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В Индию самостоятельно фото

Independent tourist trips attract many travelers, because this type of tourism not only allows you to develop a unique travel route, but also significantly save on the services of a bureau or agency. With questions of independent trips to neighboring countries, everything is quite simple, but what if you want to travel independently to some distant and exotic country, such as India? This article will be about such an opportunity.

Independently to India: applying for a visa

The first and most important thing in an independent trip to any country in the world is obtaining a visa. Visa to India get the standard: at the embassy or consulate. A visa can last from one to six months. In addition, visas to enter India are single and multiple. When obtaining a visa, be sure to consider the fact that it is practically impossible to extend it in the country itself. Therefore, be sure to accurately calculate all the periods of your stay in India . An important point: an Indian visa starts to work from the day it was issued into your hands, and not from the moment you arrive in the country.

For getting a visa to India вам потребуется собрать следующие документы: заполненную заранее анкету, ваш заграничный паспорт, ксерокопию этого же паспорта, несколько цветных фотографий необходимого размера, авиабилеты в Индию и обратно, документы о бронировании гостиницы на весь срок пребывания, копию обычного паспорта и документ об оплате визового сбора. Решение о выдачи визы принимается сотрудниками посольства или консульства в течение 3-4 рабочих дней.

Preliminary planning of the travel route is an important part of preparing for independent travel to India .

The choice of route in India depends only on you and your preferences, and, of course, the time you plan to spend on the trip. If time and visa allow you to be leisurely, you can limit travel planning to the choice of several large Indian cities, and with more detailed routing you can already decide on the spot.

To properly plan your vacation in India and make a budget trip, you should know about the prices and features of the rest in the country, in more detail: Prices for tours to India .

Read all the information about the attractions of India you are interested in in advance and buy a map of the country. The seasons are also significant in travel to India . So, in the summer, for example, South India experiences a rainy season, and it will be extremely difficult to wander around its states, in the center of India, summer is associated with painful and unusual heat for a European, and North India in winter can surprise with cold.

Туристические места в Индии

The following is a brief description of the main tourist areas of India:

1. Goa. Goa is divided into two parts: North Goa and South Goa. In both parts there are a large number of beaches and hotels, but in North Goa the prices for services, products and goods are much lower than on the coast of the fashionable and elite South Goa.

2. Kerala - a paradise for tourists who want to learn practical Ayurveda and generally join the spiritual heritage of India.

3. North of India for those who want to see the amazing natural beauty of the Himalayan mountains, to visit the ancient temples of India. You can go to Rishikesh, Ladakh, Kashmir.

4. The most classic and popular option (and, by the way, quite good for the first independent trip to India) tour - voyage to the cities of the Golden Triangle , which includes Delhi, Agra, Jaipur.

How to buy tickets to India?

In general, there are many airlines offering their passengers flights to India . In Russia, the most popular is Aeroflot - Moscow-Delhi flight, but there are other carriers to India, information about which can be found on the Internet. By the way, it is also advisable to get acquainted with flight reviews there.

How to choose the right hotel for your stay in India?

Information about hotels in India can also be found on the Internet. It’s best to find a few possible accommodation options for every point on your trip. You should also know in advance about the availability of hot water and other amenities in your area. The average cost of living in a small hotel is 400 rupees per day. A pleasant moment in the independent choice of housing in India is that for the price of a room you can and should bargain.

Have a few copies of your passport with you to give them to the hotel administration, and the supply of color photographs is not out of place, because India is the land of frightened bureaucrats and is sometimes asked there in the most unexpected cases and places.

Путешествие в Индию

What to eat in India?

Contrary to the general belief that food needs to be taken with caution in India, the practice of experienced tourists shows that food is served in India of high quality. Always fresh vegetables and fruits, rice, specific sauces and hot bread. Do not want to get poisoned - just do not buy food in the shops on the street, eat in the cafe at the hotels.

Read more about prices in India in the article: How much does a ticket to India cost .

Be prepared for the fact that in some places in India you will not find meat dishes at all, this is due to the increased religiosity of certain regions of the country.

You will need to get used to to the abundance of spices and the unusual taste of water, as well as the complete absence of beef dishes - a cow in India - a sacred animal and its killing - a mortal sin.

About try the following dishes of national cuisine: dal (a specific stew of a wide variety of legumes), alu gobi, all kinds of Indian cakes, sabji and curry.

What else do you need to know about India when you go on your first independent trip?

The main thing is not to believe the rumors of unprecedented dirt and poverty in which Indians live: any home indigenous Indian is neat and tidy, and the poor in the classical understanding of the word, in India there is no general. People are happy with their lifestyle and this satisfaction is largely due to the mentality and caste traditions.

You will not meet dancing people in India, as Bollywood shows with enviable tenacity in your films, but there are a lot of Indians singing. Hindus love to sing and just like that, and in front of the TV, singing along to music from the series or broadcast.

Do not be afraid of street beggars. They are, of course, intrusive, but it is easy to get rid of them by loudly saying the word “police”. Any professional beggar or shame would not want troubles with the law.

To Europeans in India are friendly, even in those areas where they are rarely seen. Of particular interest to Indians in such places are female representatives who are dressed too defiantly, so travelers should dress more modestly.

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