In India it is forbidden ...

В Индии запрещено

India is truly a fabulous country. A sea of ​​impressions awaits all those tourists who have chosen India for their trip. No one will regret the unforgettable vacation spent in this amazingly fabulous country. She is distinguished by the friendliness and friendly attitude of local residents towards tourists. Before visiting any country, it is necessary to study its traditions. They should always be treated with respect. This will save you from embarrassing situations, and sometimes from indignation of local residents. So let's look at what is prohibited in India .


If you are in the resort area, then everyone wears light clothes, and no one will pay much attention to the girl in shorts. But this applies only to resort areas. The farther you are from them, the more you need to cover your body.

Women should not use open clothing. Various T-shirts and skirts above the knees are best hidden for a while. The same applies to tight-fitting clothing. Men should not wear shorts, but be in trousers.

Owners of long hair need to remember that in this country it is not allowed to walk the streets with loose hair. They need to be stabbed, braided or hidden under a hat. In no case do you need to go into the temples with your head uncovered.

What you need to know when communicating with the locals?

In India, it is not customary to shake hands. To greet each other, palms are folded, as for prayer and pressed to the chin. When communicating, it is not worth mentioning the name of the person, it does not matter there, they are addressed only by name. It is necessary to monitor where the sole of the shoe is directed. If it is aimed at the interlocutor, it means that you show him your disrespect.

It’s not customary to say “thank you” here. You can not thank, you can just praise for the service rendered.

You can not touch people. They will consider it an insult if they are touched with their left hand. Especially if you touch an Indian woman.

India does not differ in too high prices, but still, you need to know what budget to plan, more details: Prices in India .

It is not customary to stroke the heads of children and it is especially forbidden to look into their eyes. Such a gesture will be taken as causing damage to the child.

It is not allowed to extend money in your left hand or give a gift with your left hand. The purpose of the left hand is personal hygiene.

It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places here. For this, a fine of $ 120 may be imposed. The prison may be threatened for three months. Women are not allowed to go to liquor stores. In India, this is a very indecent act.

You can’t take photos of passers-by without consent.

It is necessary to talk with local residents in a very calm tone. Don't express your emotions too violently. Otherwise, they simply won’t listen to you. Indeed, in India it is forbidden to talk. It is indecent when someone points to a finger.

You should try not to conflict with local residents. The police will fine you and will be on the side of the local resident.

It is advisable for small beggars not to give money, otherwise you will not get rid of them. If you meet wandering monks, they need to give at least a small amount. And now, let the following ban cheer us up a bit: it is forbidden to eat ice cream in India . How do you like this?

Запреты Индии

Attitude towards animals

Attitude towards animals in India is special. Obviously, everyone knows that a cow is considered a holy animal. She can calmly lie in the middle of the road, and the cars will wait a long time when she rises. Therefore, traffic jams can often be observed here. You do not have the right to even yell at the animal not to hit it. Previously, the punishment for such an act was to go through a ritual cleansing. It included the consumption of five products that a cow produces. These are: milk, butter, yogurt, urine and manure. Today, if you offended a cow, then you are guaranteed a fine. And for the murder - the prison.

For history and sightseeing lovers, there are special programs for visiting the country, for more details: Guided tours to India .

Нельзя брать с собой в храм кожаные предметы. Кто знает, а если их сделали из шкуры божественного животного? Тогда ваша кожаная сумочка будет восприниматься, как неуважение и оскорбление индийского народа.

Visiting temples in India

You should never go to the temples of India in shoes. She must be left in front of the temple. In order not to pick up any infection, it is better to put special shoe covers on your feet. They will protect against skin infections.

Religious buildings need to be bypassed only on the left side. There should be a hat on the head. If the temple has a tablet on which it is indicated that the temple is intended only for Hindus, then it is strictly forbidden to enter it. Everyone should guess that churches are not allowed to smoke.

On the sea coast

In the resorts of Goa there are many accidents due to people's ignorance of the features of the beach. What you need to know to prevent unpleasant moments?

