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India, a country in which it is very difficult to highlight several attractions. If you set yourself a similar task, it may turn out that it wakes up impossible. On the territory of this state there are thousands of objects of cultural heritage. History of India , rooted in the depths of centuries, for many millennia. During this time, a huge number of peoples inhabited this territory, each brought with it its own culture. Reflections of all this splendor can be traced by touring ancient cities, monasteries, temples, palaces. We must pay tribute to the peoples of India. They are very careful about their property. A huge number of tourists, every day, has the opportunity to marvel at the grandeur of these buildings. Enjoy the beauty and subtlety of decoration of buildings, Bas-reliefs on the facades of which are often more reminiscent of lace weaving than stone sculptures. One can only marvel at the art of the ancient masters who made similar works. The age of some temples dates back to several millennia. We can only wonder at how the ancient people erected these buildings. Some architectural solutions are perplexing to modern engineers and architects. According to modern science, all this was built in those days when exclusively manual labor prevailed.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in India monument of architecture, rightfully takes one of the first places in the world heritage of UNESCO. Created from white marble, by the emperor of the great Mongols, Shah Jahan, through many centuries he bears his love for his wife. This building fascinates visitors on the way to it. Seventy-four meter bathed, this structure is visible for many kilometers. Surrounded by graceful minarets, on all sides, it shines with the snow-white purity of the mountain peaks. Upon closer examination, you begin to understand how much labor and love has been invested in this construction. Fine carvings cover all the walls of the structure. For twenty years, work continued on its construction. Almost twenty thousand people were employed in the construction and decoration of all the facilities of this complex. A visit to this place in Agra is included in the mandatory program of most excursions. Truly, this flower made of stone is the perfect calling card of India.

Пещеры Аджанты

Ajanta Caves

On the Vagora River, in the second century BC, a unique Ajanta cave complex was created . All these caves were hollowed out in the cliffs of a coastal cliff. They have been used by Buddhist monks for thousands of years. For reasons unknown, the monks left these places. These structures were reopened in 1898. At present, for the convenience of tourists, all the caves are connected by a gallery, but during their operation, a separate entrance from the pier went to each of them. Walking under the cool arches of the caves, you can see many masterpieces of Buddhist art, expressed in numerous sculptures and images of the Buddha. Most often, these images are symbolic. Depicting the footprint of the Buddha or his throne. Now, for convenience, all caves are numbered and represent a single complex of structures. Visiting it, one cannot stop wondering at the patience and skill with which the monks built these caves, using exclusively manual labor. Many tourists, having visited these places once and arrived in India again, have an irresistible desire to look here again.

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Fort Jaisalmer

Fort Jaisalmer was built in an eighty meter high hill. Over the many centuries of its existence, very few changes have occurred in its architecture. Nowhere in the world does such a place exist where so many buildings are located on such a small space. Having visited this place, one plunges into the era of those times when numerous peddlers, soldiers and merchants scurried along the twisted streets. From the walls of buildings it blows a thousand-year history. Despite the limited space, ancient architects were able to place here, a beautiful palace of Maharajas and several magnificent temples. They still shine with their beauty and attract crowds of tourists. Despite the uniqueness of the building, the flow of tourists here is not as significant as in other places. This building is located far from other tourist routes, and getting here is quite difficult. Very often military exercises are held here. Therefore, going on an excursion, you need to find out from the local authorities whether it is possible to visit the fort at this time.

Золотой храм Хармандир Сахиб

Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib

Temple Harmandir Sahib is one of the oldest and most revered structures of India. Construction began in the sixteenth century. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the upper floors were covered with gold leaf. This building makes a lasting impression on visitors. It is located in the middle of a man-made lake. You can only get inside by going to to the marble bridge . Sikhs for whom the temple is considered a sacred Mecca. It is believed that, having crossed the bridge, a person discards all sins and enters the walls of the temple, cleansed. The complex of buildings Harmandir Sahib , occupies a very large space, Consists of several tens of various buildings. You can walk along these streets for several days and find all new interesting views. Photos of this temple will perfectly complement your photo album, especially those taken in the evening. When illuminated, it gives the gilded walls a fabulous look. The central place is occupied by the golden temple, located in the middle of the complex. It is a small, two-story building, with a small gazebo at the top. Readers of the sacred texts gather daily in it to read passages from the holy books. When visiting this holy place for the Sikhs, do not forget that this is not only a museum, but also a functioning temple. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct on its territory. In no case, you can not smoke, and eat meat. Here it will be perceived as a direct insult and you can get to the police or even be deported from the country.

