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India, a peculiar country rich in its history. She ranks seventh in the world in terms of territory. The second most populous. The country has a huge number of languages. Only official, there are more than eighteen. Unofficial more than one thousand six hundred. In this unofficial part, and got Russian. Our countries have long-standing friendship. The Hindus are sincerely proud that Nicholas Roerich once lived and worked on their territory. Here he wrote many of his philosophical treatises. Allowing people to take a fresh look at the world around them. This is probably why the Indian authorities in two thousand and two allocated funds for the restoration of the Roerich Museum.

Russian merchants long before Vasco da Gamo traded with India, explored the vastness of this country and conducted philosophical conversations with local visionaries and scholars. When it comes to Russians in India the name Athanasius Nikitin is immediately remembered. No one is going to dispute his exploit as a traveler and pioneer. I just want to say about the great power of print art.

About Athanasius Nikitin Karamzin learned from the manuscript that fell into his hands about his journey. Based on this manuscript, he wrote his Journey Over the Three Seas. And he made him a hero, included in all history books as the discoverer of India. But even under Ivan the Terrible, decrees were issued on trade with India. Boris Godunov demanded that merchants establish solid trade relations with these people. In one thousand six hundred and forty-six, the Russian ambassadors presented Shah Jahan with a letter proposing the establishment of diplomatic and trade relations. In one thousand six hundred and ninety-four, the Russian embassy, ​​having overcome great difficulties on the road, arrived in India. It has been there for more than five years. Peter the first allowed Indian merchants to trade not only in Astrakhan, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the seventeenth century in Astrakhan was a large settlement of Indian merchants. Perhaps, then the first maps of India in Russian appeared .

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Trade with Russia

The Indian merchants were not successful in trading only with Russia, but also with Europe. They went with their goods throughout Siberia. In the eighteenth century, Russia was very interested in the culture and philosophy of India. Works on philosophy and religion began to be published. Medical treatises. Work on the culture and life of this country. Attempts were actively being made to establish permanent trade contacts through Persia and Central Asia. Many great Russian travelers undeservedly forgotten traveled to India at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This and Philip Efremov have passed the most difficult path. Starting from Turkish captivity. Torture. Harassment. Then escape and the most difficult passage through the mountains of Tibet. He spent more than nine years in India. His notes resemble brief reports. In them, he speaks very little about himself and his difficulties. But he describes in great detail the cultures he met on the way and their customs. Gerasim Lebedev was probably the first Russian to translate the work of ancient Indian philosophers from Sanskrit. He rightfully became the first Russian connoisseur of Indian culture. He staged productions in Calcutta for local residents.

Features of obtaining permission to enter the country, in more detail: Visa to India .

Petr Pashino is another enthusiast and ascetic who spent on a trip in India for more than one year. Suffered hardships and hardships. He published several books describing this great country and its beautiful people. These names, only a small part of our compatriots who visited India before the Spanish and English colonialists. And how many unknown merchants were in these places. People from whom there is no trace in history. They brought their country knowledge of unknown lands. They increased the glory of their homeland with new discoveries.

Modern Russians in India

Now the majority of Russians in India these are tourists. They come in different categories depending on the purpose of the trip. Some come just to lie on the beach. Such people, most. But because of the eternal Russian restlessness and curiosity, this category very quickly turns into others. In travelers. Usually it all starts with the first excursion, and then a person can no longer be stopped and he eagerly begins to learn a new world for himself and eventually just falls in love with him. How much is unknown and beautiful around.

Gradually visiting the temples, involuntarily encountering ancient beliefs, observing the life of local residents. Their relationship to nature and to man himself. Such people come to the interest of knowing ancient knowledge such as Yoga and Ayurveda. Gradually plunging into the world of ancient philosophy, people change internally and do not want to return to the bustle of big cities. Stay here forever.

This is probably why the resorts of Goa have long resembled a huge Russian village. Russians are here at every turn. They build houses, have families, give birth to children. They live a full life only without our fuss and frustration. Great warm climate. Temperature readings practically do not fluctuate. Snow and blizzards do not happen at all. And what is a thirty-degree frost, locals can not even imagine. The shore of the beautiful sea is a constant summer. According to recent estimates, the Russian community in India already has more than two million people. The next category of Russians is merchants, as they were, merchants. Once having got here, having a rest and having seen how many excellent opportunities for trade are here, these people come to India, buy their goods. Knitwear and spices here are very cheap to bring all this to Russia and sell, earning good dividends on this. The next category of our compatriots is businessmen.

Русская община на Гоа

Indian authorities are pleased to allow investing in their economy. Moreover, the state very, strictly ensures that the local bureaucratic fraternity does not oppress investors. The laws they have in this regard are quite strict and are strictly implemented. The locals even had a term such as Russian India because of the greater number of migrants from the former countries of the Soviet Union. Indians do not distinguish between Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Tajiks or Armenians. For them, all are Russians. There is also such a thing as climate migrants. These are people for whom, for some reason, only the local climate is suitable. Here they feel great. All kinds of ailments go away, pressure normalizes. Such people settle here forever. Extending the visa from time to time and essentially becoming Indians.

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There is still a fairly large community of people who came to sort out the ancient philosophical calculations, as well as a huge number of different healers undergoing training in temples and schools in yoga and Ayurveda. These people, as a rule, live in a separate community, try to get the maximum knowledge. Among them come across fans of their field, who once came to continuing education courses, and who remained at monasteries and schools. Now they are teaching along with the native Indians. Here you can meet our compatriots who came here on vacation fifteen and twenty years ago and still stayed here. They are so fond of these places that they simply cannot imagine themselves elsewhere.

The main influx of our migrants was at the beginning of the zero. We ended the dashing nineties. People who have made small fortunes and are unaware of how to apply them in their homeland when they get here. Where small by Russian standards, savings make you feel like a millionaire. Here you can open a business with a very small start-up capital and live on this money feeling pretty decent. Russian in India this is an already completed phenomenon. We are very close in spirit with the Indians. Probably, despite the different views and religion. Our compatriots get along so easily with the locals.

The Russian community in Goa

The Russian community in Goa this is a separate issue. They have long been issuing maps of India in Russian. Our country provides the bulk of tourists for these resorts and Russian capital has already firmly entered here with hotels. Clubs, various salons. Russians in India have long become a part of this country and contribute to its development and prosperity. This is probably why Indians treat the Russian diaspora with respect. The cultural and trade ties between Russia and India are becoming stronger every year. Children born on the shores of the Arabian Sea have already grown up. And the current Indians with a Russian soul are happy to remember their Russian roots and are proud of it.

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