· You can’t swim far, there is a strong ebb wave. This is observed at any time of the year. In the evening, it is even more dangerous to “have fun”.

· In the interval between June and September, it is undesirable to go far from the coast. You can be covered with a big wave or carried by a strong current. For those who are poorly able to swim, it is better to refuse bathing altogether. No need to take risks.

· If there is any problem while swimming, the Indians will not help, because even many of the fishermen simply do not know how to swim.

· It is forbidden to swim near the rocks in India. And children should always be kept in their field of vision.

· Here you can find jellyfish, sea snakes or poisonous fish. Their bite is not fatal, but can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is better not to touch them. If you see a wound, then you need to immediately treat it.

· You should not dive without glasses.

· India is a country of the tropics. Do not be surprised if you find poisonous insects, snakes or toads on the beach area. You must carefully watch what’s under your feet.

· You can’t lie on bare sand for the reason that there may be parasites.

Что запрещено делать в Индии

· Often cows and stray dogs can walk around the beach or other animals. Do not touch them with your hands, they can be frantic and the result of contact with them can be disastrous. If one of the animals licked you, it is urgent to wash this place in the ocean and treat it with alcohol.

· In no case should you even try half-baked fish. It may be infected with marine parasites. All this because in India it is forbidden to die . That's how good it is.

How to behave in a society in India, more details: Customs and traditions of India .

If you find yourself away

Suddenly, it so happened that someone invited you to visit. You can bring a present for your hosts. It may be some kind of Russian souvenir or just flowers. If flowers were chosen as a gift, then they should not be white. In India it is not allowed to give white flowers. They are intended only for funerals.

The color of the paper in which you wrap the gift is better to choose yellow, red or green. It is believed that these colors bring happiness to the house. And do not give something from genuine leather.

It is impolite to accept a gift from the owner with your left hand (remember that it is only for personal hygiene).

Like ours, you need to take off your shoes in the house.

You have to have it with your hands. Although residents of big cities use forks and spoons. You can not use your left hand to take food (even if you are left-handed).

The inhabitants of India are classified as curious people. Do not be surprised that they will ask you everything. They will be very pleased if you show your interest in their life.

Do not eat the food to the end. This will show the owners that you have remained hungry.

Funny laws of India

In India, like in any other country, there are funny laws. They are filled with humor and serve to cheer up. After all, this is a cheerful people. Some of them were mentioned before. Do you want to meet them? It is quite real, laugh at them and you.

In India, you cannot die if you have not washed the dishes. When can dirty dishes be allowed? Yes, never! Wash first, and then you can die. In India it is forbidden to eat ice cream by mouth. Then what is it? Or else such funny laws: in India it is forbidden to talk with elephants about politics or die with a policeman in the mouth. And here’s the right law: it’s forbidden to get sick until adulthood. And it would be better not to get sick at all. Let these laws lift your spirits and desire to see this extraordinary country.

Indians will be surprised and not understood by some acts of European people. But they will never answer with ignorance, because they are very warm about visitors. But everyone who wants to get acquainted with this unusual country needs to know the laws of the people living here so that they would not be ashamed of the wonderful Indian people.

History of India, video:

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    A lot of prohibitions that are generally incomprehensible to a Russian man, I rolled up jeans in the city right on the street, because they were dirty, they looked at me like some kind of killer, so before leaving I did not understand what was the matter ...

    Aug 23, 2014
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    And what is the truth you can’t eat ice cream in India?

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    don’t say, they would still forbid to live ...

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    All this was a long time ago. Frozen like eating with your mouth and everyone is eating. Do not write nonsense. 70% of what was said above the prohibitions, it doesn’t work now, especially in cities .. Maybe in the villages, yes ... So feel free to go to India and be so. like everyone else ... 21 century in the yard, India has become a modern country .. I live in India for many years, there’s nothing like that ..

    Dec 03, 2014