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India is not the richest country on the planet where you can earn a lot of money. Internet users often say that this is an ideal place of work for freelancers. It is calm, the rhythm of life is measured, there is little noise - for free creativity these are the best conditions. However, there are also those who seek to find work in India . Going to work here, you need to know some of the nuances of employment.

What documents are needed?

First of all, the applicant needs to have a work visa and a residence permit. The last document is issued after obtaining a work visa. It is issued only if a person traveling to India has a contract concluded with the employer. Therefore, first you need to take care of finding someone who wants to hire a foreigner. The task is not an easy one, because it is more convenient for the employer to accept local residents, who, in addition to everything else, are not pretentious in signing documents and the amount of wages.

For a foreign employee an employment contract in India not only a guarantee of obtaining a visa, but the observance of the rights of the employee. Otherwise, there is a risk of being left without a livelihood in a foreign country.

Where and how to look for work?

Those who travel to India, as the people say for a long ruble, need to be prepared for the fact that the competition is very high and applicants for the position there may be not only native Indians, but also such foreigners. In this case, the applicant must have work experience and be a specialist of the highest level. All these data must be supported by documents, no one will take a word.

Где и как искать работу

The advantage is knowledge of languages, it is advisable to speak English, Hindi or some other, if the company cooperates with foreign companies. The summary should be translated into English and contain detailed information about the achievements and skills in the profession.

People with a professorship or doctoral degree should try to get a job at a university. It happens that management seeks a job seeker on their own if they are interested in the topic of his research.

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There are quite a few schools and state organizations in India where there are vacancies for teachers with knowledge of the English language. It is difficult to get into commercial establishments of this type, since they mainly accept indigenous people, even if they have no experience and good knowledge of English. This is due to the fact that they are much better than visiting experts versed in the intricacies of the local mentality. In addition, Hindi is considered difficult to learn. However, applicants planning to get a job in the northern or central states of India should learn Hindi, English is practically not widespread there.

In search of a good job, you should pay attention to special forums for people who speak Russian, where you can post a resume. It is possible to publish data on your professional skills on international sites. When employers will pay attention to the candidate is unknown. It is likely that it will take several months to wait for an invitation to an interview.

You can increase the chances of getting a job in India by applying to the employment office. In such cases, recruitment agencies act as intermediaries in organizing interviews, and monitor the availability of vacancies in the specialty of interest to the client. Services of such organizations are paid.

A little easier with job search in India those who serve in the branch of an Indian company or in an organization that cooperates with Indian companies . You can try to apply for a transfer to an Indian office.

Currently, English-speaking or Russian-speaking guides with knowledge of all the sights are in demand in India (work only at first glance seems simple, since there are a lot of interesting places in the country, each of which has its own story), translators, programmers, specialists in the field of high technologies, teachers of higher educational institutions.

You can try to get a job through an intermediary company for working in hotels in India for the position of administrator, receptionist, receptionist. The requirements are usually the same: age not older than 45 years, work experience of at least one year, perfect knowledge of the English language. However, you will have to spend money on acquiring uniforms and medical insurance.

Сколько можно заработать в Индии

How much can you earn in India?

Getting a job in work in India need Be aware that taxes are quite high in this country. In some cases, they make up a quarter of wages and above. For this reason, pay attention to the salary after deducting all tax fees and indicate it in the employment contract. In India, it is possible to return a certain amount of taxes, but this procedure is troublesome: you need to collect all extracts from your personal account and contact specialized organizations.

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The level of wages differs depending on the city and the district. The capital has more jobs and the opportunity to find a suitable vacancy, and salaries, respectively, are higher. For example, in 2012, the average salary was approximately $ 500, in Delhi - $ 580, and in Goa - only $ 220.

The size of wages differs for different categories of employees. So, programmers can earn from $ 1,000. Teachers have the opportunity to receive grants from international companies, which will significantly increase monthly income. Waiters often do not have official employment, so they receive relatively little. Guides also pay little, but private guides usually set their own prices for their services.

What do you need to be prepared for?

Before how to get to work in India , it’s worth finding housing. The statement that it is cheap in this country is incorrect. Moreover, after paying all taxes, a very small amount may remain from the salary. In each region, the cost of renting an apartment or room is not the same.

The difficulties with obtaining documents for a foreign specialist do not end with obtaining a visa and work. Usually a visa is issued for a short period, which is much less than the duration of the contract. Therefore, it will have to be extended many more times.

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