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India is a place on the globe where the question: where to go to India - perhaps not worth it. There is no place on the territory of India where it would be impossible to find a place where one would not want to look. When going on a trip, the main thing is to find out for yourself what you expect from this trip. Why are you going to these unusual places. After the list of wishes has been formed, you can come to the tour agency and managers will tell you the best option suits the price and route of movement.

If you go to rest from the difficult period of hard work, there is nothing better than resorts such as Goa and Kerala. They are located on the south coast of India. Possess all the advantages of fashionable resorts. Moreover, if Kerala, this place is mainly designed for family vacations. That vacation on Goa, even a student can afford. There are excellent budget boilers that are relatively inexpensive. Providing minimal amenities, but the sea wakes up at the feet of a vacationer. Goa has a large colony of Russians, so once you get to the sandy, golden beaches, you can feel quite comfortable even if you don’t have knowledge of any foreign languages. The constant, average annual temperature in the region of twenty-eight degrees will make the stay unforgettable. A visa can be issued right at the airport, upon arrival. Goa also has luxury hotels with excellent European service. Everything wakes up only in the amount of money that the vacationer is willing to spend. Here you can have a very interesting and fun time. Every evening, thousands of lights will be called to coastal cafes and dance floors. Music rattles until the morning, and heated dancers can plunge into the gentle surf.

Где отдохнуть в Индии

Where to go in India and what to see?

India is rich in its sights. Millennial history left a big mark on the cultural heritage of the country. It all depends solely on the interests of each person. The Taj Mahal is one of the most interesting and, perhaps, the most visited places in India. Moreover, most tourists get there precisely out of curiosity. This grand building is worth visiting in these beautiful buildings. Absorb the centuries-old smell of a man’s love for a woman. Aerial structures covered with the finest Arabic script of sayings from the Koran. The severity and whiteness of the marble walls of the minarets. Impeccable paths along the pools. All this wakes up the effort that you need to make to travel to India. For lovers of more exotic sights, hollowed out in the rocks of the cave of Ajanta are more suitable, this masterpiece of ancient architecture impresses with its laconicism and the very labor spent on the construction of such housing. More than twenty cells cut down in the rocks, with a beautiful interior finish, make a modern person wonder if he is really as big as he thinks about himself. All our years will disappear from the face of the earth quickly enough. In the event of a cataclysm, these same caves can stand for more than one millennium. Moreover, they were built exclusively by hand without any use of mechanical labor. You should definitely visit the chrome complex Virupaksha.

The world among the various religious faiths in India is unique, more details: Religion of India .

This is a holy place for all professing Hinduism. It was built over a thousand years ago. Rather, there are references to it, but archaeologists suggest that the buildings themselves are much older. The impeccable harmony of architectural structures, directed upwards, is somewhat reminiscent of a spaceship standing on a cosmodrome. The magnificent stone finish captivates the eye. Now there are many festivals and various costumed performances. So, having arrived to inspect the temple, you can get to one of the beautiful acts, in the style of ancient India, and even participate in it. Impressions from such a trip will remain for many years. Another of the most amazing places in India is temple of love . It is located in the small town of Khajuraho.

Every year, a multimillion-strong detachment of tourists visit it and every year this flow is growing. The temple is a stepped structure, all tiers of which are decorated with magnificent statues of people. Fulfilled in full growth. Each group of people makes love. Everything is done very realistically. The sculptures are beautifully executed by ancient architects. When you look at all these bas-reliefs in the rays of the setting sun, you get the feeling that all the figures come to life and begin to move. Unforgettable impression. Fans of exotic temples and ancient architecture should definitely visit these places. In general, wherever the tourist directs his attention, in India, he can find many interesting things. Surely for one trip to India you will not have time to see all the sights. Therefore, it is best to choose a few that you will get to know thoroughly. Travel agency managers will always help you make the right choice.

Базары Индии

Bazaars of India

When visiting Indian markets, you need to be prepared for the cacophony of sounds, smells and lots of people. Most merchants are located directly on the ground, only laying a small rag under their goods. In any market in India, be prepared to meet an abundance of all kinds of spices and seasonings. Smells will be dizzy. To this will be added the smell of the human body. So you need to be prepared for some discomfort. European or Turkish markets are no match. It is better, before visiting the market, to have an idea of ​​what exactly you want to buy. Having noticed the goods you are interested in, you need to ask the price and there is no time to not pay immediately. The price will be overstated many times. Bargain.

In general, on the market you can buy beautiful products made by hand and with excellent handmade finishes. Such things in specialized stores in large cities will cost fifty percent more. Never serve in the markets to the poor. Here it is a whole industry they will transfer, an unlucky tourist, from group to group, until all the money is pulled out. If you are in Jaipur and visited the local market, be sure to pay attention to jewelry. Jaipur is a jewelry center in India. In its markets you can buy unique jewelry, for a very symbolic amount.

Пища в Индии

Food in India

It is preferable to eat in European restaurants and large hotels. Going to the province, it is better to take care of a small dry soldering and a supply of water. If you still want to try the local cuisine, you should remember that almost any dish is seasoned with a very large number of spices. This is not a fashion statement, just, firstly, there are a lot of spices in India, and secondly it is alimentary safety. Due to the heat, everything spoils very quickly, and spicy seasonings kill most pathogenic microbes. But if a person is not used to the hot kitchen or it is contraindicated for him, it is better to refrain from such experiments.

All about the features of India, more details: Country India .

In India there is a custom to serve sweets in the finest silver foil. This is for disinfection. If you decide to try such a sweetness, then you need to eat with foil. You also need to remember that most people in India are vegans. Therefore, there are very few meat dishes and they are mainly sold where Europeans eat. There is no dish with beef at all, since for Indians a cow is a sacred animal. Such nuances you need to know when going to a trip to India , to this exotic country.


Going to India, you need know. That there is absolutely no toilet paper. Indians do not use it. Instead, they are washed with water. If there is running water, then it is quite possible to follow their example. But most often, in public toilets, there is simply some kind of water tank and who used it before is unknown, so you need to be prepared for various surprises. Carry a pack of napkins and a bottle of drinking water. This is if you are going to travel to the cities of India. In resort areas. All the usual accessories of the European lifestyle are present.

If, when traveling around the country, the behavior of your body has suddenly changed, you should immediately consult a doctor. It must be remembered that this is a hot country and diseases are developing rapidly. If the local resident may not even pay attention to such symptoms. That European is likely to be in a hospital bed. Going on a trip to this interesting and mysterious country. You must first learn more about it so that annoying misunderstandings do not spoil your vacation.

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