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How many people in India are of interest to many. Second in the world is India in terms of population. Only China overtook her in this matter. But this is not the limit. If the government of this country does not take action, then in 10 years the population of India may increase to 1 billion 396 million people. Today this figure is 1 billion 289 million. residents of India . The difference is easy to subtract. This situation has led to the fact that the country cannot provide so many people. Therefore, poverty flourishes among a huge number of people.

The peoples of India

It is assumed that about two hundred peoples live in this amazing country, it is impossible to accurately determine their number. Most of the population of India consists of the twenty largest nations. This is almost 80% of the total population. But small tribes live here, and peoples of India of different origin. Their number is up to approximately 4 million people. Let us dwell on some of them:

· Telugu people. In terms of numbers, it is 74.5 million people. The native language is Telugu. Agriculture is the main activity of this people. In addition, they are engaged in sheep husbandry, pottery and weaving. Jewelry and lacquer art is developing. Telugu people are divided by castes. Belonging to the higher castes, they live in solid houses and have large families. They have no divorces. Widowed women do not have the right to remarry. The peasants and artisans, who belong to the middle castes, have adobe houses. Bamboo huts have lower castes. Developed painting, theatrical art. Literature with folklore is very developed.

· Tamil people. Most of these people live in Tamil Nadu (approximately 65 million people). They have their own Tamil language, which has a large number of dialects. To a greater extent, these people are Hindus. The main occupation is agriculture. They are engaged in the cultivation of rice, millet, oilseeds. They are famous for weaving, blacksmithing, jewelry crafts. They make wonderful musical instruments. These people can be proud of how developed their industry, transport, construction, science and art are. People here are also divided into castes. For the most part, they eat rice, stews from legumes, rice cakes, vegetables and fruits. Tamils ​​are Christians. This is a creative people, developing literature, art and its own folklore.

Народы Индии

· Sindhi people. Basically, this people migrated from Pakistani territory. They relate to the Muslim faith. Sindhi speak their own language, but they also speak Hindi. This people did not have an untouchable caste. They did not welcome early child marriage. They are engaged in livestock breeding. They have developed fishing. Hand weaving, carpet making have been preserved. Women embroider on fabric. Most of them trade, work as engineers, doctors, and teachers. Mostly eat seafood, wheat and rice. They are not vegetarians and eat meat (advantage is given to lamb). They also eat a bird. The daily menu includes vegetables, fruits, eggs and milk. Sometimes men drink alcohol.

The attitude towards animals is simply amazing, more details: Animals of India .

· Sinhalese people. Their number is 11,810 thousand people. Most of them are Buddhists. They represent Buddha as the supreme deity. They live mainly in rural areas. Coconut palms are bred. Engaged in gardening and horticulture, developing industry. They are all divided into 25 castes. Craft and literature were widely developed. Among these inhabitants of India there are many talented poets and writers.

· Rajasthan people. This is a large Caucasian race. They are very tall, have a proportionate physique, a straight nose and an elongated head. They speak Hindi, but have many dialects. Among them, many Hindus (74%), 9% are allocated to Muslims, 2% are assigned to Jains, and 1% are occupied by Christians. They cultivate land and raise cattle and small cattle. These people extract and process minerals. They have developed mining, textile, ginning industries. In addition, these people are engaged in coinage, jewelry, weaves carpets, makes stone carvings. They occupy cities and large villages.

· The people of Oriya. Their number in India is 27.5 million. They profess Hinduism. They are mainly engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, cultivation of crops such as rice, sugarcane, tobacco, coconut palms. High value is given to musical, dance and theatrical art.

· Oraonian people. In India, there are up to two million people. These are mostly villagers. The main occupation is livestock raising and land cultivation.

· Nuristan people. This is a Muslim people of 150 thousand people. Men are engaged in cattle breeding, and women are engaged in agriculture. This people is also not a vegetarian. In their cultural appearance they are very reminiscent of Afghans and Tajiks. Marriages are contracted between parents. For the bride a ransom is paid to her parents. Before entering the groom's house, the bride is also paid money. The wife is considered the property of the husband, he can even sell it. When a woman gives birth to a child, the name is not immediately given to the baby. Twelve years later, the child receives a name.

· Nevar people. This is a large nation in number (68% of the total population). He has interesting and unusual rites. In one of the castes, a girl is chosen. She is placed in the temple until puberty and is revered as the goddess Kali. From 4 to 11 years, it was measured with the fruit of the Bel tree, which symbolizes the god Narayana. The girl is beautifully dressed, worshiped before her, as before a goddess. The parting on her hair is decorated with red powder. This whole rite is considered her first marriage. After that, she can get married, but for life she will remain, first of all, the wife of the god Narayan.

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· The people were small. These people managed to get an education in large numbers. There are 75% of the literate among the male population, among the female population - 66% of the literate. Their children have the opportunity to study at school and college. Education is free for all. Great importance is attached to military art.

· Kashmiri people. This is a Caucasian race. Lives mainly in Kashmir. They speak English, Hindi and Urdu here. Most of them are Muslims. They have a valid divorce between spouses, after which they are allowed to remarry. Famous Kashmir shawls and carpets are made. They work on the earth.

· Kannar people. It is considered the most ancient people in India. In communication they use the language of Kannada, Urdu and English. Kannada has its own written language. This people has its own national intelligentsia. The pharmaceutical industry has been very successful. These people have a national sport - the buffalo race, which turned into holiday events at the very beginning of the 20th century. Very developed art associated with the manufacture of masks depicting various gods and spirits. Holiday hats are made. Shadow puppetry is very popular among these people.

You can tell a lot about Indo-Aryans, Biharians, Bengalis and many other peoples of India.

About the population of India

Consider how many people in India live? Today, the number of people in India is 1.2 billion people. This is almost 1/6 of the living people on the entire planet. And although the government took measures to establish birth control, it did not bring a positive result.

How wedding ceremonies are held in India, read the article: Wedding in India || | 237 .

The implementation of early marriages in the country is considered the norm. The birth of numerous children in every family has also become a normal occurrence. There are more men in the country than women. Women often die due to early marriages and numerous births. Girls in each family are much less valued than boys. This is due to the fact that sooner or later the girl will leave her family and will not be able to inspect her parents. In addition, a dowry must also be given for them.

We found out how many people are in India and now it should be clear why the vast majority of people have too poor lives and many are in poverty.

Кто такие индийцы и кто такие индусы

Who are the Indians and who are the Indians?

Many people do not see the difference between the statements "Indians" and "Indians", taking the meaning of these expressions for the same thing. But these are far from synonyms. Residents of the country are called Indians. Those who profess Hinduism are called Hindus.

Unfortunately, almost all the population of India is still divided by castes, which does not decorate this country.

A huge part of the population is engaged in agriculture. The most widespread religious movement in the country, such as Hinduism. Almost 80% of the population of India are adherents of this religion.

The number of India in terms of population density

How much population in India we found out. Now let’s find out the question, what kind of population density does the country have.

Strange as it may seem, but in terms of population density, India is in 19th place among all countries. The most densely populated cities are Delhi and Mumbai.

About 12 million people live in the capital, and 14 million people in Mumbai. It seems to many that the bulk of the people are urban residents, but this is not so. Of the total number of all residents living in the country, urban residents make up only 30%, while the majority of people live in rural areas.

Indian population counter

Every one and a half seconds in India appears on the light is one child. Within an hour, the population in the country increases by 2971, 9 babies. For every three and a half seconds, one person dies. For every hour in India 1060 people die. Due to this, the Indian population counter it’s quite easy to calculate how much the country's population is growing within an hour.

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