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The concept of time is universal. Therefore, it is possible to accurately calculate the difference, for example, between time in Moscow and Delhi. Going on vacation. On the Hindustan Peninsula, you need to clarify what time zones are there and how different time in India , from ours.

The time difference between Moscow and India

Now, the time difference with India in Moscow is one hour thirty minutes. If in Moscow it’s midnight, then in Delhi it’s one hour thirty minutes in the night. When traveling, this must be taken into account. Although our country is large, that during flights, usually many time zones intersect. And the time difference is very significant. Therefore, an hour and a half when flying to India are not significant. Throughout the country, the Indians have one universal time UTC + 5.30. Based on the philosophical views of the Indians, the passage of time does not matter much. They can sit for hours in the lotus position and meditate. Absolutely not noticing the passage of time. Those who go to India to study yoga or Ayurveda, may not take hours with them at all. Have to live at the school, which takes the student. And the first thing that the gurus leading these courses will do, they will set up the internal biological clock. The human body. That is, to get up and go to bed in the sun. Abundant food when doing yoga is also not welcome, so it is impossible to be late for a meal.

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Current time in India

Having visited this country, there is an absolute feeling that it is not moving here. Many beautiful temples, which are not one thousand years old, inevitably lead to the idea of ​​how ephemeral everything is. The stones of some monasteries and buildings remember how the feet of the great saints and commanders walked on them. The Maharajas, who were considered immortal, have sunk into oblivion, and the palaces they have built still stand. Especially strongly felt the passage of time in the mountains. Having visited the Himalayas and looked at the proud mountain peaks, you understand that Buddha himself could once look at them. Since then, for the mountains, nothing has changed. Only humanity is swarming at their feet, trying to do their thing. Mountains stand and do not notice this fuss. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so many monasteries in the spurs of the Himalayas. So that the monks, contemplating the eternal snows lying on the mountain peaks, could more easily understand themselves. One of the stages of self-improvement of Buddhist monks is the moment. When the applicant is tightly closed in a cave, one, absolutely without light, with one cup of water. After a week it is opened and it can say day and hour with accuracy, to the second. A person, for the most part, looks at his watch continuously constantly somewhere late. Yogis can sit in the lotus position for weeks, contemplating their inner world.

Часовой пояс Индии

Therefore, when going on vacation to the shores of the Hindustan Peninsula, you need to know only one time. The flight time of an airplane to rest, the sea, tanned beautiful people. Upon arrival, ask the hotel receptionist to warn, one day, about the end of the rest in order to collect. Then go to the beach, leaving a memory of the clock, time zones, before returning to work. Knowing firmly that morning is when the sun rises, and evening when it sets. Eat when the body asks. Sleep when you get tired. Such a passage of time will bring great benefits to the body. All fatigue and fussiness will fly off like a husk. A person will be in time everywhere and will be able to achieve much.

Traveling in India you can notice that many Indians do not wear watches. This is not because they do not have the funds for this accessory. Just many of them do not see the need for this subject. I am proud to show my Swiss watches to the indigenous people, it is often possible to notice that this does not make any impression on them. They simply do not understand why it was possible to spend such an amount of money on such a useless item. Probably, for this, for all of India, there is only one time zone. The Indians simply believe that this is a lot. There are, of course, people in India engaged in business politics.

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There are exact sciences

People are forced to use the clock so as not to be late for meetings, to follow some important processes. But for the most part, they are not as respectful as the Europeans. Perhaps that is why they are developing so successfully than we are. Their civilizations are many thousands of years old, and the structure of life has not changed much, it seems that time has stopped here. Of course, they launch rockets, they work a lot. But somehow they get it slowly. The rhythm of life on the streets is quite active, but if you look closely you notice that even street silence is slow. Like the Ganges Current, which carries its waters along many cities of India. A person can lie down to rest right on the street and sleep peacefully. Not because they have nowhere to go, but simply because they are tired and just at that moment they want to relax. None of the locals does not cause no conviction or surprise. Therefore, holidays in India can be carried out without regard to time. Having returned home, once again plunged into the daily bustle, you can recall the clock. Dressing them again at their howl, remember the great time on the beaches of Goa or Kerela when the number of hours and minutes did not matter. There was only beautiful clean air. And the feeling of cosmic calm, when at night lying on the seashore, you look at the stars and imbued with universal calm.

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