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India is a country that can surprise the most sophisticated traveler, because everything is unique in it: a rich mythology, a developed and complex culture, as well as an inexpressibly beautiful nature. The nature of India is peculiar and diverse: more than 45 thousand species of the most diverse plants grow on the territory of the country and more than 80 thousand representatives of the animal world live, including such a formidable and rare predator, like a bengal tiger. In India there are mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Picturesque nature of this country has repeatedly become a source of inspiration for artists and photojournalists of various geographical publications and, of course, they do not cease to attract tourists from all over the globe to India. It would be useful for a traveler who decided to visit India for the first time to find out about the most beautiful places of this amazing and exotic country.

The most beautiful places on the Indian peninsula

The amazingly quiet Dudhsagar Falls has long been a pilgrimage destination for tourists. The guides tell a beautiful legend about this waterfall: once a young Indian beauty once bathed in its waters, and at the time of her bathing, a young raja came up to the waterfall. Frightened that the stranger might see her naked, the girl poured a jug of milk into the water, and the waterfall became muddy for a while. Hence the name of the waterfall - Dudhsagar, which means “milk of the sea” in Indian.

The Dudhsagar waterfall is surrounded on all sides by green forests and unusually beautiful photographs are simply guaranteed for tourists. Connoisseurs and admirers of history can also admire the ancient bridge that has remained in the vicinity of the waterfall since the colonization of India by the British.

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Lovers of relict plant species, as well as those who want to immerse themselves in the true wildlife of India, must visit the Kotigao nature reserve located in Goa. Walking paths of the reserve laid through the real jungle, growing in several tiers. Along the paths are observation towers from which travelers can observe the bison, panthers, hyenas and bears that live in Kotigao without danger and difficulty.

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The most beautiful lake of the country is located in the state of Rajasthan: a pond with a song called Pichola attracts tourists with picturesque views of nature, temples and other monuments of ancient Indian architecture. In the center of the lake there are islands on which temples and the palace of the former Rajah are located, in which a comfortable and fashionable hotel is currently equipped.

Those who wish to better explore the wildlife of India can also be advised to visit other nature reserves and parks of the country : Sawai Madhopur, Shimla Park, Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, Kanha Park.

To appreciate the charm and exoticness of the plant world of this country, a trip to the most beautiful nature reserve of India will help - Valley of Flowers . It is located in the western part of the Himalayas and it will not be so easy to get to it, but all efforts will be justifiable: after all, only in the Valley can you see countless species of flowering plants, many of which can be found only in the heart of the ancient Himalayas.

A flower in India is not just a symbol of beauty

Flowers in India cult significance is attached - women decorate hair with flowers, bring flowers to the temple in every Indian house flowers grow or they simply decorate rooms. Many ceremonies in Hinduism require the presence of flowering plants: for example, newlyweds are showered with flowers, a respected person (guru) or dear and long-awaited guests come to the house.

Using flowers in India is a complicated ritual, because every flower in Hinduism has its meaning and purpose. There are flowers that are unacceptable to bring to the temple and give for weddings or birthdays and vice versa, there are special types of flowers intended only for worship and celebrations.

This flower of India You can definitely call a lotus. This beautiful symbol of the Hindu religion is sung in Indian literature like no other flowering plant. The beauty of the gods is compared in poetry with the lotus, and the most beautiful variety of the flower is a rare blue lotus. It is the blue lotus that grows from the navel of the Guardian of the World - Vishnu.

A huge variety of flowers adorns the whole country, more details: Flowers of India .

Красивое поверье связано и с другим цветком Индии – ашокой. Считается, что это растение распускается и цветет в полную силу, если на него нечаянно наступит красивая и целомудренная девушка.

Night jasmine is also found in mythology of India : a supposedly unique tree grew from the ashes of a girl who burned down because of love for the divine Surya (Sun). Jasmine is depicted over the throne of Vishnu and is considered a gift of Krishna to people.

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Interesting facts about Indian nature

In India there is a temple of rats - Karni Mata . The name of the temple was given by an ancient Indian sage who suffered from his drowned children and begged the death god Yama to bring them back to life. God fulfilled the request of the sage, though the children came to life in the form of rats and since then, rats in India have been revered as a living embodiment of divine power.

Currently, more than 15 thousand rodents live in the Karni Mata temple and pilgrims can admire them any time the temple is open to the public.

A rare Asian lion may very well be the same symbol of India as the Bengal tiger. You can meet a lion of this species only in Indian reserves: the animal is smaller than ordinary relatives and has a shorter mane, however, the Asian lion is a dangerous and aggressive animal, and this should be remembered. Lions are carefully guarded from extinction and hunting by the Government of India, they are transported to other states of the country even for greater safety during forest fires.

In India, you can see a rare snake - a royal cobra. It is believed that the royal cobra served as a girdle for the great ascetic god Shiva. The sacred snake reaches an unprecedented size and is extremely poisonous: poison from the saliva of one king cobra is enough to kill 20 adults.

On the streets of even large Indian cities you can meet monkeys. Monkeys are considered sacred animals in the country - the incarnations of Hanuman and some other deities, which is why the population of the monkey tribe in India is growing from year to year.

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