What to bring from India

Что привезти из Индии фото

India has always been a big shopping center. Amazing goods attracted merchants from many countries to India. The same situation has persisted now. All tourists are sure to wonder, what to bring from India for themselves and for gifts? Women do not leave jewelry stores without shopping. Silver and gold jewelry with precious stones at a very reasonable price are always attractive. Men do not pass by shops selling souvenir weapons.

Souvenirs from India are not only of practical importance. They are always part of the philosophy of the people of the country. Here is the mastery of body decoration, consisting of sixty-four rules. The people of India believe that appearance and inner peace are inextricably linked. Our thoughts are reflected in the external appearance, and the appearance forms new sensations of the world.

What to buy in India?

Preparation for purchases should be done at home. Once in the market or in the store, you will be so attacked by sellers that you will not be able to navigate what you need, what not. Having thought over the types of purchases and their purpose at home, you can save a lot of money and your nerves. When planning your purchases, decide which product you need. Here is a short classification of possible purchases.


Khadi - clothing for all occasions and in any weather. It is made by hand, the basis is cotton, silk, wool. If it’s hot, it gives coolness; if it’s cold, it warms. The disadvantage is very wrinkled.

Traditional - national clothes of the people of India. Consists of several elements. It has a variety of colors. Sarees can be with thread and bead embroidery.

Flavoring oil.

Basically, they have the aroma of Jasmine, citronella, sandalwood. If you need a gift, buy a set of small bottles of oil. Remember that agar bhatti is for cult use only.

Costume jewelery.

Every Indian woman wears jewelry in the form of beads and bracelets. The same diverse oriental jewelry is sold at any bazaar anywhere in the country. Such inexpensive gifts can be safely bought as a gift to a girl.

Gold and silver jewelry from India.

Such gifts will cost more. But jewelry made of precious metal, and even with beautiful stones will be a pleasant surprise. Products with diamonds, sapphire and ruby ​​are on sale. The local population is very fond of precious metals and stones. They can be bought even in small towns.

Class in India divides people into castes, more details: Castes in India .

Leather in products.

Another type of product that can be purchased in India. Leather jackets from Muibai and their Rajasthan shoes are famous. You can buy a leather belt and gloves. They can be embroidered manually with traditional motifs.

Чайные напитки Индии

Tea drinks.

Everyone knows and uses Indian tea. The gift is inexpensive and delicious. To buy tea with a special taste, it is advised to go to the tea plantation and try a variety of types of tea. You can just buy tea in the shop. Tea can be bought with spices, herbal and black. They are sold in wooden boxes and bags made of brocade.

Crafts from wood.

In India, frames of paintings or photographs are artificially made manually from wood. Handcrafted and carved boxes. These products will be a good gift from this exotic country.

Marble mosaic.

Mosaic souvenirs are made from marble in Agra. These are figurines, caskets, lamps. They can be large and miniature. The cost of such products is very high. Therefore, they buy mainly small miniatures for souvenirs.

Carpet products.

This product can be bought anywhere in India. But for cheap carpets you should go to the north of the country. This is where they are produced.

Musical Instruments.

Music lovers will always like this type of gift. Buyers are attracted by the uniqueness of such musical instruments in India as tabla (snare drum) and harmony. You can also buy a flute made of wood or bamboo for a souvenir.

Kuhara Book of India.

A good gift for a cooking lover who is fond of Indian cuisine and speaks English.

Специи из Индии


Another great gift with a national touch. There are many of them. Like mango powder, saffron, cardamom and many others. Those who are interested in them can go on an excursion to Goa to the fields where spices are grown.


Gamyaa is a simple thin fabric that is used instead of a towel. She is constantly held on her hand to wipe the sweat. Nice gift to friends. Especially in hot climates.

Ayurvedic products.

Alternative medicine in India usually does not have side effects. Ayurvedic drugs are effective. But still, when choosing a product for treatment, you need to consult a specialist.


For a gift, usually, choose paintings that are written on silk. These images have a folk style and look very attractive.

Индийские фильмы

Indian films.

For moviegoers, movie discs are a good gift. They are always of excellent quality. But you need to purchase them in specialized stores.

The rich cultural heritage does not give rest to many travelers visiting India, more details: Culture of India .


Antiques in India are not appreciated. Lovers of this kind of thing can easily buy antiques for a small amount.

Clay products.

An adornment of any home will be a clay creation from India. A simple clay kular, where tea or water is poured, created by the hands of artisans will be a real work of Indian art in your home. All ceramics are decorated with floral and geometric ornaments. Only in Delhi you can buy a product from blue clay, on which there will never be cracks. And how beautiful translucent clay products with stucco made from birds and animals are.

Music for relaxation, things made of cotton and silk, fur products, souvenir cards, and much more can be bought in India for a gift. But keep in mind that in a store where there is no price for the goods, they will take three times more. Therefore, if you have a familiar Indian, go buy gifts with him. Interestingly, stores pay up to fifty percent of their money to taxi drivers for bringing a customer. When buying goods, be sure to bargain. The seller is not offended by bargaining. But he will be offended when he reduces the price to your desire, but you did not buy the goods. And do not count on the help of an outsider when buying. There will be some kind of deception.

