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Do I need a visa to India ? Of course a visa to India is needed , as in many other countries. For Russians, paperwork takes place at the Consulate General of India in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok. Documents are submitted through Visa Application Center of India and does not take much time. When traveling to the resorts of Goa, a visa can be obtained directly at the airport. However, at the same time, you will be taken away from your passport for storage at customs and returned only upon departure from the country. This is convenient enough if you are not going to travel around the country, but are only going to relax on the beach and in the hotel. A visa is issued quickly enough, and the whole procedure will take no more than three to four days. As a rule, Indian authorities issue an entry visa for six months. Three? Four one-time. If you yourself are going to draw up documents, you should know that your passport must have a validity period of at least six months. It should have at least two blank pages.

Mandatory copy of the page with personal data. The questionnaire in duplicate is filled in personally by the applicant and must be signed in two places on each sheet. Under your photo and at the end of the questionnaire. One color photo three and a half by four. When manufacturing, you need to warn the photographer that this is for a visa. They take pictures in a special way.

You need a voucher from a travel agency where you buy a ticket or confirmation from the hotel that you have a room booked. Make a copy of your internal passport, always with a photo and registration. Copies of round-trip air tickets. If you are flying with a child, then a copy of the birth certificate and permission from the second parent to travel abroad are required. Citizens of our country can freely mix throughout India. In addition to military places. There are very few such places, but they still exist. These are mainly border areas. Such places should be avoided in order not to have problems with the local authorities later.

Visa to India upon arrival

It is possible to apply for a visa to India upon arrival right at the airport. Such paper is called TLF \ TLP You can apply for a similar visa at Dabolim Airport. It opens if you are traveling in a group of at least four people. In this case, you need to specify the place of residence and routes of movement. With the exact time. If you are a family on vacation in Goa, then this method is very convenient.

Путешествие в Индию виза

But at the same time you will be taken away your passport, and get it back only when you wash from the country. If you just eat as part of a group of vacationers, then the immigration service should apply in advance. With an accurate indication of the number of groups and personal data and the exact passport numbers of all members of this group. After that, you can move around the country only as part of this group. Your passport will be stored in the immigration service, and will be issued only after returning the TLF \ TLP form. For registration of such permission you need to pay forty dollars. Any other methods of obtaining permits are illegal. But in fact, there are many travel agencies designing fake group tours. Contacting them is easy enough. It is possible through Russian travel agencies, or you can directly yourself. The cost of such a visa will range from one hundred twenty to one hundred and eighty dollars. The price depends on the services of an intermediary. For registration, you need to send a copy of the passport a day before departure and your last name. At the airport you will be met by a representative of the intermediary company and will handle the paperwork. You can pay for the service both in cash and in a travel agency in Russia associated with an intermediary. Further, the tourist can freely stay in the state; he will receive a passport upon departure. It is not possible to obtain an entry permit in any other way. The best way to get a visa to India is to go to a travel agency to pay the money due to them for work and be sure that you will not have any problems with the law and your vacation will not be spoiled at the last moment.

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India Visa Application Center in Moscow

In April, two thousand fourteen opened new Visa Application Center of India in Moscow on Novy Arbat. He wakes up from ten in the morning until seventeen in the evening.

Every day except weekends and public holidays. The consular fee is one thousand six hundred rubles. The service fee is one hundred and thirty-five rubles.

Beginning on June twenty-fifth of the twelfth year, everyone applying for a visa must fill out an online application form on the website of the Government of India. || | 206

