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With one thousand nine hundred and sixty-second years, Goa changed its status. From a Portuguese colony, it turned into the twenty-fifth state of India. Now the capital is the beautiful city of Panaji. This modern city is twenty-nine kilometers from Dabolim Airport. Old Goa is located ten kilometers from the center of the modern capital. Adil Shah founded this place at the very beginning of the sixteenth century.

With the advent of Alfonso de Albuquerque in these places, he began to be considered the capital of the Portuguese colony. The invaders from Portugal actively converted the locals to the Catholic faith. For this, any means went. Ancient temples were destroyed. Hinduism was considered a crime. The most famous buildings of the time are the current Cathedral of St. Catherine and the Basilica of Bom Jesus. The basilica was erected during the founding of the colony in the sixteenth century and has been perfectly preserved to this day. The remains of St. Francis Xavier rest in a beautifully decorated coffin. Another world-famous attraction is the five bells of the cathedral, with their unique bells. One of them bears the proud name of the Golden Bell. Goa has no bigger bell. For four hundred and fifty-one years, the reign of Portugal, a unique culture has developed in Goa. Small churches and chapels are often very unpretentious. Always neatly whitewashed, very well-groomed. Surrounded by small, calm villages, with rice fields located around them. About India and Goa you will always hear the most wonderful reviews in any travel agency. The concept of India and Goa is now inextricable. On map of India Goa takes a small place, but the name of this resort is known all over the world and enjoys deserved respect and love. The photos brought from Goa occupy a well-deserved place in the albums of vacationers and serve as a wonderful reminder of experienced, wonderful days of relaxation on the beaches of Goa пляжах Гоа .

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Goa's sandy beaches lined with vegetation stretch along the entire coast and are located in such a way that the sun with their gentle light illuminates them continuously, From their very names, it blows exoticism and relaxation. Anjuna, Baga, Calangute, Candolim.

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Here you will be happy to be offered all kinds of pastimes on the water. Fans of diving, windsurfing, relaxing on yachts and other exotic pastimes can plunge into your favorite element. Experienced instructors and a lot of rental points will help you provide yourself and your friends with everything you need if you are tired of just swimming in the gentle waters of the Arabian Sea and wallowing in the sand. You can always add variety to your vacation. Immersion in turquoise waters will give you a wonderful feeling from meetings with exotic inhabitants of the depths. Even people who are never engaged in immersion cannot resist swimming in these gentle waters. The bright underwater world attracts you with its colors and new experiences. Beautiful white yachts will help you take walks along the coast, and enjoy the views of the coast.

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Such a walk with friends and acquaintances can leave wonderful memories of your vacation. And the proposal made on board the yacht, in the sunset, will not leave indifferent more than one girl. Fans of fishing can also enjoy their favorite pastime. Catch anything unusual. If you don’t even catch anything, you will surely enjoy it. Talk home about unforgettable fishing on the Indian coast. About Goa India reviews always the best. From India Goa, photographs bring the most colorful, as well as impressions. The memories are vivid.

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Due to the unique climate. When the temperature does not change throughout the year. It is kept in the region of twenty-five, twenty-eight degrees, making these places a wonderful resort place. Attracts millions of tourists annually. Short two months of monsoons give the rest even more piquancy. This time can be spent making exciting excursions to local attractions. There is something to admire. The interweaving of different eras, religions and peoples left their mark on the architecture of cities and towns. But the main, of course, remains the resorts of these places. People strive here and always their expectations are fully met.

The coast of Goa is conditionally divided into two parts. South and North Goa . Its total length of more than one hundred and ten kilometers and many all sorts of bays and bays betray these places with a special touch. Arambol, Vagator, Anjuna, Sinkuzrim are all the names of the northern beaches. Densely populated. With a huge number of inexpensive hotels for every taste. A variety of entertainments and a huge number of places for the realization of any inexpensive vacation. Here, the poor audience and students are mostly resting. For a small amount, you can relax here. Dance until the morning, all the institutions work around the clock, and the prices are the most democratic.

This part of the resort is very popular among the local population, as they are mostly not rich. The atmosphere prevails the most laid-back. For the most part, it resembles a huge youth party. Here you can find entertainment for any temperament and domestic needs. The southern part is a place for the rest of wealthier tourists. Colva, Betil, Majorda, Betalbaltim are the names of the southern beaches. There are a lot of people from Europe, Russia, America. Excellent hotel service will allow the bathtubs to fully enjoy a secluded vacation. Modern bungalows and luxury hotels are in no way inferior in their service and maintenance to the best hotels in Europe.

