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The best way to get to India from Russia is by air flight. You can, of course, make a fascinating sea voyage, but this is only if a person has enough time. The distance from Moscow to Delhi is more than four thousand kilometers, so you need to be prepared for a long journey. It will take at least six hours. Since Russia is a very large country, our citizens fly to India not only from Moscow, but also from St. Petersburg. Flight eight hours. From Samara, six and a half hours, Vladivostok, thirteen hours. So the flight in any case is long, therefore, going on the road, think about what you will do this time. You can, of course, oversleep all the way, but it’s much more useful to take some materials about this country and at least a little prepare for your stay in it. To the local colorful life was not a surprise. Most often, planes arrive at Delhi Airport and the resort of Goa, and then local airlines can get to anywhere in the country. Flight times are always approximate, as most flights require transfers. How much time you can lose while this is impossible to predict. The best option is a direct flight and charter. But you need to be prepared for the fact that you can only find out about the departure time in a few days, and having purchased air ticket to India for the charter, you cannot refuse the ticket or return it. Therefore, prices for such flights are cheaper than regular ones by more than fifty percent. The best option is to book tickets in advance, the earlier you order, the lower the price. Before buying a ticket, it will not be superfluous to inquire about promotions and discounts. Many air carriers come up with various ways to attract customers and you can save quite a lot on tickets. There are also cumulative bonuses, but this is suitable only for inveterate tourists who make many flights during the year. Having accumulated a sufficient number of points, it happens that you can even get free round-trip tickets. Approximate prices for tickets from Moscow to Delhi are almost eighteen thousand rubles. Goa is almost twenty-three thousand rubles. But you need to remember that prices are approximate and can change quite quickly, so it is better to check them with air carriers.

Аэропорт Тривандрум

Thiruvananthapuram Airport India

One of the most famous and ancient cities of India is the city of Thiruvananthapuram, there is one of the international airports of India . According to one of the legends of India, King Solomon, who arrived in these places in the year thirty-sixth year BC, once landed here. Then the port of Ophir was the largest maritime hub in the region. Actually, one of ancient myths of India is associated with the name of the city. According to them, the city was named after the deity to whom the temple was built, built in the city center. According to this legend, the city bore the name of Ananda, in honor of the king of the Nagas, who founded it. In two thousand and eleven, treasures worth twenty billion dollars were discovered in the temple of Sri Padmanabhvaswami. In several secret rooms, tons of gold, diamonds and other precious stones were discovered. Reception appreciated this find, so far only based on the weight of the treasures found. Most likely, they saved the inventory of everything that is there, it may turn out that the historical and artistic value of these finds exceeds the jewelry price many times over. No wonder India was always considered a place of countless treasures and attracted the views of many conquerors and all kinds of adventurers. The loss of this colony at one time pretty much affected the economies of countries such as England and Portugal. Who shamelessly robbed this people for many centuries.

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Мифы древней Индии

Perhaps there is no more mysterious and interesting country than India. For many years, scholars from all countries have scrupulously studied the ancient treatise of Mahabharata, describing the irreconcilable clash of two divine houses that ruled the earth in ancient times. Now there are many confirmations of the reality of the description of the events that occurred then. Only they were perceived by the people of that time as a manifestation of divine anger. The description of some mechanisms in these treatises suggests that these creatures could well move through the air, and they used absolutely incomprehensible principles for this. And the action of their weapons is much like a modern nuclear one. Scientists have discovered several places on earth where, they believe, nuclear weapons were most likely used tens of thousands of years before the advent of our civilization. In myths of ancient India describes the existence on earth of many, now unknown to us civilizations. Such as the civilization of monkeys or nagas. Many nationalities living in India directly connect their origin with these peoples. Until now, many provinces have active temples and people worship their deities. Even the half-century domination of the British on this continent could not shake people's faith in their ancestors. The Catholic Church is very active, trying to supplant these seditious beliefs and legends of India from the territory of the controlled church, but nothing came of it. Therefore, going on a tourist trip to India, it will be useful to get acquainted with the variety of all ancient legends and myths of India . In order not to inadvertently offend the local population with their ignorance upon arrival. During a long flight, it is quite possible to learn some useful tips on behavior in this country. For example, you need to be prepared for the fact that if you eat by car, and in the middle of the road lies a cow, then you will have to go further on foot. The main thing - do not try to drive it away in front of the Indians, especially if you are in the province, this can end very badly for you. It is also better to travel around ancient temples in groups and be sure to comply with all the requirements associated with visiting these places. Since, for insulting the feelings of their gods, their worshipers can deal with the offender very cruelly.

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In every province there are animals that are worshiped locals. Before traveling inland, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all of these prohibitions. Since, having driven away from big cities, you may encounter a complete rejection of your worldview. It must be remembered that most of the inhabitants of India are peasants with practically no education, for them the moral values ​​of the European are very arbitrary. And they are at home. Therefore, you need to be very careful about their perception of reality.

Гоа. Курорт Индии

Goa. Dabolim Airport

Perhaps the most famous place in India. Here you can fully enjoy your vacation. At the disposal of visitors there are excellent beaches, sea bathing, entertainment designed for every taste and any wallet. The state’s only airport is Dabolim Airport . It was built in the year nineteen fifty by the then colonial authorities of Portugal. Now it is a wonderful air port, meeting and seeing off millions of tourists every year. It takes up to ninety percent of all charter flights in India. More than seven hundred regular international flights are accepted in two terms.

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The first international tourists came to Goa in the early sixties. They were hippies, they were attracted to wild beaches. The complete absence of civilization. On this coast you could completely merge with nature. Constant temperature. The abundance of exotic fruits allowed them not to think about clothes and food. They have been lying on the beaches for months. They made love and had fun, breaking free from the bustle of big cities. Later. returning to their countries and cities, they spread the news of heavenly places. Where you can live without doing anything. After that, crowds of tourists rushed to these places. Now the coast resembles a huge human anthill. Arriving in Goa, it is quite possible to continue your journey inland, reseeding on one of the domestic aviation flights. If you want to enjoy the local views, then it is better to take this trip by bus. In India, there are many buses for tourists, buses are provided with air conditioning or even with beds. For the local population they are quite expensive. Therefore, these flights are mainly used by visiting or wealthy Indians.

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