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In any country there are many people who belong to different 'ethnic, religious and other groups. All these people over many centuries have developed their own worldview and attitude towards the surrounding reality. Each nation has its own traditions and customs. These customs may look rather strange for people from some other nationality, but once in another country, you need to accept customs and traditions of India where you are. No matter how strange they may seem. When we talk about India, immediately there are associations with crowded streets, many poor, fireworks of colors and colors. Very colorful backgammon of women and unusual bewitching dances. Traditions and customs in India , have their roots in the deep past. They number more than one millennium. Going to this country, you need to carefully prepare yourself so as not to get into an awkward situation. Or even worse, do not offend local residents with your behavior.


The very first thing you encounter when you arrive at an unfamiliar place, this greeting, is quite allowed to simply shake hands. There are really a few subtleties. Greetings in India , with a previously unknown stranger's hand is considered bad form. If in big cities they do not pay attention to it, then in the province this can lead to trouble. A woman should not shake hands with a stranger at all, this can be perceived as an insult. In some provinces, such a slip can even be stoned or stoned. It is best to use the traditional greeting, everyone knows it from the Indian films - "Namaste", these are hands folded at the level of the chest. Hugging and kissing at a meeting, among the Indians, is considered indecent. When parting, it’s better to just raise your palm. If this is a woman or girl, you can bend your fingers several times.

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Gestures of Indians

Very carefully you need to approach all kinds of gestures in India . That at home can be a harmless misunderstanding, the Indians will perceive as an insult. For example, winking at a pretty girl on the street, you can run into serious trouble, as this gesture will be interpreted as an insult and a hint of an indecent offer. In no case should you click your fingers to attract attention, this gesture will be perceived as an insult. Double clapping with palms hint at a different orientation. In India, it is not customary to ask strangers where the toilet is, you need to ask where number one is. It seems funny to us, and Indians can be offended, especially if they leave for the province, where traditions are followed especially carefully.

Культ животного в Индии

Dancing in India

In India dancing this is not a simple pastime. Here it is a special art that girls learn from a young age. A good dancer is very famous. It is recognized and respected. Through dance, a strong semantic load is transmitted, where each movement is verified. It conveys a thought to the dance partner and the audience. Indian dances , fascinate with its beauty, polished movements.

Animal Cult in India

In India there are many animals elevated to the rank sacred. He built temples. Worship, bring offerings. You need to know exactly which animal is considered sacred, in one or another locality, so as not to fall into trouble. Now they don’t sacrifice people to insulted animals. But you can make yourself a lot of trouble until the expulsion from the country. For example, no one dares to disturb a cow lying on the road, even if it creates a multi-kilometer traffic jam. Everyone will stand patiently and wait until she leaves the catfish. Sacred animals move around the streets completely freely. Do what they want. Nobody has the right to disturb them. Any attempts to break this tradition are suppressed very harshly. When visiting temples, you need to take off your shoes. Upon arrival in India, it is necessary to exclude any jewelry made of genuine leather, especially when visiting temples, this can be considered blasphemy. With all the diversity of cultures and religions, Indians are united by one quality, this ability and love for various festivals. And there are a great many of them in India. They can be held both in a separate state and throughout the country. Then all religious and caste differences are forgotten. Such celebrations give way to accumulated emotions. They give the opportunity to embellish the gray everyday life of everyday life. There is a kind of holiday, Thaipusam in India . He shows victory over the evil of good forces, in honor of him, local residents pierce themselves different parts of the body. During this celebration, fanatical Indians fall into a trance and can cause serious injuries.

Брак в Индии

Marriage in India

Very important, in India, is attached to this event. Until now, the majority of marriages have been carried out by prior conspiracy of the parents, where the groom’s parents play the leading role. They select the bride very carefully and for a long time. Very often this happens in childhood. Everything is thoroughly checked up to the joint horoscopes of this pair. At the same time, the girl is never asked about her opinion on this matter. Often, the bride sees her groom, only at a wedding. More recently, after the wedding, a young woman applied a red dot on her forehead, as a sign of marriage. Now it is considered just a stylish decoration.

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Burial in India

Orthodox Indians, professing to give the body fire, after death, with the subsequent dispersal of ashes over the Ganges. In some provinces, until now, the husband of the death of her husband, a widow is required to ascend the funeral pyre, along with him. Among Hindus, this rite is considered a spiritual exaltation and allows a woman to accompany her husband to paradise. Since there is not enough wood, it is very expensive. That, poor Indians, cannot allow their bodies to be burned to ashes, and sometimes you can see burnt corpses floating on the Ganges waters.


In many villages, they take food, exclusively by hands. Moreover, it is believed that the left hand is unclean. Indians wash her, after the toilet. This tradition is many centuries old. Toilet paper is not used here. The right hand is used for blessing and food. Many traditions of India can lead an unprepared person to a state of shock. But for Indians, this is not only a tribute to tradition, but also a way of expressing oneself. Going to India, it is advisable to prepare for a meeting, with peculiar traditions, of this interesting state.

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