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Most Indian rivers begin in the Himalayas. This mountain range with its huge glaciers and snow caps gives rise to the waterways of India. This circulatory system of the peninsula, fed by the purest streams of mountains and melting glaciers, brings a huge amount of water to the arid regions of India, thanks to which people from time immemorial have lived along the banks of numerous rivers of India . May feel safe. Do not be afraid of hunger and thirst, during the dry period. In addition, such huge rivers as the Ganges and the Yamuna. They are considered sacred, they are worshiped as gods and offer sacrifices.

Hindus believe that by washing in the Ganges and reading certain prayers, one can get rid of sins. On great religious holidays, thousands of Indians come to the banks of the sacred rivers and. perform ablutions, asking the gods to help them in their affairs. Get rid of diseases. Various misfortunes. Women entering the water ask children. It is believed that if you ask for the right river, then a woman can give birth to a barren. After death, having cremated the corpse, the ashes are also poured into the river. It is believed that in this way you can facilitate the rebirth of the soul. The attitude to these water arteries as certain deities is quite understandable in the hot desert climate of India. Indeed, if the rivers were dissatisfied with something, then they were drying up, then countless calamities of hunger and death awaited people. Therefore, in India for thousands of years a cult of deification of rivers has been formed. By diverting water through small canals to the fields, people could afford to grow a good harvest and feed themselves and their families. Since ancient times, different peoples have settled on the banks of rivers. Big cities were built. Rivers served as an excellent means of delivery. Many temples were built near large rivers, as it was very convenient to deliver building materials by water.

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Indian rivers in modern conditions

Recently, the Indian government has been making great efforts, investing heavily in restoration of river channels. Due to the rapid population growth and uncontrolled discharges of sewer waters, the riverbeds become shallow, they become swampy and once full-flowing navigable rivers of India . Turning into pathetic little streams. And this is harmful to agriculture and leads to soil destruction. Desert offensive on the city begins. Ganges is India’s largest waterway on its banks; large sweats are located. The name comes from ancient mythology. There the Ganges River in India was the heart of the earth. For the ancient inhabitants of India, this river was also the focus of life, it brought life-giving moisture to the fields. The numerous fauna allowed the poor people to survive in difficult conditions. In the modern world, the Ganges has become even more important, overgrown cities consume vast amounts of water from the river, and not only for irrigation of fields many industrial enterprises consume a lot of water, growing like mushrooms along the banks of a once-deep river.

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Catastrophic pollution of water leads to mass death of fish . According to environmentalists, if decisive measures to save the river are not taken in the coming years, this once-full-flowing artery will no longer be restored. Ill-conceived constructions on the banks of this river have already led to disastrous consequences in some regions of India and Pakistan. The shallowing of the river due to the construction of large power plants on its banks led to uncontrolled climate change. Some deserts have grown significantly and continue to grow. This may eventually destroy a significant part of agricultural land and the impoverishment of, so, not very rich population. The government is trying to do something, but a huge number of people are demanding more water. It turns out a vicious circle.

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Ganges Legends

There are many legends brought to this great river. Locals always deified the river, and its waters treated it as a living creature seeking protection in difficult times. They asked for forgiveness and firmly believed that the waters of the holy river Ganges could wash away all sins. No wonder so far hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come to the banks of the Ganges to perform a cleansing bath. Only a long time ago the waters of this river of India ceased to be clean and healing every year more and more danger that the water begins to spread dangerous infections and diseases, and religious fanatics say that this is a punishment for sin. One of the most ancient and beautiful legends is the legend of the royal sacrifice. When the king wanted to sacrifice a horse, but he was gone. Accusing the sage of the sage, the king incurred a curse on himself, and he could be removed only after death and burning, pouring ashes into the river. Then the soul will be reborn, and the curse will be lifted from the royal family. For many years, the king’s children eked out a miserable existence. The state fell into decay. And all because of the rude act of the ruler. It was impossible to remove the curse in another way. Until the king’s children died, and the rite of purification was not performed. Only after this the country began to revive and flourish.

From here the rite went to throw the ashes of dead people into the waters of the Ganges. A very beautiful legend, but thanks to it a huge amount of sewage gets into the river’s waters now this rite does not bring the purification that people expect so.

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