Tours to India

Страна Индия картинки

Unique and mysterious country India with a centuries-old culture. Over the years of its existence, it has come under the oppression of various enslavers many times, but has always maintained its identity. The invaders left their contribution to the architecture and customs of the country.

Tours to India

At the moment, India is a republic where the main power is Prime Minister of India . What territory of India occupies? It is approximately three million square kilometers. The Arabian Sea is washed by the mainland from the west, and from the east, the waters of the Bay of Bengal are caressed by numerous beaches. Two beautiful and mighty Indus and Ganges rivers carry their waters across the country, and serve many of its inhabitants, both as a transport artery and as a way of existence.

Where is India located?

The Republic borders on countries such as Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Burma and Bhutan. The capital of India - Mumbai. The population is almost a billion people. You are one of the highest in the world. The Indian industry is mostly light, but the country has been booming lately.

Tourism is one of the first places in the revenue side of the state budget. Exotic nature. A huge number of temples, unusual ways of healing the body all this attracts a huge number of people from different countries to visit these places. Not the last place is occupied by the fact that the beaches of numerous resorts are open all year round. When in most countries snowfalls rage and frosts occur, locals enjoy the warmth. All this makes India an unsurpassed place to spend your holidays. In addition to rest, you can perfectly improve your health. All sorts of Vedic courses are especially good. Yoga classes can also bring you an excellent result in restoring peace of mind.

Туры в Индию

Tours to India. Decor. Price

Before you get ready for your trip, you need to clearly understand how much money you are willing to spend on your vacation. The comfort of travel and relaxation will depend on this. It’s best to travel by plane, of course, but if you have the opportunity to spend two or three months on vacation, then a sea voyage is also possible. You need to take a very responsible approach to paperwork. Check in advance for photos of your children in your passport with all appropriate stamps. Since the discovery of the absence of such trifles can very much ruin your vacation. It is best five days before the expected departure to sit down and check the availability of all marks, visas, photographs. Knowing the peculiarities of our country, it’s better to arrive at the airport in about five hours, so that traffic jams or some other problems are not late for the flight. Tours to India are best bought in advance. You can choose via the Internet. Prices vary quite a lot. It all depends on the level of service you prefer to receive. Having chosen such a tour, go to the nearest tour agency. Consult with the manager of the company, he can tell you some nuances that do not exist on the sites of tour operators. Talk with friends who spent their holidays in India. They will tell you the route of the trip. They can suggest the name of the hotel in which they stayed themselves. Be prepared for the fact that the stars on the signs of Indian hotels may, to put it mildly, not meet your wishes.

Why should you choose India for your holidays, more details: Holidays in India. All about rest in the country .

Exceptions are hotels with foreign capital, but they are quite expensive as a rule. If for some reason you did not buy a tour to India. Do not worry, there will always be a burning tour. This does not mean that it is worse, just for some reason it was not bought at the right time. Now it is being sold at a significant discount. But, all the same, buying last-minute tour to India , check everything very carefully. A visa can be issued at the visa centers in India located in our country. Now it’s not difficult to do this, and the Indian authorities will issue you a three-four-fold visa or a multiple-entry visa. Registration itself will take no more than three four days. The best option is to give the whole tour to the operator by paying a small premium, you will get rid of unnecessary fuss and be sure of the correctness of the documents drawn up. Also, a tour operator in India will help you choose the best route for moving around the country. If you want to see the sights and visit not only the sea, but also go skiing in the Himalayas. You can also apply for a visa upon arrival at the airport, but this is only if you fly to Goa and if there is a group of at least four people. That is, a family may well use such a service, it will cost forty dollars. But at the same time you will have to leave your documents at the airport, and you will be given a special form TLF \ TLP. It wakes up to be a document for the duration of your stay in India and you must move around as part of the declared group. This is very convenient if you flew to Goa and are not going to go far anywhere, but only a hotel, beach and local shops.