Fort Bhangar India

One of the most mysterious and mysterious places India Fort Bhangar . Perhaps this is the only architectural monument in front of which there is a sign with an inscription that after dark, visiting these places is prohibited. Locals believe that the ruins of the fortress inhabit the souls of the people who died in this fort. According to one of the legends. The sorcerer, in love with the local princess, sent a curse on the fort because of unrequited love. A year later, all residents died in a devastating war. According to another, the builders of the temple disturbed the holy hermit who lived in these places and was forced to leave them because of the erected structures that disturbed the peace and solitude of these places. After the hermit left, the war began and all the inhabitants died. Be that as it may, the Indians sacredly believe in these legends. The government, in order to debunk the bad glory of these places, wanted to establish military patrols, but there wasn’t a single daredevil ready to patrol after dark. Only thousands of tourists with great pleasure and perseverance go to the walls of this fortress. And terrible legends even more attract fans of all kinds of exotic to visit these places.

Храм любви

Temple of Love India

Kajuraho - a temple complex consisting of more than twenty buildings and known in all over the world as a temple of love. Thanks to the many bas-reliefs and sculptures that adorn the walls of buildings, from the foundation to the very top. The plots of bas-relief groups are taken from numerous treatises on love, both spiritual and physical. The beauty of the sculptures, their realism, makes a very great impression on numerous visitors. According to one legend, the beautiful daughter of one of the priests, bathing naked, made such an impression on the moon god that he descended to the earth and honored his love, a beautiful woman. From this union, subsequently, a boy was born. But for an Indian woman of that time to give birth without a husband was a big crime and the residents drove her out of the village. She wandered for a long time, with her child, who took divine power and determination from her father, and from her mother a love of crafts and beauty. When he grew up, he founded the dynasty of Chanell rulers. He ordered to build a temple in honor of love, these buildings should show all the power of love and passion, human relations. Temple constructions Khajuraho , were discovered in eighteen thirty-eighth year, by English engineers cartographers. By then, they had been empty for over five hundred years. These structures made an indelible impression on military engineers with their beauty. Despite the uniqueness, these buildings were closed to the general public, because of their very frank sculptures. Only at the end of the twentieth century, tourists began to massively visit these places. The oldest building, this group of temples, is considered to be built in nine hundred and fifty year AD, the Lakshmana temple. It was erected in honor of the god Vishnu, one of the most revered gods of the Hindu pantheon. Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi are revered by all sections of the Indian population for their generosity and love. The Indians, believe that it was this pair of celestials who conceived and implemented, the creation of everything that exists on earth. At present, all temple buildings are cleared of thickets and are a great place for tourists from many countries to visit. This attraction of India , captured in many photographs and booklets. Many albums with images of these places have been released.

More information about the flora and landscape of India will be covered in an article: Nature of India .

Himalayas India

Most of the north-east of the country is engaged in the ridge of the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush. Himalayas in India bordering five countries and are one of the most popular places among climbers. Hard to reach glaciers. The mountain peaks of the Himalayas , allow many daredevils to try their hand at the art of conquering rocks. Everest is considered one of the most famous peaks of the Himalayas. His conquest brings glory to many climbers who ventured on this ascent. Ski tourism in these places is not developed properly, due to the rather difficult mountainous terrain, but the mountainsides are dotted with Buddhist monasteries, many of which are still active, the grandeur and beauty of these places are conducive to spiritual growth and self-improvement. Hindus believe these mountains are the feet of a sacred cow. Every self-respecting Hindu, at least once in his life, must make a pilgrimage to these sacred places. Rising into the mountains, people begin to relate differently to their being in the crowded cities of the plain. It is believed that in these places, there is an entrance to the holy city of Shambhala , where there are enlightened and sages who have achieved immortality, thanks to their knowledge and righteous lifestyle, There are many legends about these places, having been here with any person, there is an opportunity to reconsider their attitude to their life and the world around us. Numerous tourists come to visit the unique Valley of Flowers and the Abode of the Snows, From the very names of these national parks it blows romance.

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