a scooter, then it will cost 4000-5000 Russian rubles per month. But bargaining is appropriate, you can rent and cheaper. Some manage to lose the rental cost almost twice. Why is it more profitable to take a scooter instead of a car? Because Indian roads are unusually narrow.

In order to go, you need to stock up on gasoline. You can refuel a scooter for 34 Russian rubles.

On the road, minor problems with transport may be detected, and it may need a little repair. For example, a wheel may pierce. Its replacement will cost 450 Russian rubles.

Cost of jewelry

There are no price tags in all stores with jewelry. This is very unusual for our customer. How do they buy them? The price of the product will be formed before your eyes, and it will depend on many factors: whether the seller managed to please you, what quality the product attracted to, your bargaining ability and your endurance.

You must patiently and unwaveringly try reduce the cost. Remember that your confident tone is sure to be passed on to the seller. The ability to communicate with him correctly will determine the price of your purchase. And if you visit the same store next year, then you will forever become friends with the seller. You are guaranteed not only discounts, but also gifts. The Indian people have always been a grateful people. This should always be remembered.

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