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Here, solid couples prefer to relax. Well-equipped swimming pools and playgrounds allow you to be calm for the relaxation of your children. Purely oriental luxury of some of them can satisfy the most demanding. But the sea and the beautiful sandy beaches are the same everywhere, so regardless of the financial situation, sand and water are always at your disposal. And if you get bored of sunbathing, you can always plunge into the riot of colors of local nature. Enjoy the unique color of the local fauna.

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India. Goa, Ayurveda. The treatment of soul and body

India in general and Goa in particular have always been famous not only for their vacation spots. Reviews of wellness procedures have long been known to everyone who has visited these places at least once. And no matter where you rested in the north or south, everywhere you can get the opportunity to improve your health. A unique combination of medical and philosophical knowledge in combination with ancient recipes for herbal medicine gave rise to an absolutely unique technique. Known around the world as Ayurveda. This name itself comes from the Sanskrit words "auras" that is, wisdom, science. Veda life. This teaching refers to man as a whole with his soul, spirit and body. They consider a person as a particle of the world, and treatment is always carried out comprehensively. It begins with the restoration of spirit, peace of mind through unity with nature. This practice has been around for thousands of years. Many different scientific trends and practices emerged from it, but only in these beautiful places, as if specially created to calm the soul and body, can one fully enjoy all the possibilities of these ancient practices.

The imbalance of these three components often leads to the emergence of all kinds of diseases. The main task is to restore balance to a person and then the world will become beautiful, the sorrows of the disease will disappear, as if by magic. Ayurveda is very closely associated with such traditional Indian practices as yoga. They in every way contribute to strengthening the balance between spiritual and physical health. They enable people to lead socially and spiritually successful lives. This teaching has greatly influenced the creation of well-known practices such as Tibetan medicine. Ancient Greek medicine. Well-known ancient physicians based on their methods of treatment took the postulates of Vedic norms of behavior and perception of the world.

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If you look at the map of India, Goa occupies a small territory. Nevertheless, perhaps there is no such person who would not - have not heard this name. Beautiful beaches of the coast, a warm welcome all this is the basis of the tourism industry of these places. Each tourist can find a way to relax to their liking. It can be a relaxing vacation based on visiting the beaches and swimming in the sea. Lovers of outdoor activities can find here a lot of entertainment to their taste. Such visitors are offered many excursions with visits to various exotic places. A peculiar nature with its wild inhabitants awaits its admirers. Traveling around the surroundings you can see many interesting and unusual things. The photos brought from Goa will be able to perfectly show how beautiful the surroundings are, Temples, Exotic views of local residents can all settle in your photo album for a long time, viewing it on winter evenings will allow you to immerse yourself again and again in this beautiful world of sun, beaches. The warm gentle sea. Numerous excursions will not let anyone get bored here, it seems that they can satisfy the tastes and needs of any person. You can visit crocodile farms. Here you can participate in their feeding. This process will tickle your nerves and give a good rush of adrenaline. Ride on elephants. A few days in the jungle will make you feel like a true pioneer and missionary. Learn Indian dance.

The culture of India is very diverse and the dances of local ladies are taught from early childhood. Dance in these places is one of the ways to communicate and maintain internal balance. You can arrange a guided tour of the night Goa. Such entertainment can add piquancy to your perception of the world. Visiting existing temples will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of Indian traditions. Here you can feel the breath of the centuries-old history of these beautiful places. See how bizarrely interwoven various beliefs and cultures. Boat trips on luxury yachts will allow you to throw off the bustle of big cities. Gentle rustle of waves, slight swaying of the deck, Sea breeze, swirling over a hot body. All this, will give you, the long-awaited peace, will help to restore your strength perfectly.

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    interesting, but why exactly does Goa have such a feeling what are you in paradise?

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    everything seems to be different everywhere, but it nevertheless unites one thing - peace, everywhere it’s very calm and there is, maybe imaginary but a sense of security and peace.

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    I met my future husband and I in Goa, so this place is sacred to me.

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    beaches are only one tenth of what it’s worth to go to the GOA.

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