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Territory South India consists of five states. They are washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The population, for the most part, professes Hinduism and amounts to more than eighty percent. The second largest group, more than eleven percent, professes Islam. The level of education here is quite high. It is more than seventy percent. The coastline stretches for more than six thousand kilometers. All this space is densely built up with boarding houses, hotels and various kinds of entertainment establishments.


The beaches of Goa have long earned a reputation as the best beaches in the world. Crowds of tourists visiting these places annually spread rumors around the world how exciting and comfortable a vacation can be on south coast of India . Golden sand, turquoise waters of the sea, at a constant temperature that does not change for six months, make these places an inimitable place of pilgrimage for tourists. The glory of these places began in the early sixties of the last century. When hundreds of hippies discovered these wild places. At that time, there were no airports; these places had to be reached by sea or via Pakistan and Syria. The road took a lot of time. Sometimes it was not entirely safe. But once on the coast, one could forget about the raging wars, inflation and the disorder of big cities. Having come here, young people began to live in complete harmony with nature, involuntarily taking an interest in the ancient methods of meditation and self-improvement. Such as yoga and Ayurveda. Some, returning home after three or four years, spread the news of the existence of heavenly places on earth. After a dozen years the resorts of India are rightfully considered the most popular in the world. Now the nightly incendiary parties on the beaches of Goa are known throughout the world. The opportunity to spend time on the shores of the gentle sea for little money attracts crowds of young people who have been living on the coast of the community and have been living here for years, confirm this. The entire coast is municipal. There are no closed private beaches, people move freely along the coast. You can stop at any time, have a bite in one of the many cafes located right on the beach.

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More conservative and quite expensive, by local standards, is a vacation on the coast Kerala . People come here for spiritual peace and skills in yoga and Ayurveda. Although throughout India there are enough different courses to study these spiritual practices. This place is considered the founder of the origin of these teachings. A calm, measured atmosphere is conducive to meditation and self-contemplation. Coming out on the rocky shores of the bays in the morning and meeting the first rays of the sun, you penetrate the cosmic power of the earth. These places are preferred by couples and people with children.

Андоманские и Никобарские острова

Andoman and Nicobar Islands

Andoman and Nicobar Islands are famous for their purity and beauty of the pristine world. There are no noisy parties and incendiary discos. But you can hear a beautiful whisper, the breath of the ocean, the emerald greenery of vegetation that borders the coral bays, pleases the eye with its purity. In order to get to these places, you need a special permission of the authorities. But it's worth it. Fans of diving can count on a wonderful holiday in the gentle waters of the bays. The abundance of marine fauna is guaranteed to give you the opportunity to spend your holidays excitingly, enjoying peace and unity with nature. If, for some reason, you get tired of the sea and a measured way of life, on beaches of the South of India you can always make fascinating excursions to local temples. Visit the ancient city. There are a great many of them. Everywhere you will meet with the mysterious, unique world of ancient India. The history of these places dates back many millennia, during this time many different events took place, which qualified guides will gladly tell about. The magnificent architecture of local temples, woven from stone, air and light, will not leave anyone indifferent.

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North India. An unforgettable vacation

This part of India includes nine states. This territory is one of the most climatically diverse places on the planet. Temperature differences here can reach from minus forty-five degrees to plus sixty. It is believed that the province of Brass is one of the coldest places on earth.



Auli - one of the most famous ski resorts in India. It began at the time when the government sent regular units here to protect the foothills of Tibet. Arriving at these places, the army units arranged ski slopes for their training and recreation. After some time, these places have become accessible to ordinary vacationers. Now this resort is considered the best Asian ski resort. The length of its tracks totals more than ten kilometers. This is mainly for beginner skiers. Usually the season starts from the beginning of December and lasts until the end of May. Various constantly held various ski festivals and competitions make it very popular. Locals Southern India They are happy to visit these resorts.


Located at an altitude of more than three thousand meters, the resort of Dayara-Bugayal is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in India. It covers an area of ​​almost thirty square kilometers. It is replete with many, well-equipped hotels and ski slopes. If you wish, you can set up a wild camp on the banks of a picturesque lake. Views of the mountain beauty of the Himalayas will be a great addition to the photos of the temples of the plain. They will allow you to fully enjoy the variety of natural beauties of this corner of the earth.


For experienced skiers who love challenging slopes, there is a beautiful place located at an altitude of two thousand seven hundred meters above sea level. It is called Mundals . The tracks of this resort are famous for their complexity and steepness. They can deliver to lovers of thrills and downhill skiing, many interesting, exciting minutes. A good adrenaline rush is guaranteed.



Munsiari, another resort for lovers of downhill skiing. Its slopes covered with coniferous forests are perfect for extreme skiing.

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Solang is one of the most famous and most visited resorts in India. Locals have long chosen these places. It’s easy enough to get here. Great hotels allow many couples in love to spend a romantic weekend here, and the newlyweds are happy to spend their honeymoon. For India, where there is mainly a tropical climate, these places keep a touch of exotic. The slopes are equipped with lifts. A lot of excellent, specially trained in Switzerland, instructors will provide all the necessary assistance during the holidays. It is located at an altitude of two thousand eight hundred meters above sea level.


Kufri the oldest ski resort in India . It was opened as early as one thousand eight hundred and fifty-fourth. It is famous for its unique park of Himalayan nature. Tourists vacationing here can not only enjoy skiing, but also conduct an excursion, moving on yaks, in a natural park, enjoying unforgettable mountain landscapes.


Another resort of these places. Built in nineteen twenty-seven by the British. It resembles the buildings of little Switzerland in style. He gained his fame thanks to the excellent service and low prices. A special highlight of this resort is the fact that, according to legend, somewhere in these places yetis or snowmen live. Thousands of tourists visit these places every year, hoping to meet these mysterious creatures. Covered with thick hair and having remarkable strength. It is located at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level. It is an ideal place for family holidays. Northern resorts of India have no less attractiveness than southern ones.

The main thing, when going on a vacation to the mountains, is not to forget to stock up on warm things, since acquiring them in India can be problematic. Having visited the ski resort, you can then immerse yourself in the warm sea with special pleasure, even more sharply enjoying the impression of the beautiful beaches of Goa and Kerela. Having visited India, you can fully enjoy its exotic beauty. A variety of places and different climatic zones will make the holiday as saturated and diverse as possible.

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