Ports of India

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Port of Bombay

This port, is the main naval base of India , The maximum depth of the channel allows you to go into its waters large , heavy vessels. It is equal to ten twelve meters. The length of the mooring line, exceeds seventeen kilometers, allows you to handle more than fifty moorings with a depth of up to ten meters. All port facilities are equipped with the latest technology. Loading and unloading operations are carried out around the clock, this industrial artery of the country never falls asleep. It gives many jobs to people living nearby. The main cargo going through local terminals is oil produced on the shelf. Steel rolling, grain crops, textiles produced in the country, annual turnover through this harbor leaves billions of dollars and amounts to millions of tons of cargo. Drilling platforms located near the port allow port capacities to be constantly loaded with work. Although the water area of ​​the port because of this looks quite polluted.

Port of Calcutta

This port is located one hundred and forty kilometers from the Bay of Bengal on the Hooghli River. This naval base has a number of shortcomings in front of the port of Mumbai . Due to the fact that the inlet channel is very narrow and winding, it is necessary to conduct continuous cleaning work to maintain shipping in the area. Because of this, vessels with a large displacement are only able to enter when large water arrives. For the most part, this port is used by the state as a repair base and supply point. The port includes four tidal pools and several berths. Although it does not have strategic importance, it provides many jobs for people living nearby, which is not unimportant for a country like India.

Порт Мадрас

Port Madras

Port facilities stretch to three kilometers, the artificial harbor has twelve berths allowing you to approach the loading and unloading of ships, with a draft of up to ten meters. This large naval base has its own repair shops, warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants. In the water area of ​​the port, ships of all classes are based, from auxiliary to large-capacity ocean ones. This port handles over ten and a half million tons of cargo per year. It is an integral part of the country's economy. Near the port is an international airport. This allows you to make full use of the port's capacity for transporting goods inland.

The nature of India is unique, a huge number of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world, more details: Nature of India .

Cochin port | || 197

Это ещё один вспомогательный port of the Indian naval forces , its berths, stretching for four and a half kilometers, allow you to handle vessels with draft up to nine meters. This port is located on the Malabar coast of the Arabian Sea, at the entrance to the Cochin River, from here comes its name. At the time, there are excellent repair shops allowing you to repair ships of any class of medium displacement. The port equipment is the most modern and allows loading and unloading operations as soon as possible. The storage area is more than one hundred and fifty square meters and serves as an excellent transshipment base. All port facilities in India are in excellent condition.

Порт Кочин

The country, from all sides washed by water, simply needs to have a large and modern fleet to serve its domestic needs. And the Indian Navy is one of the best fleets in the world. New vessels constantly coming into service ensure its combat readiness. Port facilities are rightfully the pride of the country, they provide many jobs for people of various specialties, thereby reducing social stress. Water arteries, converging in ports of India , provide an excellent opportunity for the transportation of various goods, busy sea routes passing off the coast of the country, give her the opportunity to firmly maintain leadership in navigation in this area . The largest ports of India, such as Mumbai, are the pride of the local population and uphold the well-being of the people.

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