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India is a country of bright colors, spicy smells and colors. Hinduism, a special religion, His philosophical, inner essence, makes people relate to everything with special attention. Careful attitude. For Indians, there are no secondary organisms. Each petal, or blade of grass. Spikelet or blade of grass, Moshka or bug.

All living organisms growing on the ground or floating in the water, running on the ground or flying in the air. Sacred. They are God's creations. Created by higher beings for some purpose. Therefore, a person cannot harm them. Probably for this, the attitude of the Indians is special. Daily, you can see on the street, decorated with flowers of people. Hindus wear, almost every day, jewelry from fresh flowers. In every Indian house, there is a small altar dedicated to what the deity should not be. And his admirers daily decorate with fresh flowers. For Hindus, flowers have a very large, symbolic meaning. With the help of flowers, they achieve Germanization in the thin energy layers of the human soul. No wonder yoga with the help of flowers designate each chakra. The energy flow passing through the whole body of a person and nourishing his vital essence.

Without colors in India , more than one rite is not enough, The aromas emanating from the flowers help to tune the soul in the right way, They can give joy and bring sorrow, calm and arouse. Indian schools of philosophical perception of the world are famous for their diversity, but not one of them, in their spiritual practices, can not do without the use of colors. In the centuries-old culture of India, a description of various plants is constantly found, some of which have long disappeared, and some have simply changed their name, but are still an integral part of the culture.

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Using flowers in ancient rites

If you take any a treatise on the worship of any of the deities of India, everywhere a description invariably awakens Bani different colors. There are no such images of gods in India that would not be decorated with garlands of flowers. There is even a special ritual of showering with flower petals. It is called pushpanjali. This magnificent ritual is performed on special occasions. In this way all kinds of deities and respected people, newlyweds, birthday people and dear guests are welcome. The use of flowers and their petals is a science. Many treatises have been written on this subject. Some deities use only certain types of flowers and may be considered an insult if others are used to worship them. Some flowers are considered damned and are not used at all.

Лотос в Индии

According to Indian beliefs, the deity of the moon Soma rules all colors. Many flowers of India have a wonderful aroma of nectar and are revered for their unique delicate aroma. Others, due to an unpleasant odor, carry the properties of a poison. There are neutral flowers that only delight the eye with their beauty, but absolutely do not smell. It is believed that you can not use in punjas, the flowers are unblown or broken, This can lead to many troubles. Most often, flowers are grown for this in gardens and forests, with a light pleasant aroma. For the most part, flowers growing in water are used to make garlands. These are lilies and lotuses. It is strictly forbidden to use flowers growing in places of burial or cremation. Especially at weddings or birthday parties.

For worshiping the gods, the most commonly used flowers grown in the mountains. It is believed that they are closer to celestials, cleaner and give them maximum pleasure. For the manufacture of garlands, you must use flowers of five different colors. Since it is a symbol of the five elements of nature and enhances our feelings when worshiping the gods. It is believed that properly selected flowers for worshiping a deity immediately bring him pleasure. Having appreciated the adept's offering, the deity can immediately fulfill any desire. Therefore, the formation of garlands and bouquets in India is very responsible and serious.

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Lotus flower in India

Perhaps the most famous flower and symbol of Hinduism. This flower takes a very honorable place in the literature of this country. He, almost daily, participates in various holidays. His symbols adorn the images of older deities. This flower has many color shades and odors. Hindus are well versed in what kind of flower is suitable for which event. If the Indians want to compliment a woman, then compare her with this flower.

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