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India is a country of continuous exoticism, eastern secrets and mysteries. Once here, each person will feel an amazing culture that combines, it would seem, not at all compatible. A country of contrasts and diversity, amazing natural landscapes and the noise of modern cities. Holidays in India are always in demand, exotic, intelligent and unique. After all, this country is the largest museum of art of different directions and times. There is a wide variety of even types of recreation, ranging from beach, continuing sightseeing, mountain, sea, healing. Want some types? Buy a combined tour. It will allow you to combine a beach holiday with a historical tour or a holiday in the mountains with healing.

Hotels in India - features

When planning any vacation, it is very important to choose the right vacation spot. All Indian hotels are characterized by a special hospitality of the owners, comfort and level of service. When choosing a hotel, consider your needs. There are six types of hotels. Youth hotels are one of the cheapest. You can simply rent a place of rest in them, especially a lot of them in the south of the country. State hotels are employee vacation spots. Here you can rent a room when it is not populated by officials. The most expensive such hotel is Circut Houses. The next type is tourist hotels. This is the property of state travel agencies. Such firms are in all Indian states. They make room orders only at offices. They are divided into budget, Premium and Heritage. Budget hotels live up to their name. These are either very cheap hotels or average prices. At prices affordable to everyone. Hotels like Premium and Heritage are usually expensive. Room rates range from 2 to 100 dollars. Another type of Indian hotel is private. They have two styles of design: national and European. If the hotel is of national style, it will be cheaper. Such hotels are located in “holy places” where pilgrimages take place. Yes, and tourists there are also interested. There are a large number of such religious places throughout the country. There are no special amenities in Indian-style hotels; they are simpler and less clean. Toilets here are of "standing type", hot water is in buckets in the corridor, and linen is practically not changed. Europeans will not like such conditions. European-style hotels work for them. They are undoubtedly more expensive, but prices fluctuate depending on the services provided. Indian hotels may charge 10-15 percent service charges. Unlike hotels in other countries, the Indian restaurant is not always present. But lunch is ordered in the room. In northern India there may be discounts on hotel prices. In the southern regions - such discounts are very rare, you should individually negotiate with the owner. Private hotels are not marked. They do not have “stars.”

India also hosts high-class hotels. Located off in large tourist cities. Among them are five-star hotels Ashoka group , hotels Taj Group - five-star or Deluxe; Oberoi - Deluxe hotels: hotels Clarks Group - five or four-star; hotels Welcomegroup hotel - Maurya Sheraton and Sheraton; hotels Holiday Inn - four-star hotels. But it should be noted that many hotels with five or four stars do not meet the international requirements of such categories. Full compliance with the standards is only in the tourist cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc.

India is a country with a unique and rich history, more details: History of India .

Exotic - one of the types of Indian hotels. They come in high categories. These are the hotels “house boats” (the house on the water is translated) in Kashmir and Coral; A "motor home" starting and ending its route to Delhi and passing through Jaipur, the desert of Rajasthan, Agra; "Royal Orient Express" running along the coast of Delhi past the palaces of the descendants of the Rajas.

Классификация отелей Индии

Classification of hotels in India

Hotels in India 5 * built in large resorts. Amazing with their magnificent appearance and design, similar to palaces, with many different services and courteous staff. Near majestic landings and beautiful beaches. The hotel rooms are decorated in Indian tradition. The presence of centers of Ayurverda, yoga, oriental massage, as well as a variety of European-style beauty salons is mandatory. In the evenings - the most beautiful shows and consultations of an astrologer. For the reviews of tourists, the most exquisite are the hotels that belong to the corporation Taj group, Mariott, Hyatt . But I want to remind you that not all cities in India have five-star hotels.

Four-star hotels located in cities with large resorts offer a good level of service and, of course, wellness programs. If such a hotel is located in another city, then this is the place of residence of very wealthy residents of the country. If there is no such combination, then four stars at the hotel are just a screen. It will not correspond to the level of a four-star. Prices there will be high, and the level of service and services is poor.

Three-star hotels in India are different. In resort places it will be a cozy hotel and a set of very good services, in hotels in the city center only the price corresponds to this name.

Hotels in India 2 * , one and without stars - this is the minimum number of services, a modest and simple room and not very clean in the rooms. One thing is good - low prices.

It should be said that there are pleasant exceptions. The hotel is without big stars, but clean, with large rooms, a delicious dinner and nice staff. It all depends on the owner. These hotels are usually owned by government people and army retirees, or by someone from high society. They are easy to attribute to mid-priced hotels. These hotels often serve breakfast, which is included in the price.

Как выбрать отель в Индии

How to choose a hotel in India?

When choosing a hotel, the algorithm of actions is something like this. It is necessary to inspect the room for size, the presence of a bathroom and a faucet with water. In India, you can’t drink tap water, there are many infectious diseases. Next, check the condition of the water heater and electrical outlets so as not to rest without clean water and light. See if there is clean bedding and whether the room is cleaned. If the hotel is cheap, the laundry may not change. If the hotel does not have a finished price list of services, you can bargain about the cost. If there is a price list, you will immediately see it at the reception. Next, specify whether the various fees are included in the price and which. If enabled, let the administrator indicate these conditions on the receipt. If this is not done, then at the end of the rest your score may increase to thirty percent. The room is paid either at check-in or at check-out. But it’s better to pay at the end of the vacation. If the staff is unscrupulous, then you will not be able to get additional services from them (change the crane, put a mosquito net, etc.). It should be recalled that as in any cheap hotels, thefts can occur and “increased interest” of male staff for women appears.