Натуральные камни из Индии

Natural stones from India

This is not just jewelry, but a whole philosophy. Stones protect, help, heal. To use it correctly, you need to know where they belong and what properties they have. It was in India that it was determined that when a stone touches a person’s body, energy is exchanged. Women of India wear stones on their ankles or wrists. There are many semiprecious stones in India. This amethyst, topaz, onyx, carnelian and others. They do not have much popularity. Gemstones have two categories. If the stone of the first category (diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby) then it has a high price. However, in India, the price of such stones is sharply reduced due to the presence of small opacities and impregnations .. The second category of precious stones (aquamarine, tourmaline, beryl and others) is even cheaper.

Natural stones from India give an interesting faceted shape and inserted into a beads, necklace. When putting on such jewelry you feel some special pleasure, because they have their own energy reserves. Natural stones are also worn for protective purposes. With their brilliance, they fascinate the eye of the interlocutor and divert negative energy. When choosing stones, one must remember that they have their own properties and purpose.

Silver from India

Popular metal from which jewelry is made. Even the gold recedes. Silver in India - a fairly inexpensive material for the manufacture of jewelry. Both precious and cheaper stones are inserted into silver frames and give the most unusual look. Such products are popular with buyers. The most “running” silver jewelry from India are rings and earrings. They are suitable for almost all women and are accepted anyway. Modern fashionistas will also like silver bracelets as an elegant addition to clothing. A silver necklace is very fashionable among young people.

How life and relaxation are different in different parts of India, more details: States of India .

Особенности изделий серебра из Индии

Silver jewelry from India are always symmetrical. They can have many colored stones. But there is no chaos or disorder. Everything looks very harmonious and beautiful. Since the life of the people of India is always associated with dancing, silver jewelry has always been the decoration of dance costumes. And, accordingly, they have a certain “musicality”. Their brilliance and touch gives out gentle charming sounds complementing the music of dance. India has its own traditions in jewelry. Each part of it introduces certain features into silver products. So, in Jaipur there are craftsmen who work with enamel, Andhra Pradesh is famous for craftsmen who work in silver, and in Delhi they make a beautiful setting of precious stones.

Украшения из Индии

Jewelery from India

From gold, ivory, faience, copper, bronze, silver, ceramics, precious and semiprecious stones create jewelry in India . In certain places, when making jewelry, their secrets are used. Two main styles of jewelry formed in Jaipur and Delhi. The Menakarti style is enamel over gold. The more glitter enamel - the better the quality of gold. Kundan is an ancient way of making gold jewelry. The same jewels are created in the cities of Bikaner and Rajasthan. Previously, only the highest castes wore such precious jewelry, now they are available to everyone.

The folk traditions of India are displayed in jewelry. Very often they use themes of flora and fauna. Such decorations are considered talismans. The image of a flower and an animal is a certain attitude of the owner to preserve from the bad and an appeal of wealth and luck. There is no accident in cheap products either. The ability to insert stones in women's jewelry came from Muslim settlements. Following traditions, Indian women do not inherit land or property. They bring all their dowry to their husband’s house with gold, silver jewelry and precious stones.

The most interesting souvenirs from India

If you need an exclusive souvenir, buy a navarata necklace. It consists of nine high quality stones. The harmonious combination of red coral, pearls, ruby, topaz, lapis lazuli, emerald, yellow sapphire and cat's eye, according to Vedic astrologers, will help the necklace owner to find happiness and good fortune. Indeed, according to Indian philosophy, each of these stones corresponds to nine planets that affect the fate of man. If it is not possible to wear a necklace, buy a wooden ring of Navarat with the same properties. For the storage of your jewelry, you can buy wooden carved caskets that are inlaid with brass.

Яркие индийские наряды

Another type of exotic gift is bright Indian outfits. They include tops, skirts, shawls, tunics, dance costumes. You can purchase individual items and a whole set of clothes. Not only is the costume valuable, but also the fabric from which it is made. Woolen products, cotton and silk, are popular not only in India, but throughout the world. Colorful Rajasthan cotton is especially appreciated. In each trading shop you can buy a chemra - a mixture of cotton and silk. A cashmere rug and shawl are wonderful for a gift. Among the carpets there is a wide selection. Want with or without pile, woolen or mixed with silk. Even a whole work of art is for sale - silk carpets with gold threads and jewelry made of precious stones.

Most souvenirs from India - this is not a mass sale, the work of authorship . In India, many animals are considered sacred. So, for example, an elephant. Therefore, on sale you will see a lot of elephant figures from different materials, different sizes, with different decorations. Clay, semiprecious stones, coconut fiber and other materials are used in the manufacture of these souvenirs that bring prosperity and good luck. The figure of the god Genesha will help businessmen, frogs - will give wealth, fish - peace of mind. Many souvenirs are made from valuable trees (sandalwood, mahogany, ebony, walnut). A special gift for people who are fond of esotericism is sandalwood beads. Fine sandalwood soothes and focuses. Very popular figures of the gods made of brass, copper, bronze. Tourists buy dishes or souvenirs for home decoration.

And the last wish. If you decide what to buy in India , be sure to bargain in the markets. If you immediately give the named amount for the goods, then this offends the merchant. It is very important for them to have a conversation and as a result you will receive the desired product three times cheaper.

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