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The geographical name "West Indies" - often misleads people who are new to geography: they think that this term is intended to mean the western territories of the state of India, but this is far from the case. By West Indies modern science of countries and continents refers to several large groups of islands, namely: islands of the Caribbean, Bahamas, as well as islands located in the Gulf of Mexico and some islands of the atlantic ocean. To tell in one article about everything islands of the West Indies - it doesn’t work out, their number is quite significant, but it’s quite possible to give general characteristics on climate, nature and talk about the largest islands .

Climatic conditions in the West Indies

The islands of the West Indies are characterized by amazing evenness of climate. Spring in the region begins with the onset of May and after two-week daily rains goes into dry summers. The tropical heat on the islands is quite easy to carry: it is regularly softened by winds from the coast. The peculiarity of the climate of the West Indies in dampness: increased humidity can serve as the basis for the development of various varieties of tropical fevers.

Autumn on the islands is often accompanied by river spills and strong hurricane winds, and with the advent of winter the climate becomes drier. It is the winter season that is considered the optimal period for tourist trips to the islands of the West Indies.

A few words about the flora and fauna of the islands of the West Indies

The flora of the West Indies is extremely rich. Many plants are subject to technical export: vanilla, agave, coffee, sugar, indigo, cocoa, tobacco. Tropical plants deep in the islands are replaced by cultural ones in areas reserved for gardens and plantations: a large number of fruit trees grow on the islands, and wheat and corn are grown in meadow savannahs.

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Most of the animals were brought to the West Indies by Europeans during the colonization of the region. However, there are local unique animals: agouti, bakers, caimans, possums. Hummingbirds and parrots live in the tropics, and of course a large number of monkey species.

Вест Индия

Cuba - the largest island in the West Indies

Cuba, of course, is the largest island in the West Indies by area. The island is located in the Caribbean and also borders the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Tourists flock to Cuba mainly for a beach holiday: the island is famous for its huge and picturesque beaches and clear water of the sea.

There are also several large nature reserves in Cuba: Sierra del Rosario and Guanacabibes , которые способны удивить путешественников богатым разнообразием флоры и фауны.

Fans of cultural excursions will be able to visit the Hemingway estate, Havana with its capitol and the cathedral, walk along Prado Boulevard and look into the fortress of La Fuerza.

Haiti - a fabulous island in the West Indies

Haiti is also considered one of the largest islands in the West Indies. Mountain landscapes of the island alternate with beautiful plains and dense rainforest. Tourists love Haiti for a great opportunity for sports recreation: on the island you can go scuba diving or any other kind of water sports.

Especially popular with travelers is Blue Pool - these are three unique lakes in the depths Haiti Islands . Красивое название озера получили благодаря своему оригинальному темно-синему цвету, который образовался в их водах, из-за солей и минералов. Между собой озера соединены водопадами и о них существует бесчисленное количество легенд: жители острова верят, что в озерах Голубого бассейна живут водяные и русалки.

Of the architectural monuments, it can be noted Palace of San Susi , which was built by the Haitian king Henri-Christophe, Port-au-Prince Cathedral, National Palace.

Dominican Republic

This остров Вест-Индии travelers associate with the holiday and this is not surprising - because rest in the Dominican Republic is a holiday. The island regularly hosts various theme parties, carnivals, processions and other entertainment events. The Dominican Republic cannot boast of special architectural and historical sights, therefore, mainly tourists who love beach and idle relaxation come here.

Saint Lucia - the most beautiful island of the West Indies

Saint Lucia differs from all Caribbean islands the amazing beauty of the landscape and landscapes. On this island there are many mineral and healing springs that have made Saint Lucia the territory of SPA relaxation.

Пляжи Сент-Люсии

The beaches of St. Lucia are stretched throughout the island, along the coastline are the most luxurious guest houses, some elite bungalows and hotels. Shopping lovers can stroll through the streets of the island and purchase a wide variety of goods, including jewelry. All trade in Saint Lucia is not subject to any duties, hence the relative cheapness of purchases.

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Diving tourists will have a great time diving under the famous pink reefs of Saint Lucia, in addition, there is a special marine park Ense Chastagne for diving.


Tourists simply adore this island for the splendor of beaches and amazingly clear sea water. The beaches in Aruba have their own gradation: from crowded and noisy to fashionable and quiet. There are places for diving, windsurfing and snorkeling.

In Aruba there is a chance to buy good gems at an amazingly low price: many tourists can brag about the successful purchase of emeralds, topazes and diamonds.

The cuisine of Aruba will pleasantly surprise you with an abundance of seafood: all kinds of fish, shellfish and even algae are involved in the recipe of dishes. You can dilute the abundance of fish with exotic fruit cocktails and juices.

Unlike many other islands West Indies, Aruba boasts informative excursions: travelers can to visit various museums (archaeological, historical, geological and numismatic), visit exhibitions in the center of Aruba, enjoy the architecture of churches and temples.

Tourists can have fun in a more active way, for example, by going on an exotic sea fishing. On the island you can do almost any kind of water sports, play golf, go on a safari in the depths of the jungle.

Labadi Beach in Haiti:

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