После этого распечатать её и приносит в консульство с сопутствующими документами. Кроме туристических виз в Индию можно получить бизнес визу. Этот вид визы позволяет находиться в стране без выезда сроком до полу года. В случае если претендент работает на индийскую фирму, то можно находиться в стране без выезда сроком до пяти лет. Для этого нужно предоставить в консульский отдел копию контракта предоставляющего работу. В остальном, набор документов,ничем не отличается от туристического. Ждать рабочую визу, нужно будет, до двух недель. Этот документ позволяет заниматься бизнесом на территории Индии. Создавать совместные предприятия. Призван стимулировать экономику страны. При получении проездных документов, нужно быть внимательным. Проверять все документы не выходя из турфирмы. Может получиться, так, что срок визы заканчивается за день до вылета в страну. Существует также въездная виза.Она выдаётся тем, кто был рождён в Индии,но проживает на территории другого государства постоянно. Не имеет гражданства Индии. Для получения данного документа кроме обычного набора бумаг, нужно представить документы подтверждающие право на получение данного вида визы. Существует так же журналистская виза, но её получить пожалуй, труднее всего. Власти с большим подозрением относятся к иностранным журналистам. Например, ели нужно снять фильм об Индии то обязательно нужно пройти собеседование с властями по этому поводу, где обязательно нужно указывать маршрут движения. К журналисту будет, приставлен сопровождающий. Для того, чтобы этот маршрут не нарушался.

Получение гражданства в Индию

Obtaining citizenship in India

In general, it is much easier to just renew a visa. Since Indian officials are the most impenetrable brethren in the world. It is necessary to draw up a huge amount of papers. Pass the Hindi exam. And live without a break at least ten years in the country. Marriage does not give an automatic right to citizenship, but this way you can easily get a long-term visa with the opportunity to work in the country. But a long-term visa is quite possible to get in a simpler way.

If you have the money, the desire to work, then there is always the opportunity, how to get a visa to India long-term. Until recently, there were so-called yoga visas.

On them it was possible to go to study spiritual practices. Now this is not, a simple student visa is issued. All documents are issued as for study in India. This is about the same as a conference visa. We need all the usual documents, plus an invitation to the conference where you are going to speak. Religious organizations can invite employees for a long time on a missionary visa. If there is such an invitation, in writing, this organization undertakes to accommodate the missionary and provide him with material support. All papers are sent to the consulate fax. The invitee should bring the usual list of documents. After arriving in India after six months, you must register at the registration office of foreigners. You must do this in the area of ​​work.

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Refusal to issue a visa to India

Such cases are very rare. Most often, visas are reluctantly issued to media workers. In India, they do not like the consecration of their problems in the press of others. And there are enough of them. Single women, so the authorities are trying to fight prostitution. Although in a country with a billion people and centuries-old traditions of free love, it looks a little strange. The main applicants for refusal, of course, are people who violate the immigration laws of India. Thanks to what got on a note of special services. Purely abstract, we can assume that the visa will not be given due to the recent return from the country. In practice, this never happens. You can, the day after your return, turn to the consular department and they will give you a visa. In a country where tourism is the main part of state revenue, this is in the order of things.

Индия виза

Obtaining a visa to India through a travel agency

The easiest and most reliable way is to order a visa through a travel agency. This will help get rid of standing in lines, losing valuable time. If you do not live in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok, then this is also much more economical. Since it will not be necessary to travel to these cities and do the design yourself. Travel agencies usually take twenty dollars for a tourist visa, up to one hundred dollars for applying for a visa to India for half a year or to work in the country. There are times when a visa is needed tomorrow, you need to be prepared to pay three times as much. The set of documents is no different from how to do a visa to India yourself . Payment at the embassy also does not change; you just need to pay for the tour operator. An invitation from the company makes it possible to obtain a work visa, but it must be duplicated in a farcical copy at the consulate. A private invitation does not give any privileges; you can get only a regular tourist visa. True, in this case, hotel reservations are not required.

Student visas to India

Obtaining such a visa is quite simple. It is necessary to provide a confirmation of admission to study with the usual set of documents. This can be not only a higher educational institution, but also a religious organization engaged in spiritual practices. There are a huge number of such organizations in India. The only condition is written confirmation that this organization assumes financial responsibility for your stay in the country. It also undertakes to pay for your departure from the country if necessary. A similar visa can be issued for up to five years. If sufficient funds are available, it can be used for permanent residence in the country. The local authorities are only concerned about one thing, no matter what you join the ranks of the homeless.

After arrival, you must register at the place of study.

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