Monthly weather in India

Погода в Индии по месяцам фото

In India there is no time of year when the weather does not favor travel to its states. The average temperature in the country varies in the region of twenty-five thirty degrees Celsius. Although there are areas where temperature fluctuations reach significant differences. Basically, these are areas of the foothills of the Himalayas. The temperature of air and water at coastal resorts never drops below twenty-five degrees. Therefore, they are so popular among numerous tourists. Inhabitants of India, because of the warm weather, prefer to wear loose-fitting clothing made from natural materials such as linen and cotton. Tourists who are often in India also prefer this style of clothing. Sometimes decorating it with accessories of your culture, it can look very funny. The climate of India can be divided into three zones. South Central and Himalayas. Each of these places has its own characteristics.

When going on vacation, you need to understand what you will encounter in a certain period of the year. Himalayas are almost always covered in snow. Moreover, in winter, winds and snowfalls generally exclude the possibility of visiting these places. Climbers visit them in the summertime, choosing the most favorable time for climbing. On the peaks, even in summer, snowstorms can rage. For visiting the central parts of India, the autumn season is best suited. Then the debilitating heat has already subsided, the humidity has returned to normal, you can have a great time on excursions and trips. A good time to travel to the province, The roads dried up after the rainy season, and the goods in the provincial shops are much cheaper than in city shops, but they are not inferior in quality to the best crazy things, differing in their originality and handwork. South India is, above all, numerous beaches. Here you can relax all year round. In the rainy season, it’s impossible to swim, but the beautiful clean sea air will clear the lungs of the city burning. You can devote this time to yoga and Ayurveda. After the rainy season, beaches await their visitors and the water is teeming with bathing people. So let's look at weather in India for months .

Weather in India in December

December is a great time of the year to relax in India. Especially to residents of regions with severe climatic conditions. It's nice to get to places with a twenty-degree temperature, after thirty-degree frosts in Moscow. In general, this is an ideal vacation time on the beaches of Goa and Kerela. In the afternoon warm pleasant weather in India . The thermometer shows plus twenty five. Water in the sea is the same temperature. In the evening and at night, it becomes slightly cooler, up to plus twenty. A light cool breeze from the sea refreshes the body, heated up during the day.

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Погода в Индии в январе

In India, January is the first month of winter, the coldest, the temperature is around twenty-five. Locals think it's cool. But for tourists, this is a great time to lie on the beach. The air of dry weather stands clear. Precipitation in India is very rare in winter. However, if you go to the Himalayas at this time, you can get there when the temperature drops to zero.

Погода в Индии в январе

February weather

In February, the air is much colder than January. But at the resorts of the coast season at this time is in full swing. The temperature rarely drops below thirty degrees. The swimming season is in full swing. Fans of ski resorts who set off for the Himalayas should take care of warm clothing. Here the air can drop to minus values. But the mountain peaks in clear and transparent air will reveal all their pristine beauty.

The first spring month of March

The rest season on the coast, you can continue, however, it becomes hot, but sometimes blowing monsoons bring in the evenings a pleasant cool. Fans of boat trips use this time for yachting. You can have a great time observing from the sea, beautiful views of the coastal landscape. The usual temperature at this time is plus thirty degrees.

Weather in April

Very hot season. The average temperature ranges from plus thirty-five to plus forty-five. Traveling at this time of year in the central part of India is very difficult. It may not rainy all month. The sun bakes very much. The best pastime is the seashore. Yes, and then only early in the morning and late in the evening. At lunchtime it is better to take refuge in the shade of trees or canopies. This time is very suitable for heat lovers.

May weather

Residents and guests of India, at this time of year, only low humidity saves from heat. Temperatures do not fall below thirty-five. You can forget about excursions inland. Traveling Europeans, even in cars and trains with air conditioning is very difficult. Sometimes a light rain is coming. Tourists occupy the coastline. At this time of the year, it resembles an anthill teeming with vacationers.

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June, First summer month

B country the beginning of the rainy seasons. Almost constantly showers, gusty winds blow. At this time of the year it is impossible to swim in the sea, the sea cleans itself, The bottom mud rises and all this is washed ashore. A good time to travel to the south of the country, Or to the Himalayas. You can fully enjoy the beauties of ancient cities and temples. True, you need to be prepared to get wet during the tour. Great time for practicing spiritual practices. The noise of the weather helps to tune in the right way.

