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In its territory, India is one of the leading places in the world. Being at its core a federal state, it consists of twenty-eight states, several union territories. All states of India are self-sufficient. They have their own management with their own budget and structure, being subordinate to the central federal district. They resemble a handful of well-crafted diamonds in the emperor's crown. Each is beautiful in its own right. But their true splendor is visible only in the aggregate. Each state is unique and serves the specific interests of the state.

State of Goa

Perhaps this is the smallest in area state of India . It is known worldwide as a renowned resort. Well-equipped hotels and cafes. The beaches stretching for many kilometers, The purest water of the sea. All this attracts an endless stream of tourists and serves as an excellent source of replenishment of the state treasury. After all, every tourist who comes is money for the development of the country's economy.

India, Kerala

Resort State India Kerala is known in everyone in the world. But besides this, he is known as the most educated state of India, the level of education here reaches seventy-five percent. He is also the birthplace of Ayurveda. The philosophical doctrine based on ancient treatises on the universe and the unity of the body, soul and spirit. A huge number of admirers of this philosophical direction come to these beautiful places, relax, along the way to improve their skills in spiritual practices. A very remarkable fact is that the state is ruled by the Communist Party.

Штаты Джамму и Кашмир

The states of Jammu and Kashmir

The states of Jammu and Kashmir are located in the very north of the country. They serve as a bait for all kinds of extreme sports. Hard-to-reach mountain ranges attract climbers and skiers. Kashmir Valley is known for its mild and healing climate, mountain lakes, breathtaking landscapes. Not a single person who has visited these places will remain indifferent. Mountain Ladakh , well-known for the harsh climate, where temperatures are, drop to minus forty degrees Celsius. At the passes, blizzards rage. Such extreme conditions attract crowds of tourists who want to get an outlet for their adrenaline. In addition, in these places, there are many Buddhist temples, with their own history and unique architecture. This state is mainly known for its silkworm farms. Producing, excellent, natural silk.

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State of Madhya Pradesh

Central Madhya Pradesh State located far from coastal resorts. This state has many national parks. All of them are of great interest to tourist groups, the presence on the territory of these landscape parks, numerous temple structures. It attracts admirers of ancient culture. You can also get acquainted in detail with the natural features and richness of the flora and fauna of India. Kajuraho unique chrome complex, which has no analogues in the world, is also located in this state. It was discovered by chance, by the English cartographer Burt. Since then, millions of tourists come to admire the magnificent sculptures of temples. Glorifying human love. Performing life-size sculptures make a lasting impression on the audience. It’s simply impossible to see all the buildings at one time and people are happy to visit this place again and again.

Северные штаты Индии

Maharashtra State

This is the most populous state of India. Almost a hundred million people live in it. This is a very well developed industrial state. On its territory are the headquarters of many companies. The studio of Indian films of Bollywood has settled here, is known throughout the world.

India's Largest Port of Mumbai

Provides jobs to numerous residents of the state. Thanks to such a huge number of inhabitants, comparable to the population of several European countries. This state is famous for its cosmopolitan views. On its territory, representatives of a huge number of peoples and nationalities coexist absolutely peacefully. Religious relations of residents are also very tolerant towards each other. Tourists in these places are attracted by the unique cave complexes of Ajanta and Ellora. These beautifully preserved cultural monuments of India give an idea to contemporaries about how patient and hardworking the population of these places was in ancient times. The structures cut down in the rocks impress with their beauty and subtlety of decoration. Also in the state there is another unique place. This is Lake Lonar. It arose as a result of a meteorite impact, more than fifty million years ago.

Андоманские и Никобарские острова

Andoman and Nicobar Islands

This area has the official status of union territories. And are a paradise for tourists. For the first time, natural scientists who visited these places were amazed at the abundance of the animal world that inhabited these tiny pieces of land. During the time of colonization, the British used these marvelous places as hard labor for the most dangerous criminals. After their exile, India turned them into National Parks . Here is a real paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. The only inconvenience is that you need special permission to visit these places. But once in these heavenly places you understand that it was worth it.

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Штат Раджахстан

One of the largest states in India, tourists are attracted to these places by beautiful national parks, picturesquely located in the state. Each of these parks has its own unique personality and beauty. In one of them, there is the best tiger reserve in the world, allowing you to observe these large and graceful representatives of cat breed in the natural environment. The main attraction of these places is, of course, Fort Daisalmer . It was built in the thousand one hundred fifty-sixth year. This is the only inhabited fort ever since. People living in it are proud to live in such an unusual place. Although the city is located on the edge of the desert and life in it is quite difficult. The Maharajah’s palace with beautiful glass murals has still been preserved. Tourists do not often visit these places because of their remoteness and difficult accessibility. But those who visit them will enjoy plunging into the world of fairy tales and legends about gins. From the walls of the fort, the indescribable spirit of antiquity blows.

Many The States of India , can boast of the presence of something unusual on their territory. Having visited one of these beautiful places, I want to return here again. To join the ancient culture and knowledge.

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