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So fate commanded that the relations between India and Russia have developed the warmest. No clouds overshadowed them: they have been deprived of military conflict for centuries, their interests have never clashed. This is an amazing phenomenon in communication at the international level. Russia for India remains an old and reliable partner.

The ancient Sanskrit and Russian languages ​​are very similar to each other. Worldwide responsiveness is characteristic of the peoples of both states and to the same extent. Neither Russians nor Indians suffer from chauvinism. This also contributes to the development of Russian-Indian relations.

An alliance at the spiritual level between the two countries began to take shape even before the independence of India. Even Elena Blavatsky managed to break the standard opinions of all Western countries against India. She managed to discover the majesty of the divine Himalayas to the west.

It has long been known that the views of Mahatma Gandhi were greatly influenced by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Mahatma Gandhi claimed that he considers himself only a modest follower of a brilliant Russian teacher.

Nikolai Roerich, using the example of his life, was able to make sure that India seems to be the sister of Russia. The whole unusually talented Roerich family dedicated their lives to a noble goal. They managed to combine the spiritual capabilities of the two peoples.

The main achievement today is the achieved spiritual union between our countries.

Life itself has helped bring our nations closer. Especially after the birth of India, as an independent state. Russia has provided tremendous assistance in establishing independent India. This greatly strengthened relations between our states. The culmination of our friendship was the 1986 Declaration. In it, on behalf of all people, they suggested taking non-violence as the basis of life. We are connected by relations in various directions.

Political relations

Every year, the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of India hold a summit. Such meetings are the main mechanism of dialogue, which is very important for partnership at a strategic level between Russia and India . Fourteen meetings have already taken place every year. They were alternately held in India and the Russian Federation. At the last meeting, which took place on October 21, 2014, President Vladimir Putin together with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced a statement: "On deepening partnership relations at a strategic level with a view to stability and peace at a global level." Also, within the framework of this meeting, bilateral agreements were signed, including: Programs on cooperation in the fields of technology and science, memoranda on energy efficiency and standardization and the Convicted Persons Agreement.

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Between states constantly held at a high level cooperation. Meetings between the two intergovernmental commissions are held annually. The first commission for cooperation in the framework of economics, culture, trade, technology and science. The second commission is engaged in cooperation at the military-technical level.

Взаимоотношения Индии и России

Relations in the field of defense

India and Moscow have long been cooperating in the field of defense at a large scale. This interaction has long crossed the line of purchase and sale and has grown into work on joint research, development and production of defense technologies at the advanced level. A good example of this interaction is: a multipurpose transport plane and a 5th generation fighter, in the development of which India and Moscow participated. Each year, states exchange experiences and exercises between their armed forces.

Relations in the commercial sphere

The relations between India and the Russian Federation are rapidly deepening отношения Индии с Российской Федерацией в области торговли, инвестиций и экономики. Общей целью 2009 года стало увеличение уровня двусторонней торговли до двадцати миллиардов долларов за период до 2015 года. Приоритетом в расширении сотрудничества в области экономики между этими странами стали: пищевая сфера, сферы авиации, машиностроения, инфраструктуры, информационных технологий, фармацевтики, бриллиантов, удобрений и стали.

The main institutional mechanism for monitoring the interaction in the economic field between in these countries - this is a commission for cooperation in the field of culture, trade, economics, technology and science. It consists of seven groups on trade and economic cooperation, industrial cooperation and modernization, investment projects, culture, science, tourism, technology and energy.

Relations in the energy sector

The Russian Federation is a very important partner for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. She sees in India a state in which nuclear technology is developed and at the same time there is an impeccable track record on non-proliferation. An example of productive interaction between the countries is the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant in Kudankulam.

These two countries are constantly cooperating in the energy and hydrocarbon sectors. India makes significant investments in Russian oil and gas projects. Enterprises of the Russian Federation also take part in Indian oil and gas projects and in projects for power plants.

Relations at the scientific and technical level

The scientific academies of both states facilitate the exchange of information between the academies. The working group on technology and science is a member of the Commission for Cooperation in the fields of economics, science, trade, technology and culture. Within the framework of this commission, it carries out its work. Using a comprehensive long-term program that provides support for general research in the fields of basic and applied sciences, it was possible to create nine thematic centers and implement about five hundred projects. This program was extended in 2010 for another ten years. To facilitate the transfer of technologies and their further commercialization, they created a Russian-Indian center in the field of technology and science, whose branches are located in Delhi and Moscow. In 2013, the states signed two programs for future cooperation in the field of technology and science. Now they are at the implementation stage.


Relations in the space sector

For about 40 years, the Russian Federation has been closely cooperating with India in the peaceful uses of outer space. Now both states are cooperating using GLONASS and other space technologies.

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Отношения в сфере культуры

At the Indian Embassy in Moscow there is a cultural center named after Jawaharlal Nehru. Each month, Indian, dance, music, yoga and Hindi lessons are taught to more than five hundred students. Leading institutions of the Russian Federation, such as the Russian State Humanitarian University, the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University and other institutions, work closely with this cultural center. The Institute of Philosophy has opened a department studying Indian philosophy. She was named after Mahatma Gandhi. The Russian State University for the Humanities also has a department of modern Indian studies. In Russia, the study of the Hindi language is developing. Today, more than twenty Russian educational institutions, including leading universities and schools, teach this language to their students. In addition to Hindi, Russian higher education institutions have the opportunity to learn other languages: Sanskrit, Marathi, Urdu, Pali, Bengali and Tamil. Most Russian residents are very interested in studying dance and music in the Indian direction, as well as yoga and Ayurveda. The festival dedicated to the culture of India, held in 2013, was very popular. It covered ten cities of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation values ​​long-term friendly relations with the state of India. A solid foundation of relationships in various fields has been built thanks to trusting relationships and the traditional closeness of states for many centuries. Strengthening relations with India as part of a strategic partnership is one of the main priorities in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation today.

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