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It is necessary to go to India when it is winter, it’s cold, and in the south of Europe it’s not very comfortable either - it is snowing, it is raining, and sometimes it is freezing. Many people believe that it is in this country that it is best to relax in November and December. At the same time, the holiday season in India lasts from October to March. However, when planning to go to this country, it is better to clarify exactly where the place where you plan to relax is located. Because it is better not to visit such high-altitude regions as Kashmir or Sikkim in winter - the average temperature is from 0 to -20 ° C, plus snowfall and generally terrible weather.

But in another part of the country - you are welcome. Ideal.

Three seasons are distinguished in India:

· Hot - summer (lasts almost all of our spring - from March to June);
· Wet - rainy season (June - September);
· Cool - winter (October - February).

Cool season in India

When we have winter, snow and blizzards, in India - velvet season . In early October, the monsoons cease and sunny and dry weather sets in all over its territory.

At this time, you can have a good rest in the mountains, since during this period it is not so hot, but not cold. For example, in the afternoon in Delhi and other cities of northern India, a mercury thermometer shows from 17 to 22 ° C. In winter, snow falls at high altitude in the northernmost regions, which briefly revives a few winter resorts.

At the same time, in the south of the country (for example, in Goa), where there is almost never severe frost, the best season for tourists - it is at this time that the ideal ratio of water and air temperature is established. A mercury thermometer stops at 25 ... 28 ° C during the day. Here you can relax on the coast, sunbathe and swim - the beach season is in full swing at this time.

When it is better to buy permits to India, the article will tell you more about this: How much does a ticket to India cost .

However in the winter nature in India definitely will not please tourists with bright green color. Palm leaves turn yellow at this time, and everything around is painted in tan. In addition, fogs in India are common in winter. Moreover, they can be so dense (especially before dawn) that objects located near a person become almost indistinguishable.

Прохладный сезон в Индии

Despite the warm winter, it is imperative to bring an autumn wardrobe to India. Warm clothes in winter are definitely useful here. Especially in the evenings, when the temperature drops, and in many hotels there is no banal heating. And the maximum that the staff can offer is another warm blanket.

The hot season in India

In February, the temperature gradually begins to rise and the heat begins.

V India is better not to travel this time. The heat can greatly complicate the rest, since in many offices, hotels and shops there are no air conditioners. In addition, dry desert winds and a huge amount of dust (especially this applies to the western states of India) will be liked only by extreme weather lovers.

Especially tourists should avoid the Indian plains from February to May. The heat there at that time is incredible. The temperature is around 45 ° C and very little water. At the same time, even visibility deteriorates: everything is seen through a haze.

In late spring, before the onset of the monsoons, humidity significantly increases on the plains, electric storms are frequent, short-term heavy rain. And dust storms make the night out of the day.

Heat and humidity become difficult to tolerate (especially hard for Europeans). Therefore, the best way would be to leave the plains and go either to the ocean coast, or to Sikkim or Kashmir - to the highlands of India.

The rainy season in India

The monsoons come to India from the south, from side of the indian ocean. The main part of the rain falls in the south, where it rains almost unceasingly. At the same time as in the north of the country there are also many showers, but they only go a few hours, after which the clouds disperse and everything dries out very quickly.

When it’s better to go to India, more details: India holiday season .

The rainy season begins in late May, plus or minus a few weeks, depending on where the region is located. But in early June it usually covers the entire territory of the country. Moreover, it is interesting that the south-west winds do not bring refreshing coolness. Just a dry, sultry and dusty period is replaced by a hot, but wet. At the same time, it rains in many areas for days, weeks, and practically does not stop.

The situation is particularly difficult in the south of the country - a huge number of insects are added to the unbearable heat and stuffiness, which feel very comfortable in such conditions high humidity. Also, the sea does not look very nice - dirty color, with huge surging waves, it absolutely does not want to swim in it.

Лето в Индии

In principle, in this situation there are positive aspects. Over the previous hot summer period in India a huge amount of dust accumulated, and indeed the streets of the cities of this country are very dirty themselves, which is why European tourists often show different allergic reactions. In the rainy season in India is much easier to breathe and much cleaner.

If a tourist is not able to frighten heavy rains, and he still decides to come to India in the summer, he will save a lot, because prices at this time drop significantly. True, in this case, it should be borne in mind that the tourist infrastructure is almost completely closed - finding even one open restaurant at this time is quite problematic, and absolutely all the cafes and bars on the beaches do not work.

It is better in the rainy season just visit the north of the country, where the rainy season is much shorter, and showers are not so long and rarer. For example, you can visit the Himalayas or in such a northern region as Ladagh. It is located very high above sea level, because it rains almost never.

You can also visit Delhi, Agra, Varanasi or Hampi, go to museums. In addition, you can engage in self-development and devote time to studying the culture and traditions of the Indians. You can even heal slightly - it is during the rainy season that the treatment in Kerala is considered the most effective. from the northeast. It is at this time that the temperature begins to drop, clear and sunny weather sets in. And it starts in

Постмусонный период

Между влажным и прохладным многие выделяют ещё постмусонный период, когда муссон начинает возвращаться, потихоньку отступая с северо-востока. Именно в это время начинается понижаться температура, устанавливается ясная и солнечная погода. И начинается в India holiday season .

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