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State of India and the popular Goa resort is very different from other regions of the country. This is probably due to the fact that the territory for a long time belonged to the Portuguese.

Goa is a hundred kilometers of beaches stretching along the Arabian Sea. On the coast there are a large number of hotels, from five-star to no-stars at all, restaurants, bars and cafes, markets with all sorts of things. Colorful huts of local residents with palm leaves instead of a roof were also built here.

Many people choose in India Goa tours only to see the sky-blue ocean, the tropics, feel the breath of the breeze and plunge into peace. Someone on the coast is attracted by the opportunity to master water sports. And someone likes to come to Goa because of the beach parties that take place here every day. Depending on preferences, you should choose a tourist program.

The northern part of the state is more suitable for young people, and the south is represented by chic beaches and fashionable hotels.

Every year, the popularity of this resort only increases. And this is due to the fact that holidays in India in Goa, prices are quite acceptable, while tourists are always waiting for a hot climate and clear, like crystal, sea.

Beach tours in Goa

In Goa there are about forty beaches, all of them are sandy and perfectly clean, even wild ones are found. The most popular are Calangute and Anjuna. These beaches are located in the province of Bardez. Sinkerim and Candolim are fashionable and, accordingly, expensive.

Пляжные туры на Гоа

Almost deserted beaches - Querim and Arambol. Vagator is the venue for all kinds of parties. Tourists usually hold photo sessions on Dona Paula beach, and various shells are collected all day long at Kegdevelim.

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A peaceful pastime can be combined with boat trips, a bike or a scooter. You can rent jet skis for two hundred rupees.

Goa Club Tours

Goa Club Hangouts - one of the features and a kind of attraction. The most famous is the Club of the Boar - it is located in Arpora. It is distinguished not only by the high-quality sound of music, but also by the interior, more reminiscent of a palace. Entrance to it is paid - 600 rupees per person, girls can go through every Wednesday without paying anything, access to the bar is free any day.

The Titos Club in Bagu has parties every night. The atmosphere here is fantastic, and there are always a lot of visitors, despite the rather high prices for drinks. Unique in its kind is the Paradiso Club, located in a cave on Anjuna Beach. Entrance costs about 5-11 dollars. Primagosa Cafe Club operates on Vagator, where hippies from around the world gather. It was here, in the north of Goa, that this movement was born.

Sightseeing tours in Goa

Popular also Sightseeing tours in Goa, India . There are many interesting sights on the coast.

Экскурсионные туры на Гоа

Not only men, but also the fair half will probably want to visit the only salon-museum of antique cars Ashvek Vintage World . Finds a museum of vintage cars in the village of Nuveem. The car collection is impressive, only here you can see the Peugeot 301 of the 1931 release, the Chevrolet Fleet Master of 1948, the Datsun Fairlady, the Ford V8, Morris, released in 1961, the Mercedes 170 from 1939 and the rare 2-engine Vandall tempo. Some exhibits can be rented. In addition, vintage cars participate in runs and rallies, which are often held in Goa. To get to the museum, you need to come to the southern part of the state in Salsity. The salon works every day, except Sunday, from nine in the morning until six in the evening.

Another attraction of Goa - Butterfly Park , it works every day from nine in the morning and until half past three in the afternoon, admission is 150 rupees. At a short distance from Ponda are spice plantations, the aromas of which can be felt far beyond their borders.

A place often visited by travelers is Museum - an ethnographic village , in which visitors get acquainted with the life of the villagers and local agricultural technologies. The village is located in South Goa, in Banaulim, it works every day from nine to six, the entrance costs 100 rupees.

Choosing in India Goa tours, prices which may differ depending on the travel program, it is worth paying attention to those that offer visits to waterfalls and reserves.

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Dudhsagar Falls - the largest in the country (its height is 310 meters), it is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats. At the foot of the waterfall there is a lake where you can swim.

The road to the waterfall lies through Bhagwan Mahavir Reserve (entrance fee is about 20 rupees, video photography is paid separately), in which live tigers, mongooses, deer, porcupines, macaques and many other animals. More than two hundred species of birds live here.

Not far from the reserve is Devil's Canyon , formed due to the course of the Kandepar River. According to legend, this river has no bottom. Bathing in its waters is not recommended for tourists.

Тур в Индию дикарем

A tour to India by a savage

Despite the fact that India, Goa, tours, prices are not high, some Travelers prefer to travel to the country without the help of a tour operator. Basically, such a trip is decided by those who want to test themselves, to be alone, far from civilization and to engage in self-knowledge.

First you need to get a visa, the cost of which ranges from 80 to 100 dollars. then choose the airline that offers the lowest prices for flights to Goa . Upon arrival, you need to order a taxi to Anjuna - seven hundred rupees. Moving between the beaches on foot will not work, so every time you have to take a taxi or rent a vehicle. Bike rental costs between 250-400 rupees, cars - from 800 to 1500 rupees.

As for accommodation, you can rent a room with a bed and shower for 300 rupees per day. Renting a house is more expensive - about 600 rupees. Three meals a day will cost about 500-600 rupees per day. Depending on the strength, alcoholic drinks are sold at prices ranging from 60 to 700 rupees. Rental of sun loungers - another 300 rupees.

Weekly, on Wednesdays, a flea market opens in Anjuna where you can buy beautiful and high-quality items for a nominal fee.

In general, those who are going on a wild holidays in India, in Goa, prices for goods and services need to be known in advance in order to have the necessary amount and not to be without money in a foreign country.

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