Wedding in India

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In all countries of the world, wedding traditions change over time. But there is a country in the world where wedding ceremonies are celebrated in our days in the same way as many hundreds of years ago. India is such a country.

In this country you can hear about a beautiful legend that tells about the loyalty of a husband and wife throughout life. They lived a very happy life together, and death overtook them in one day. After their death, another star of Anadurat was lit in the sky. She has become an eternal symbol of this beautiful love. On a happy wedding day, the future husband shows his beloved this star. By this, he encourages his bride to create the same faithful couple with him.

Wedding in India is held in festive abundance with great luxury. Each family tries to show its generosity and wealth to other families. We will follow in detail the entire wedding ceremony of the Indian people .

How to choose a bride?

In India, all decisions about the bride for a young man take his parents. When the son becomes an adult, and the parents believe that the time has come to create his own family for him, they look for a bride for him and agree on everything with her parents. No one asks the girl’s opinions and consent for this marriage. She must obey the will of her family. Negotiations between parents are not enough to start preparing for the wedding. The opinion of an astrologer is needed, which will be engaged in drawing up a common horoscope for a young man and a girl. If the stars do not indicate a happy family life, then the engagement will be terminated and the search for the bride will continue. If the parents receive approval from the astrologer, then he will indicate a happy day for the wedding, and both families will prepare for it.

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How is the wedding ceremony being prepared?

Still found in India states where young people are not allowed to see each other until they become husband and wife. But now, in most cases, weddings are held, in which relatives are present. At the wedding, young people exchange gifts in the form of jewelry.

Before the wedding takes place, young people must visit the sacred temple of the god Ganesha, the patron saint of welfare. They bring various sweets to God, so that he blesses them for a prosperous life. It removes all obstacles.

Since the wedding in India takes place in the bride’s house, a huge canopy is built in advance here. In its central part, a huge bowl is set, which is filled with rice, decorated with flowers and candles lit around. This symbolizes the future happy life of the newlyweds.

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Свадебные одежды жениха с невестой

Having visited the temple of the god Ganesha, the bride tries on her wedding outfit. She, like brides of all countries, has a chic outfit for the wedding ceremony. Its color can be red, purple, burgundy or golden, but not white. These colors symbolize the innocence of the bride and her beauty. White clothes are worn here for a funeral; this color is considered mourning in India. The neck of the bride is decorated with a gold necklace. The wedding attire is supported by a gold belt. Bracelets are put on the girl’s legs, and gold earrings sparkle in her ears. The braid of the bride is decorated with many flowers that are intertwined with gold jewelry. When applying makeup, the focus is on the eyes. They are made especially expressive and mysterious.

In the evening, complex henna ornaments are applied to the bride’s legs and arms. Each ornament symbolizes something by itself. With the help of yellow turmeric powder, the bride's palms are painted. Yellow has always been a symbol of joy and fidelity in India. Indian bride is beautiful puppet.

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The groom also has a very beautiful wedding outfit. He is presented at the ceremony in a beautiful frock coat, gold embroidery decorates his pants. The socks of his shoes, decorated with beadwork, are bent. The outfit ends with a magnificent turban on the head.

How is the wedding ceremony?

Finally, the wedding day comes. Numerous guests come to the wedding, their number can reach up to a thousand. The task of the bride’s parents is to equip all the guests with housing for the wedding.

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From the very morning before the wedding, the bride visits the temple, where she must give alms to all the poor. By evening, in the courtyard with her friends, the girl expects her fiancé. He appears on horseback or on an elephant. Around him are many dancing friends and relatives. Sacred mantras are sung, and the bride and groom change among themselves with their garlands of flowers. Joining the hands of the young, the bride's father brings them to the priest. He connects the bride’s sari with a groom’s scarf and the newlyweds in this form should go around the bowl with lights seven times. At this time, the priest recites mantras, and the young are declared husband and wife. The newlyweds throw a pinch of rice into the fire, and the whole ceremony is considered over. Festivities begin, which can last up to eight days. After which the joint life of the young spouses begins.

Marital life together

When the wedding ceremony has ended, the wife must fully obey her husband. Now he is God for her. And her main task is to take care of him. The next morning, the young wife leaves the parents house and the husband takes her to his house. A woman has no right to visit her parents during the first month. Over her, her mother-in-law acquires full power.

Oddly enough, statistics show that such marriages are quite strong. Married couples are constantly accustomed to working on family relationships. They always try to find compromise solutions and very rarely quarrel. Relations are built on respect and, perhaps, therefore, marriages in India rarely end in divorce.

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