New Year in India

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New Year in India is celebrated just like in the whole world. Since the country is Hindu, for the most part of its population, its celebration falls, according to Hindu canons, at the beginning of March. This celebration is called, Goody Padva . But the number of celebration, not always, is changing it. Depending on the lunar calendar. Since India is a very multinational country, Indians are happy to celebrate the New Year with all concessions residing in India. Each state celebrates a new year according to their rule. Therefore, moving from state to state, you can meet the same year several times. But all this does not mean at all that the Indians do not celebrate the New Year according to the Christian style.

Firstly , the centuries they spent under the yoke of the Catholic Church did not pass without a trace and many residents celebrate Catholic Christmas.

Secondly , close business contacts with the Christian world are making their own adjustments.

Thirdly , and most importantly, Indians generally like holidays very much and would love to celebrate the New Year even more often. True for Europeans, their way of walking is rather strange. The Indians first sing and dance, and only then sit down at the table. At the same time, very little alcohol is used. They just have fun, and do not indulge in drunkenness and gluttony. Perhaps it would be worth adopting this custom from them.

Индия на Новый Год 2015 на Гоа

India for the New Year 2015 in Goa

Already in the middle of summer, travel companies are actively starting to sell New Year's tours to coastal resorts. December and January are the most wonderful time to relax in Goa, Kerel or the Andoman Islands. At this time, the temperature on the coast varies between twenty-eight and thirty degrees of heat. The warm sea is a testament to plunge into its gentle waters. Goa has a very large community of Russians. Naturally, they all celebrate the new year with our scope. Therefore, it is predictable that all the beaches will be crammed with our compatriots, dancing around the palm trees. The nightlife in the resorts of Goa is already quite active, and on New Year's Eve it's just a firework of colors and fun. With a great love of Indians for all kinds of celebrations, they simply are not able to pass by such an opportunity to have fun with all their heart.

If you want a great vacation, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the features of various resorts in India, for more details: Where to go to India .

Adding a local flavor in celebration of the new year. Since there are twenty eight states in India. Each state celebrates a new year on its calendar, the celebration they have lasted from early March to late April. It can be assumed that India is the country where this holiday is celebrated the longest. However, this does not prevent them from moving firmly towards an economic recovery. A huge number of different nations gave rise to different traditions of the celebration of this holiday. Different states celebrate in their own way. Perhaps one thing unites all the holidays - this is the love of Indians for flower decorations. New Year's celebrations also can not do without it. It's just that different flowers and color combinations are used in different places.

Holi is the holiday of the arrival of spring in India

It is also called the festival of colors in India . Традиционный индийский праздник очень красивый и яркий. После зимы, с её блёклыми красками, так хочется чего-то яркого и необычного, вот индийцы и придумали такой праздник. Holi festival in India rooted deep into the ages. Hindus use special, powder paints, which they paint themselves and showers of everyone around with this powder. It looks like a big firework, only happening in the light of the sun. Very quickly all people look like big laughing flowers. Which, in addition, cheerfully sing and dance.

Nowhere in the world is there anything like it. In addition, the contact of these powder paints on the skin and in the lungs helps to increase immunity. After the winter, this is not in vain for a weakened organism. So the one who invented this holiday. Invented, as in the early spring, on a voluntary basis. The main thing is mass, general vaccination can be carried out. Which, given the population density of India, is a very wise act. So whoever invented this holiday, he was a very wise man. The holiday does not have a fixed date. He is attached to the full moon. In different years it is celebrated at different times. This year, the festival of colors in India took place on the nineteenth of March. Any residents of the country can take part in the celebration, without age or gender restrictions. During the celebration, a special drink is brewed and served, where a small amount of hash is added.

Праздник Холи в Индии

Everyone comes to the holiday with their own set of colors of their favorite colors. Therefore, dressing should be as simple as possible, and given the surrounding temperature and as little as possible. True, one must respect decency. The police watch this very strictly and do not allow liberties. Tourists are explained the rules of conduct in advance to prevent embarrassment. This colorful, fun holiday usually ends with universal dancing and singing. Watching Indian films, we often wonder at their constant singing and dancing. But actually it is practically so. The Indians really sing and dance a lot.

Indians are a cheerful nation, more details: Culture of India .

Holidays in India

India, this is a very crowded state in people of different faiths live in it. And every nation has many holidays. All of them have the right to celebrate important events according to their beliefs. Each state has its own holiday calendar. He is adhered to steadily. There are, of course, general state celebrations, but more, different religious ones. Hindus celebrate the passage of all phases of the moon, since they most use the lunar calendar. Harvest is celebrated, the beaver's victory over evil is celebrated. Many holidays of India have their own tantric, philosophical meaning and came into modern life from the depths of centuries. It is sometimes rather strange to watch these celebrations from the side.

Tourists often take this as some kind of staged action. But the Indians are very serious about all this, very carefully observe ancient traditions. Very carefully prepared for any holiday. Usually, all of them are accompanied by decorations from a huge number of flowers. General festivities with singing dances. At the same time, almost no strong drinks are used. Especially if the holiday is held in the province. Toxicize the brain with alcohol is considered a disease. Elders look very strictly at this and can punish very severely. Holidays in India look very interesting especially for Europeans.

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