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India for tourists is a country of bright exoticism, unusually beautiful architecture, ancient culture and amazing landscapes. All this is true, however, for the first trip to India, this information is not enough: when planning to visit this country, you need to seriously prepare for the trip and know in advance about some of the nuances that a novice tourist will have to face already.

India: how to prepare for the trip?

The most necessary action before planning a trip to India is to determine the general purpose of the trip. If you are interested in beach vacations, diving and other entertainment on the coast - feel free to get a tour to Goa. The best beaches of the country are located there, divers from all over the world strive to get there, and also real rave discos in the open are organized there. In search of parties, you can also go to Mumbai - a bustling Indian city with a developed industry for entertaining tourists.

A lover of culture, architecture and classical excursions will be perfectly suited for a tour of the cities of the Golden Triangle - the Indian analogue of the Russian Golden Ring. This tour is usually crowded, but it is in it that professional guides introduce tourists to the most significant sights of the country - the Taj Mahal, the temples of Fathipur and the unique city of Jaipur.

If you want to understand the secrets of yoga, Ayurveda and join religious shrines - go to Varanasi, Rishikesh, Kerala.

India for tourists - a real treasure, because a journey in this country gives unlimited possibilities in choosing the type of vacation.

Полезные советы для первой поездки в Индию

Useful tips for the first trip to India

India, according to experienced tourists, it is impossible to comprehend in one short trip, and even more so if it will resemble a cross-country cross over a large number of Indian cities. The planned visit to several particularly prominent places of the country is considered optimal for the first trip: this way the impressions will be more complete and there will be more time for full communication with the population, shopping and just for relaxation.

Tourism in India is developed, for travelers fashionable hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes are offered, however, you must monitor the hygiene and quality of the product yourself. In no case do not drink water from the water supply and try not to wash it with vegetables and fruits. Eating ready-made meals is best in catering establishments adjacent to high-class hotels. Particular attention should be paid to meat dishes - it is best to refuse them altogether for a trip to India.

Stock up with wet wipes and bactericidal soap and try to wash your hands as often as possible - the wet and hot climate of India contributes to the development of many types of pathogenic bacteria.

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Be prepared for crowds - after all, over one billion people live in India and in large cities of the country a significant number of people crowd on the streets at any time.

Reviews of tourists about India most often sympathetic, enthusiastic, however they often mention street molesters, traders, scammers and barkers. It is impossible to get rid of this “disaster", but maintaining calm will help you not to lose vigilance and not become their victim. With active pursuit, just loudly call the police, and the sticky merchant will disappear at that second.

Туризм в Индии

Customs and other important authorities

India and tourism are connected unchallenged part of the country's income depends on the tourism business. However, at the customs of India there are strict rules for the import and export of currency, valuables, objects and things of general demand. The customs declaration of India does not prohibit the import of foreign currency into the country, but it is impossible to travel to India with national banknotes. Cash in excess of $ 10,000 must be included in the declaration, the same applies to portable computer equipment - laptops, tablets, and so on.

No exotic animals, skins, or clothing made from skin of reptiles listed in the Red Book. Limitations will apply to jewelry: their value should not exceed a certain amount. Antiques are also prohibited for export if their “age” exceeds one hundred years.

A trip to India requires a mandatory visa, in some circumstances a visa can be extended while already in the state.

Before leaving, you should definitely write down for yourself important and necessary phones: consulates and missions in different cities of India , as well as the numbers of police, firefighters and ambulances .

Domestic transport

The most important question that will arise for a tourist after arriving in India is the issue of trance tailors moving. The most comfortable and safe way is to travel by plane or first-class train, but this type of travel can cost a pretty penny. If you want to save money - buy tickets for second-class trains - they are cheaper and equipped with air conditioning, and the number of people in a compartment does not exceed the figure 6.

You can also travel by bus over short distances, especially since things are pretty good in India with this mode of transport. You can easily choose for yourself a bus within your means and with the right level of comfort.

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Tickets for any transport are best purchased for the national currency, at the railway stations they accept dollars and euros, but change is always issued only in rupees.

If you wish, you can use a taxi, however, choose a car with a license, they can easily be identified by the yellow number plates signs. With taxi drivers in India bargain and this must be done at the very beginning of the trip. Do not allow taxi drivers to bring companions to you and in case of any, even minor conflicts, call the police or the owners of the carrier company.

With regard to different types of rickshaws, this method of transportation can be called the cheapest and in certain situations - the fastest. However, there are no conveniences on a rickshaw trip, and passengers on this type of vehicle will generally have to walk on high-altitude paths.

It is definitely not recommended to rent a car - you simply will not be able to use it. roads of India very heavy traffic, often animals and pedestrians run out on the roadway, and no one follows the road rules.

Правила безопасного поведения в Индии для туристов

Rules for safe behavior in India for tourists

If you have large sums of cash or jewelry, do not leave them in your rooms, but be sure to return them to the hotel safe or use a bank cell for storage. In hotels of a low class there is a risk of running into unclean employees, therefore it is strongly discouraged to create objects of temptation for them.

Women and girls should exclude provocative clothes from their wardrobe during the trip: do not wear too short skirts and dresses, you should abandon the neckline.

Wash your hands as often as possible and do not drink raw water. It is better to wash the fruits and vegetables bought in the bazaar before eating with soap, and in restaurants there is only “warm salads” made of thermally processed vegetables.

If you went to the Indian outback, be prepared for increased curiosity locals: they do not often see white Europeans on their territory. Do not get annoyed with their attempts to touch you, this is also a peculiar manifestation of curiosity and friendly feelings. But it is recommended to get rid of annoying sellers by contacting the police.

You should know that in some states of the state of India ethnic and religious conflicts often arise, therefore, for reasons of your own safety, you should not go to Kashmir, Assam and the states, bordering Bangladesh.

Do not buy obscure goods from street vendors: drugs are often sold on the streets of India, and the term for their distribution in the state is very long - 30 years in a strict regime prison.

In India, it is not customary to shake hands, so it’s better not to shake hands with the locals. It is also undesirable to hug and kiss in public places, and a man should not hold his companion by the hand. When entering the temple, be sure to take off your shoes and choose the appropriate wardrobe for visiting religious buildings.

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