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India is a beautiful country. Tourists who came to relax at the resort and did not visit the province may not be aware of how how ordinary people live in India . The majority of the population, almost eighty percent, are rural residents employed in agriculture. Education is very low, a little more than fifty percent of the inhabitants are able to read and write. Almost thirty percent cannot even write. The contrast in the everyday life of the life of India between different layers of society is striking. The centuries-old caste system and Hinduism, professing the inevitability of rock, have accustomed people to a calm perception of the everyday difficulties of life. Indians are very calm about a complete lack of comfort. Moreover, this applies not only to the poor.

You can often see how well-dressed people sleep just on the sidewalk. And next to him was a stray dog. Such philosophical practices as yoga, Ayurveda allow a person to take a different look at the world around him. People professing these teachings perceive reality differently. The need for material is reduced many times. In India, in connection with the thousand-year-old culture based on these teachings, people are very calm about the lack of benefits of civilization. Although Europeans are sometimes shocked by this attitude of the local population. For example, in India, a husband has every right to put his wife in the form of a bank deposit, and that will be the order of things. Complete neglect of the rules of personal hygiene allows various skin and intestinal diseases to grow violently. Child mortality remains very high. All this is adjacent to India's clear successes in the economy and rapid economic growth. Large Indian companies successfully compete in the international market in the field of light industry, agriculture, high technology. India launches rockets with satellites, builds nuclear power plants. Despite this, it remains the leader of countries with a very low standard of living.

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Свадьба в Индии

Still in high gear negotiated weddings in India . Parents agree in advance on the marriage of their children and after that no one asks for the consent or disagreement of the newlyweds. This is a kind of analogue of a wedding contract. The only exception is that the wife is transferred in full ownership to the husband. She becomes part of his property. At the same time, the groom and the bride can see each other only after the wedding ceremony, and then surprises can await them. Indian wedding takes place in a peculiar way. Guests first dance, sing and have fun in every possible way, and only then they sit down at the wedding table and the feast begins. Weddings in the villages and the city are very different. This happens not only because in the city they are, as a rule, much more elegant and richer. But also because there is no electricity in the villages, the walk ceases with the sunset. Despite the fact that India is rapidly entering the twenty-second century, caste borders are very zealously observed and it is very unlikely that young people will come from different castes.

Храмы Индии

Temples of India and their inhabitants

There is a huge the number of active temples in India . Many people live on their territory, worshiping the deities of these temples. Moreover, these deities can be quite peculiar. There are temples dedicated to rats, monkeys, crocodiles, cows, and many other animals. People protect them and look after them. A similar attitude emerges from the foundations of Hinduism. Since they believe that the soul after death can enter the body of any living creature. It all depends on how much a person led a righteous lifestyle during his lifetime. It is quite possible to be in the body of a rat or a monkey, so they take care of them. Basically, the monks of these temples live within the walls of these ancient structures and try to achieve the state of samadhi, that is, internal consecration. True, most of them believe that initiation can be achieved without exhausting prayers, but just walk in orange robes, ask for alms, and smoke a charas. The monks of India - this is a special caste, they do not really bother with work, but are content with what nature gives them.

City life of India

Against the background of the life of poor peasants in provinces of India , the life of urban residents is very different. For example, the home of a local billionaire is located in Mumbai. This twenty seven story fortress makes a grand impression. Even in garages, only crystal chandeliers burn. The building has nine elevators, ready to lift visitors to three helipads. A huge number of rooms allows the owner to rest every day in different rooms, and all this splendor is adjacent to the darkest slums of the city. In this gigantic house, located on thirty-seven hectares, only six people live. The owner himself, his mother, wife and children. Nearby, in the slums, without water, light and basic amenities, more than twelve thousand people huddle. According to experts, more than sixty percent of the eighteen million cities live in slums. And this does not appeal to local residents much protest. It’s wild for us to see such a luxury, knowing that two-thirds of the country's citizens live on two dollars a day, and every third child suffers from malnutrition.

The economic miracle of India

An example, the Minister of India in his speech recently stated that "No force can stop the country on the path to progress." The Government of India reinforces its words with deeds, now it is one of the leaders in IT technologies. Specialists in this field, who had once gone to Silicon Valley to earn money, are now gladly returning to their homeland. They are paid no less than in America, and the cost of living is much less. India is actively attracting specialists to high-precision manufacturing; such specialists are willing to go to work in large cities of India. Residents of Indian cities have the opportunity to watch more than four hundred private television channels. Perhaps this choice is not in more than one country in the world. Arms exports to other countries are at a very high level. The rise of light industry provides job growth. India has set ambitious plans like flying to Mars in the near future. Truly this is a country of contrasts, where fabulous wealth is adjacent to no less fabulous poverty.

Курорты Индии

Resorts of India: life near the sea

Life in India near the sea is fundamentally different from living anywhere else in the country. Everything is set to satisfy any needs of tourists. The tourism business is a very significant part of the country's income. He is given special attention. If electricity is out of the ordinary in the province, then on the coastal resorts nightlife is colored with colorful lamps that never go out. Life in the resort area has a completely different rhythm. There are always a lot of people. You will not see beggars. The local police carefully monitor this and try not to bother the tourists. Although the caste of beggars is very numerous and ubiquitous, if you inadvertently give great alms, then you will be haunted by crowds of beggars throughout the rest, passing each other like a prize. Therefore, once in India, you need to be careful that Christian charity does not play a cruel joke. The staff working in the resort area are quite well educated. Has a good qualification. In Goa, there are numerous communities consisting of citizens of different countries united by one idea. Therefore, their life is very different from life in cities.

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Yogis of India

This caste of people is absolutely not like the others. They strive, by means of improving the spiritual, mental and physical abilities of their body, to reach a state where the physical needs of the body begin to be covered by spiritual ones. There are cases when yogis who have achieved a high level of self-awareness, could neither breathe for weeks, nor eat, not sleep. Various schools of India and temples teach everyone to understand this art. But perfection is not easy. There are many areas of yoga. They are very different. The goals can be set different - from improving health to achieving enlightenment. Most often, it comes down to the study of elementary physical exercises that do not affect the aspects of improving the spirit and soul. Europeans are usually content with this.

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