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A rather complicated question that everyone is looking for the answer to buy a ticket to India and visit the sights of this country. Indeed, what does the price of a ticket consist of, what does it affect and for what amount in this country you can relax without getting into an unpleasant situation with the hotel? And at the same time, of course, save money, because most of our compatriots have by no means a rubber salary. Of course, you can, if you choose the right ticket.

India - tours, prices and their dependence on the place of rest

The price depends on the place where the tourist prefers to spend time. Each city has its own prices, in large cities and tourist centers of the country they are much higher. Nobody canceled the classification of “stars” - a hotel with an all-inclusive system will cost much more than a simple hotel room in the suburbs. Of course, the latter will not rest so comfortably. But if there is no greater amount, first of all it is worth choosing tours from the budget category.

Scrolling through the websites of various tour operators, you can see that a ticket to India, the cost of which for one operator can be two thousand euros, for another it is offered for a thousand eight hundred. The fact is that large companies book hotels in advance, sometimes rent the whole building, thus getting a significant discount, which allows you to slightly reduce the cost of the tour. So if you need to find permits to India at a low cost, you need to contact large agencies.

Last minute trips to India - the pros and cons of acquiring

One of the most popular topics for discussion is “last minute trips”. What is it and why are some wary of buying them? Is it worth taking such a tour to India, or is it better to pay the full cost of the tour? Again, it all depends on the tour operator. Last-minute tours are those vouchers that do not have time to sell in recent days and therefore lower their prices. Sometimes this is just a publicity stunt that is used to attract customers. In some cases, such a discount is necessary.

Горящие путевки в Индию

There are two cases of a sudden “ignition” of a ticket to India. The first option is when the person who purchased the ticket passes it a few days before departure. As you know, in this case, it is envisaged to return part of the money paid back to the client, the company keeps about 20-30 %% as compensation. And it is precisely for this amount that the ticket price for repeated sales a few days before departure becomes cheaper. After all, no entrepreneur wants to lose their estimated profit.

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The second rule is associated with this rule case of cheapening vouchers. As mentioned above, some large tour operators prefer to book hotels in advance. And if several vouchers from the tour are not sold, the numbers will be empty, and therefore the company will lose part of the profit. And again, the tour operator reduces the price so as not to lose money. Thus, last-minute trips to India allow both the company and the client to win.

Additional costs also affect the cost of the tour

Sometimes the tour price includes an excursion program, additional activities and entertainment. Of course, they are not included there for free - each hang-glider flight, a walk around the city, a historical sightseeing tour costs a certain amount of money, which the organizer will include in the price. Should I take such a ticket? If a tourist is going to do sightseeing and at the same time does not want to choose walking routes himself - certainly, but a ticket to India ... its cost will become much higher. These are additional expenses that can be avoided if you independently choose the excursion program. In addition, most vacationers are inclined to believe that such collections are like buying a pig in a poke - it is impossible to know whether you will like all the excursions, or the feeling of visiting architectural monuments will be unpleasant due to the poor guide provided by the travel agency.

Another variety of additional costs is paperwork. If everything is provided by the tour operator and the tourist can only sign a couple of forms, after which he will get insurance, a passport and other important documents in a few days, the ticket price to India will be overpriced. If you want to save money, you should pre-arrange the necessary documents yourself.

Отдых в Индии

Do I need to insure my life?

Many tourists tend to consider themselves immortal. At the same time, they would like to ride a hang glider, violate the ban "do not eat in street cafes" and prefer extreme relaxation to simply spending time in the hotel room. In the conditions of the acquisition of some tours, insurance is a prerequisite, while the rest provide an opportunity to choose. To insure your life and health, or not? According to statistics, insured events occur only in 7% of tourists per year. Whether it is a lot or not, everyone decides for himself. The advice from this resource is that it’s not worth saving on insurance, since India is one of the countries where visiting is fraught with a certain danger.

What should be feared if the price of a ticket is too low?

Last-minute tours are good. You can also find an option with cheap accommodation and the absence of an excursion program, but sometimes it happens that a very cheap ticket comes across. Refuse to purchase it, or take a chance? First of all, it is recommended to open the Internet and clarify the situation in this region. The fact is that unscrupulous tour operators sometimes lower prices in certain unpleasant situations, while preferring not to inform the client about the reasons. Armed clashes in the region, outbreaks of disease - this is not a complete list of all the troubles in which a person who has pecked at the cheapness of an excursion tour may be. And in this case, such a price reduction will not bring any pleasure from the rest.

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"Новички" и "опытные" - в чем разница?

As you know, the cost of travel packages often includes instruction, an interpreter, as well as other additional services that a compatriot may need in unfamiliar country. If a tourist has experience, has previously visited India and is even able to speak the language of this country, the need for these services disappears. In this case, it is worth paying attention to tours of a certain nature, which quite often provide their clients with all kinds of travel companies. If, unlike people who are going to spend their holidays in India for the first time, the tourist is aware of all the rules of behavior, hygiene, safety, then he does not need to be instructed and has the right to choose the tour in which there is the possibility of "disconnecting" part of the services.

Как правильно выбирать туристическую путевку в Индию

How to choose the right tour package?

The easiest way is to sort out several travel agencies and find out how much a ticket to India costs for each of the tour operators. After that, choose a company that offers permits cheaper than competitors, but at the same time has more positive than negative reviews. It will be correct to communicate with people who have used the services of this company and, based on their opinions and feedback, make a choice in favor of one or another tour operator. It should be remembered that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, and lowering the cost does not mean a "ticket to Nasharu." The best and safest option is a "hot trip", which is 20-30% cheaper than its original cost. In any case, it is worthwhile to purchase insurance; paperwork is recommended to be done independently. Subject to these rules, tourists will be able to get such a welcome discount, while not compromising the quality of their own relaxation, as well as their health and life.

If a tourist is not interested in outdoor activities and does not plan to have fun, it is worth considering a visit to India during the off-season. During this period, prices for vouchers are significantly reduced, as hotels have virtually no guests. In addition to the fact that the cost of the permit will be an order of magnitude lower than in the holiday season, there will be no additional expenses at the place of residence. without getting into an unpleasant situation.

Придерживаясь вышеперечисленных советов и находя разумный баланс цена-качество можно существенно сэкономить на путевке в Индию, при этом не попав в неприятную ситуацию.

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