The beaches of India

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India can rightfully be considered a beach country, because the best beaches in the world are located in this, sometimes strange, but amazing country.

Goa beaches

The most popular beaches of India пляжами Индии are considered to be Goa beaches . The beach season lasts from September to April. The water temperature in the sea is around twenty-eight degrees, with an air temperature of thirty degrees. Golden sand. The gentle sea, constant temperature allowed to become a real paradise for tourists. On the coast there are a huge number of hotels that can satisfy every taste. Almost all of them have direct access to the beach. If this is not the case, then it will take a few minutes to walk. In general, this resort is considered year-round, but from May to September, the rainy season begins. The temperature changes slightly. But it will be impossible to swim in the sea. At this time, the sea is cleared, a lot of silt and all kinds of dirt rushed to the shore rises from the bottom. But you can enjoy the wonderful fresh air. Most hotels have their own saltwater pools. A smaller influx of tourists at this time of the year will allow you to pay more attention to local attractions. You can have a great time on excursions, they are organized quite a lot and they are designed for every taste. Indian temples are open year round, so you have enough impressions for a long time.

If you are only interested in relaxing on the beach, then it is better to come from November to March. This time is ideal for visiting this wonderful corner of nature. In March-April, there are quite large waves on the coast, which can be dangerous even for excellent swimmers. But this is a great time for surfing. These months, the coast is replete with a huge number of boards. Many tanned flexible bodies rush on their boards from the shore in search of their own waves. If you are not a fan of this kind of skiing, you can just while on the beach observe how people rush towards the shore in a whirlwind of foam and spray. This sight is bewitching. Another type of entertainment is diving. True, here it is not as widespread as, for example, on the Maldives or the shores of Sri Lanka. However, you can scuba dive and watch the local marine inhabitants. There are many of them here. Tuna, barracuda, lobster, sea urchins. Since the bottom is sandy, it’s better to sail away from the shore, on a boat or yacht.

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Very interesting This type of entertainment is for beginners and lovers of marine life. Goa is also popular for the fact that its beaches are constantly open, there are no private beaches or pieces of coast belonging to any hotel. You can move absolutely freely along the entire coast and not find a single fence. Perhaps that is why these golden sands attract so many young people. In the evenings, many couples in love are located on the seashore and watch the unique sunsets, falling asleep on the shore, in each other's arms. This is probably why in the sixties of the last century, these beaches were chosen by hippies. These are children of flowers. The motto that was - it is better to make love than to fight. Having spent the night once on the shore of this sea, inevitably you begin to understand the wisdom of this motto.

Пляжи Кералы

Kerala beaches

Coastline beaches of Kerala strongly different from the beaches of Goa. This is the so-called cliff. The rocky cape is high in some places. Overgrown with vegetation. A narrow sandy strip adjoins the rocky shores, creating a unique view of these places. The beach season at these beaches takes place at the same time as at other resorts in India. Since these places are the birthplace of Ayurveda, there are a large number of all kinds of schools and courses on Ayurveda, yoga, and various spiritual practices. Attract tourists to these places just in the rainy season. You can go not shore with the sunrise, immersed in the rustle of the waters, the noise of the wind meditate, receiving energy from the earth itself. It is here that you can fully feel the whole correctness of the teachings of Ayurveda about the trinity of body, soul and spirit. Kerala is rightfully considered the purest state of India. The inhabitants of this state are considered the most wealthy among other places in India, a kind of Indian Bavaria. True, taking into account local exoticism.

Пляжи Гоа

According to local legends, it is here that the god Vishnu, the guardian and patron of this world, reclines on his cosmic dragon. Perhaps that is why it is called the country of the gods. It is also believed that it was from here that the first magicians and wizards came to the world. The abundance of spices in these places gave people the opportunity to live much better than the rest of the population of India. It was in these places that Christopher Columbus strove when he set off on his voyage. More than five hundred years ago, this place was discovered by Vasco da Gama for his homeland. And Portugal for several centuries mercilessly exploited the natural wealth of this region. Despite centuries of exploitation and all kinds of oppression, the local population has not lost its identity. This is clearly seen during the holidays dedicated to local deities. The proud spirit of this people is perfectly felt during the performance of Kathakali. This is a dance drama, refined and strict at the same time. According to legend, she is already more than one and a half thousand years old. It’s just breathtaking in these views, when you understand that such a view, Buddha himself could once watch. For all this time it has not changed at all. Behind the grace and weathered movements is the strict and, perhaps, the most ancient martial art of Khaoaripayatu, it is very closely connected with Ayurveda. Perhaps, thanks to this, the soldiers who practice this art live very long and practically do not get sick. Until the end of his days, keeping beautiful teeth and hair.

Lakshvadlip Islands

This island archipelago consists of thirty-six different islands and is located four hundred kilometers from the coast of Kerala. Eleven islands are inhabited. Amazing white beaches of the Indian islands with sugar-like sand; emerald greenery, surrounding on all sides of the lagoon with turquoise water, where there is a huge amount of exotic marine fauna. Only two islands are open for free access; they have diver clubs.

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Other islands of India can be visited only with special permission . The state is very careful about these unique nature reserves. When visiting these islands, you need to be prepared for the fact that the shops have only very simple and only the most necessary things, so it’s better to bring along something you cannot do without. Most often people who want to retire here, seek peace of mind.

Андаманские и Никобарские острова

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A beautiful nature reserve, carefully guarded by the state, thanks to this, these places still retain their pristine purity. These archipelagos consist of many islands, most of which are uninhabited. Others live on people who still do not know the so-called benefits of civilization. They live in complete harmony with nature and are completely happy with such a life. At one time, Jacques Yves Cousteau was so impressed with this paradise of nature that he shot a documentary about these places, where he managed to show all the pristine beauty of these islands and coral reefs, with an abundance of diverse life teeming at the foot of the reef. To visit these islands, in addition to the usual Indian visa, you will definitely need a special permit. Getting there is not difficult. These places are perfect for those who want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of cities. Restore peace of mind. Solitude for meditation. The climate here is exactly the same as in Goa. Exactly the same temperature and the same time of the rainy season. The only thing that will not be is noisy parties and night festivities with chants. Nature itself is conducive to silence and contemplation.

Elephant Island

A very small island. Known for its unique rocky Shiva temple. Compared to other islands, he is likely to make a negative impression on the person visiting him. The sea around is very dirty. Around the oil rigs. Trash floats, oil stains. Probably, once, before the arrival of civilization in these places, it was a wonderful secluded corner. No wonder the temple was built on it. But the advent of civilization has changed everything. But still, for the sake of completeness, this place is worth a visit. Especially after the beautiful beaches of Goa or Andaman Islands.

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