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The culture of India is diverse and distinctive. Millennial interweaving of cultures, religions and beliefs, Fused the Society into a unique conglomerate of ideas and cultural values ​​that have no analogues. The constant desire of Indian society to merge into a single whole with the universe to become part of a common universe, Strongly distinguishes this people from all others. Moreover, this desire permeates the whole society. From the last beggar to the president. The entire population of the country knows how to appreciate and understand music, understands dancing, only their body language is brought to the art of speaking.

Watching Indian dancers, you can marvel at the perfection of their movements and the smooth transition of the body from one position to another. It seems that they do not move, but flow from one position to another. Another very important feature of this people is that they value love and sensual pleasures perfectly. The physical relationship between a man and a woman has never been sinful in this culture. Moreover, the whole Indian epic is permeated with an understanding of the gods, human beauty and sensuality, Indian gods in every possible way encouraged the carnal and spiritual unity of people. At its core, the Indian people are a kind of superethgos. Since it has incorporated many peoples and nationalities over a thousand-year history. There are both local Dravids and aliens from here. In later times, many invaders and enslavers came to this land. Ancient culture absorbed all of them. Taking from each one some skill, skill or belief. Over the years, this alloy has turned into a very strong and unique community.

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The culture of ancient India | || 184 до сих пор будоражит умы многих учёных. Которые никак не могут объяснить некоторые моменты истории древнего государства. Такие культурные памятники Индии как Махабхарата, Веды. Приносят современным учёным большую пищу для размышления. В этих древних культурных памятниках описываются войны, происходившие на земле многие тысячи лет назад. Описание технологий в этих книгах повергает современных учёных в недоумение. Многие события мы даже негожим представить себе. Причём эти тексты изобилуют техническими описаниями. Современные инженеры и техники не в состоянии разобраться в этом. Так как, принципы действия, многих аппаратов, основывались не только на механике, но и на каких-то духовных принципах присущих вселенной.

Танцы Индии

Religion of India

Eighty percent of the population professes Hinduism. On the continent, the vast majority of nations profess it. This religion differs from the rest in that it contains a very large number of deities. It is very difficult to understand all the intricacies of this pantheon to an uninitiated person. The entire hierarchical system of gods in India strongly resembles the caste system of this society. The main difference from other religions is the belief that the constant rebirth of the soul. In the new forms, in the end, he will lead the soul to enlightenment. The next group in terms of numbers are Muslims; they settled here with the arrival of the Mughals in these lands. Islam in India has also undergone changes under the influence of ancient culture and is somewhat different from the beliefs of Orthodox Muslim countries.

Architecture and literature

The cultural heritage left by ancient civilizations in the form of many written sources, such as Vedas and Mahabharata. Serves as a subject of careful study by many art historians and historians. These monuments of writing of antiquity allow modern people to understand a lot in the relationships and lifestyle of the ancient peoples who inhabited this continent for many millennia before our civilization. Thanks to these works, it became known about the first caste differences accepted between people already in those distant times. A separate line can be noted features of the architecture of India. Everyone who has ever seen the magnificent buildings of ancient Indian temples and cities, note the grandeur and fundamental nature of the buildings. After all, these temples have stood for more than one millennium. Moreover, some of them were completely absorbed in the jungle five hundred and six hundred years ago. However, they have survived and do not cease to amaze us with the grace of architectural solutions and the airy beauty of the finish. The bas-relief compositions of some temples strongly resemble lace weaving, and not the work of stonecutters. The quality of work of these sculptures is amazing. All this was done at a time of complete absence of mechanical processing tools.

Женщины Индии

Women of India

The situation women of India in the culture looks quite controversial. On the one hand, the role of the woman, as the mother and progenitor of all things, is greatly extolled. The Mahabharata describes the image of an ideal woman. In these ancient manuscripts, her role in every way as the guardian of the hearth and cultural values ​​of each family is extolled in every way. On the other hand, in India woman no one asks who she wants to marry. Until now, in some provinces, the widow, after the death of her husband, is required to enter the funeral pyre with him. A woman can be put in the form of collateral when receiving a loan. Female chastity and fidelity are highly valued. Moreover, in ancient times, prostitutes were known who enjoyed very great influence in society. No one can imagine India without dancing. No dance can be without a woman. Dancing in India A very complex art is taught to him from early childhood, and it is more like a conversation than simple movements. Professional dancers are highly respected in all walks of life. Their work is appreciated and well paid. Not one festival is complete without the participation of professional dancers. There are many holidays in India.

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Philosophy of India

A separate place in Indian culture is occupied by various spiritual and philosophical directions. Such as yoga and Ayurveda. A large number of various philosophical schools scattered throughout the territory of modern India gives an idea of ​​the importance that people attach to this. Many of these philosophical trends have firmly taken root in Europe and America. People are attracted to these schools by the fact that with proper treatment of their bodies, the spirit will inevitably improve and strengthen. Even if you fail to achieve spiritual enlightenment, then there will be much more health. By constantly practicing these practices, you can significantly increase your life expectancy.

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