How to choose the right hotel for a vacation in India, more: Hotels India .

But all of the above does not apply to five-star and four-star hotels in resort towns . There you will get a room and service according to the European standard.

Hotels in the resort cities of India

Goa is the most famous resort in India. The resort area is divided into two parts. In the north of Goa there are almost no five and four-star hotels, and there are an abundance of small two and three-star, private pensions and villas, which are located in small villages. In the north of Goa, young people from all countries gather, who love to have fun for whole days at beach parties. South Goa does not have cheap hotels, all around are exquisite five-four-star palaces. This coast is loved by wealthy people. Developed infrastructure, comfortable beaches, excellent service is provided in this part of Goa.

The southwestern part of India is Kerala. The map of this state is covered with palm bushes and beaches. Its eastern and central parts are hilly terrain, and the western part is a plain. Kerala is the most ideal state of India. Combining relaxation with Ayurvedic treatment attract tourists from all over the world. Russian tourists have not yet studied Indian Kerala and the map of its resorts, but the situation is changing rapidly. Kerala resorts are famous for their exotic Indian cuisine and rich traditions in cultural life. It is also important that this is a clean and peaceful part of India. The beautiful natural landscape is organically combined with magnificent five and four-star hotels, which are located in the bays and on the shores of lakes. A relaxing holiday in combination with therapeutic procedures, entertainment programs, excursions to lakes, waterfalls, a jungle and historical places are provided to you in Indian Kerala, for reviews who have been there. The kitchen of the hotel with its specific dishes will add piquancy to the rest.

Many vacationers from all over the world plan a trip to Coral to enjoy nature and visit one of multiple Ayurvedic centers. This effective medicine is different from traditional, but has incredible effectiveness. Most of these healing complexes are located in Kerala in Indian hotels. Famous and popular hotels here are considered “The Travancore Heritage 5 *”, “Leela Kovalam Beach Resort 5 *”, “Poovar Island Resort 4 *”, “Taj Green Cove Resort & SPA 5 *”, “ Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort 3 * "," Uday Samudra 4 * " . In Kerala India hotels delight visitors with pleasant service, beautiful and comfortable rooms, well-appointed services. For entertainment, they offer various shows, a boat tour of the lakes, a walk in the jungle and waterfalls. Spicy dishes of local cuisine will aggravate the sensations.

Mumbai , as a large resort city, it is built up with hotels of five and four stars. These are quite modern hotels that meet the needs of Europeans with many services and good food. Here is the opportunity to combine leisure with business, to conduct business conferences and meetings. There are three-star hotels here. They are designed for people of average income or those who do not stay in hotels. These are small hotels with a small range of services.

Delhi - the center of five-star hotels that focus on businessmen and are located near the city center. Here are the hotels of the most famous world corporations. Increased room comfort, qualified staff, good cuisine, internet and other necessary services. There are translation services and secretaries. But in the old districts of the city, small hotels and pensions with poor service and not very clean accept guests. There are many youth hostels in Delhi. There the conditions are a little better. You can stay for one or two days while traveling with a backpack.

Горнолыжные курорты Индии

Ski resorts in India are famous for small and comfortable hotels with good service. They resemble old hotels in Switzerland or England. Many of them conduct excursions to nearby places and interesting entertainments.

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The best hotels of India

Hotel The Imperial, New Delhi, Delhi - a five-star central business district hotel. The rooms are modern. Services include swimming in the pool and occupation in the health club. To serve guests - seven restaurants with cuisine of different nations. It has TripAdvisor certificate of quality .. Stylish interiors of rooms with high ceilings, TV, bar, equipped bathroom. Information on cultural activities can be obtained from the concierge. Mobile phone and car rental, parking. It is forbidden to smoke throughout, there are non-smoking rooms. There are currency exchange points.

Hotel The Oberoi, Bangalore, Bangalore - luxury class. For business people, near shopping centers and offices. Wellness center and services, relaxation in the pool, Russian bath. Work of a business center and rental of audio and video equipment. Three restaurants and a bar serve holidaymakers. The hotel has 158 rooms equipped with the highest standard.

Hotel Fortune Park Bella Casa, Jaipur - a four-star hotel with a 24-hour cafe, free internet throughout. Comfortable rooms with TV, minibar. It features a business center. The tour desk at the hotel will offer you excursions and travel. Free parking, car rental. The restaurant serves local dishes and others.

Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort - a famous five-star hotel in Indian Kerala. Guest reviews speak of this hotel as a spa resort on Lake Vembanad. Spacious rooms, Indian-style décor, fitted bedrooms with garden views. There are 14 offices of the Ayurvedic center, two restaurants, a health center, retail outlets, an amphitheater, and a post office. In restaurants - Indian dishes and seafood.

Country India has always been attractive to tourists for its nature, culture and ancient wisdom. Everyone can choose for themselves the type of vacation that is closer to him.

Hotel Pristine Resort 2 * Arossim, video:

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