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India is a mystery country. Every year excursion tours to India are becoming more popular. This country combines several cultures: Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and European. Its history began more than six thousand years ago. On the territory of the country are the oldest monuments - the remains of cities that existed as early as 4-3 millennia BC.

Usually excursions in India are divided into several main types and in different travel agencies can differ only in name. Choosing a particular sightseeing program, travelers will see temples in the Ganges Valley, the Taj Mahal mausoleum, temples located in caves, the legendary Mumbai station, the famous Delhi Fort and the Temple of Love.

Classical India

The excursion tour “Classical India” involves visiting cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Orcha, Varanasi and some others. In these places, tourists will see the main attractions: the palace of the head of state, the Lotus temple, the gates of India, the complex of temples Lakshmi and Taj Mahal.

The guide will tell about the traditions of India, the history and culture of this eastern country, introduce the main principles philosophy of the Indians. Incidentally, it is based on the fact that there are many worlds and souls.

The cost of a tour of eleven days is approximately two thousand dollars. This amount is calculated per person for double occupancy. It includes a visa, external and internal transfers, hotel accommodation, breakfast, domestic transfers, guide services and medical insurance. Price may vary by region and season.

Таинственный Раджастан

Mysterious Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state in India. Its peculiarity is that the feudal traditions are still alive here and the caste division of people is still relevant. Sightseeing tour to India “Mysterious Rajasthan” (the name may be different, but the keyword Rajasthan will indicate the nature of the tour) is being built along a route involving visits to the brightest cities in the region. In Jaipur you can see pink monuments, in Mever - the remains of Chittorgarh, in Marwar - the princely palaces and fortresses, in Jaisalmer - the "Golden Fortress". In addition, Rajasthan tours include a visit to the city of Udaipuru Lakes.

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The duration of the tour is usually twelve days, its cost is about 1600 dollars per person for double occupancy. This amount includes accommodation in a three-star hotel, breakfast, all bus transfers, museum tickets and excursions included in the tour program, guide services, visa and medical insurance.

The cost of the tour lasting 12 days is 1,570 USD (price is per person for double occupancy).

In pursuit of tigers

Extreme travelers who are not satisfied with measured trips and sightseeing can choose the type of excursion for themselves India This is a visit to Madhya Pradesh. It is not yet popular with tourists, but it will certainly appeal to those who love lush landscapes with mountains and recalcitrant rivers, wildlife and animals. Plus, on the way there are a lot of attractions. The tour includes a visit to temples of the priestesses of love , where you can see ancient sculptures and bas-reliefs illustrating the text of the Kama Sutras, a tour of the city of Khajuraho, belonging to the Chandell dynasty, a walk to the Kanha Nature Reserve (the habitat of the bison) and Kinch (the habitat of the tigers), Bandhavargarh National Park, a visit to the nursery for elephants and a jungle safari.

It costs such a tour extreme for one person about two thousand dollars. This is the price for accommodation in a three-star hotel, breakfast, all transfers and transfers, guide services, museum tickets, visa and medical insurance. Airfare is paid separately.

Золотой Треугольник

Golden Triangle

The main cities The Golden Triangle of India are Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. In addition to them, the tour includes visits to Fatehpur, Sikri, Mathura and Vrindavan. This is the most eventful excursion program, since the largest number of monuments and interesting places are concentrated in the indicated settlements.

Jaipur is considered to be a small city in size, but its uniqueness is that it was built in compliance with all principles of ancient Indian architecture. Its layout is rectangular, the streets are narrow, the city is protected from the outside by a fortress wall.

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Most of the monuments in Jaipur are pink. This is due to the fact that they were built from pink sandstone. The most colorful and interesting for tourists are the Palace of the Winds (the layout of which looks like a honeycomb of bees) and the city palace complex (there are many museums with a variety of exhibits).

In late autumn, Jaipur hosts a large-scale and beautiful festival of lights dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi, and in the summer - the Tij festival, marking the beginning of the rainy season.

Golden Triangle of India unthinkable without Delhi - a city that combines local and British architecture. In Jama’s mosque Masjid, tourists can climb the minaret, which offers panoramic views of the Old Town.

Рынок Чатта Чоук

The picturesque place in Delhi is рынок Чатта Чоук . The spirit of India, as it was several centuries ago, still hovers here. Experienced travelers are advised to buy souvenirs here, but refrain from buying food.

In the New City, tourists will visit Connaught Square , which is the business center of this part India. Then follows the inspection of the Lakshmi-Narayan temple.

In January, Republic Day is celebrated in Delhi with colorful folk music and dance festivals.

One of the seven wonders of the world is located in Agra - || | 249 мавзолей Тадж Махал . According to legend, the tomb was built by Shah Jahan in honor of his wife. White marble served as the building material; the mausoleum is crowned with a double dome and four minarets. The tomb is decorated with precious stones and black marble ornaments.

Another attraction of the city - Fort Agra . The complex is built of red sandstone. Travelers can explore the terraces, halls, mosque and gardens that are located outside its walls.

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