Погода в июле в Индии

Weather in July in India

In July, tropical rain does not stop in India, It pours continuously. This is accompanied by heat. Due to the increased humidity, it is very difficult to tolerate high temperatures. Exit to the street, you must definitely wear something waterproof. Strong gusts of wind make movement with umbrellas problematic. At this time of the year it is better to stay at home. A very good time for doing yoga. You can meditate all day under the sound of rain. If a teacher and spiritual mentor is a master, then in a few days of classes, he will easily help you overcome any spiritual difficulties.

Weather in India in August

The rainy season brings dense cloud cover to the country in August. The temperature drops significantly, it can even be cool at night. At this time, it is very good to relax in the foothills. There is almost no high humidity. The thermometer column may well drop to plus twenty. But because of the high humidity, these values ​​also seem significant. Holidays in the Himalayas, at this time, will allow you to enjoy all the charms of ski resorts.

Weather in India in September

In September, unbearable heat passes. The thermometer column drops to acceptable values, twenty-five thirty degrees. Humidity is also becoming acceptable. The flow of tourists is increasing sharply. The entire coast is strewn with those who want to plunge into the gentle waters. Water meets vacationers with the purity and gentle rustle of the waters. A very good time for lovers of skiing and mountaineering. Himalayan resorts will gladly catch their guests. You can try looking for the legendary yeti. Or visit mountain meadows and lakes.

Weather in India in October

The most wonderful time to visit coastal resorts. The average daily temperature ranges from twenty-eight to thirty-three. Nature blooms after the summer heat and blooms violently. Visiting at this time of year numerous plantations with spices will leave these unforgettable aromas in your body for a long time. Excellent at this time to visit the Andoman Islands. Scuba diving, admire the beauty of the underwater world.

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November Weather in India

Прекрасное время для посещения страны, особенно если были уже много раз, можно проехаться вглубь страны, побродить по древним городам, Открыть для себя красоту индийского зодчества, насладится великолепными скульптурами храмов центральной и южной Индии. Правда поездки в горы в это время небезопасны из-за начинающихся сильных снегопадов. Но побережные курорты призывно сияют огнями, Отдыхающие отлично проводят время в купании и отдыхе на берегу моря.

Погода в ноябре в Индии

Any time of the year is beautiful

Each time of the year is beautiful in its own way. You just need to be prepared when traveling to India for the weather features at this time. Consider a vacation program in advance. Going on a trip, you need to clearly understand that the time of the monsoon, this is not our time of autumn rains. Monsoon rains bring an enormous amount of water when you fall under such rain, you start to understand magic, pouring like buckets, at this time they come out of the banks of the river, The roads become limp, You can forget about trips into the country and excursions to ancient temples. Going to rest, during the rainy season, you need to be prepared that most of the time you have to spend at the hotel. Great time for spiritual practice.

The complete absence of the temptation to go somewhere, allows you to tune in to the desired, emotional mood. The noise of drops outside the window, due to its monotony, makes it possible to perfectly build rhythmic breathing during yoga. When choosing a tour to India, you need to carefully consider the route. After consulting with the tour operator, how much this time of the year meets the goals of your trip. There are periods when it is wonderful to visit various nature reserves. They can amaze you with the beauty of an unforgettable natural world. For example, by visiting the valley of flowers in the Himalayas at the right time, you can get the most unforgettable experience for your whole life. See flowering meadows of beautiful mountain flowers will enjoy their aroma in combination with clean mountain air. Or visit tea plantations during the flowering period. See huge fields of rosemary, violet, clove and other incense and spices growing in abundance in numerous fields of India painted with various colors of nature and aromas of incense. Fans of scuba diving also need to carefully select the time for their visits.

To arrive, do not come across the fact that the sea is absolutely unsuitable for diving, due to incessant rains. The most favorable months for visiting tourists are the months from October to April. This is the most favorable time, both for relaxation, and for walks and excursions to the numerous attractions of the country. Temples of ancient cities, washed by heavy rains, during the rainy season, shine with their beauty. You can travel with great comfort, in the central part of the country, in air-conditioned buses and beds, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of local nature floating outside the windows. This time is the most favorable for visiting India, so when planning to relax, it is better to purchase tours in advance. But by and large, rest in this beautiful country is excellent at any time of the year. Each month is beautiful in its own way and can show its interesting features.

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