Путешествие в Индию

Last-minute tours to India. October. November

October and November are considered the best months to visit the resorts of India. The time when we already have snow in some areas. Frosts begin, a trip to the shore of the warm sea will give you great pleasure. Tours to India from Yekaterinburg are no different from the same tours from St. Petersburg or Moscow. The main thing is that the tour operator is reliable and tested. Now it’s easy enough to check. Go online and read reviews. When the slightest doubt arises in good faith, the tour operator is better to find another. Now there are a lot of them. If you plan everything in advance, the tour operator will help you choose the best route. He will reserve places in the hotel and help to correctly execute all exit documents. It will connect you with a tour operator in India, which will help you resolve all issues related to your stay in the country. Upon arrival at the Indian airport, be very attentive to filling out all the papers and keep them until you leave the country. If, upon arrival in Delhi, you still need to use local airlines, you should reduce the size of your hand luggage to a minimum. Check it very carefully, as the Indian authorities are very jealous of the transportation of prohibited items on board the aircraft. This list may include items such as a metal comb, matches or aerosols. Therefore, try to put all this in a suitcase. Cinema and photography can also be subjected to very thorough checks. Be prepared to pay shipping fees. For example, when flying from Goa, he wakes up at a rate of six dollars. But prices may fluctuate.

Features of staying in the country or little tricks of a vacationer

Voucher, this is a document on the basis of which you check into a hotel. Therefore, in advance you need to think about which room you want to stay in. If the type of number is not indicated in your voucher, the administration will provide a free number at its discretion. Valuable items are best stored in a safe with the administrator. If this is an expensive hotel, then a safe can be right in the room. Hotel management generally prohibits bringing in food and drinks purchased outside of the hotel’s territory. If during check-in you find any problems, be sure to fix them with the administrator so that you do not have to pay them later. Be sure to make sure that it is included in the price of services already paid, and for which you need to pay separately. Also specify how and when you should eat. If you intend to use local land transportation, be prepared for the fact that your neighbor may be a person with some kind of skin disease. Therefore, it is better to walk or take a taxi. You can also rent a car.

Where better to relax in India, more details: Resorts of India .

In India, it costs much less than in Russia about twenty dollars a day with a driver. It is optimal to take with a driver, since the rules on roads of India are relative, and the steering wheel is on the right. Therefore, the ride will be very difficult. Money is called rupees; it is forbidden to export and import into the country. It is better to change at banks and carefully check the bills upon receipt. It is more profitable to carry traveler's checks than cash to exchange them at a more favorable rate. With credit cards you may have problems accepting them only in large hotels and large shops of large cities of India . But for cash in small provincial towns, you can buy beautiful handmade things, which in our country will cost just a fabulous amount. Local small shops are just a paradise for our fashionistas. Here you can buy great, exclusive items.

Индия на карте мира

What language is in India?

The official language of India is Hindi and English. In total, there are more than one and a half thousand languages ​​and dialects in India. Eighteen of them enjoy state status in different states. In Goa it is Portuguese. Due to the large population, the issue of religion, in India, is very complex. There are a lot of different religious directions. There are very large communities in various states. Therefore, the main thing is to observe all the requirements of local etiquette, especially when visiting temples. It is best to call from public telephones located in the city. It wakes up to three times cheaper than from a hotel.


Whatever the tour operator would ensure your stay in the country. He may be the best. Located in Yekaterinburg, Moscow or St. Petersburg. Even with the support of local Indian tour operators. There are things that are still better to do yourself. One day before departure, make sure that all bills are paid. You do not have debts to the hotel, it is easy to do this by asking the administrator for a printout of the invoice. In case your flight should be arranged in the evening with the hotel in advance, for a small amount that you will check out a little later. Either hand over things to the storage chamber, and take a walk around the city or sit in a cafe. Check for all travel documents. Consider how you will get to the airport if the bus does not come for you. When planning a trip, it’s good to have some kind of reserve money for an emergency. Make sure that purchased souvenirs can be taken out of the country and there will be no problems with customs.

You should know that importing alcohol into our country is prohibited. No need to rely on Russian maybe, so as not to spoil your vacation. Upon arrival in the country, if everything went well share with friends. And write a well-deserved review for the travel agency that organized your trip. Then it will be easier for other people to organize their vacation. It's time we all learn to get rid of dishonest tour operators together. Holidays in India will leave wonderful memories for a long time and will beckon you again and again. By its beauty and fireworks of impressions.

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