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History Yoga in India rooted deep in the past. On some documents and seals dating from the third millennium BC, there are images of people sitting in the characteristic poses of asanas. Hindus believe that the Gods gave this teaching to people so that the most worthy can live among them. It is understood that these practices change the world’s perception of a person so much that earthly needs become incomprehensible to him and foreign. He begins to see the world around him in a completely different plane. Yoga, through the work of the individual with the body and spirit, allows you to bring the state of a person to a higher level. Usually, yoga is done by people seeking to improve their physical and spiritual condition. Through meditation, breathing exercises. Man leads to balance, subtle, internal forces of the body and gross, external. Achieving balance, a person goes to another level of being. The bishops, from yogis, can, for many days, do without food and water, eating exclusively prana. Prana is the energy of the universe that is around us.

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It does not need production, storage, If you learn to consume it, then humanity can approach the state of the gods. The entire pantheon of ancient Indian deities was fed exclusively by prana, due to which they were immortal and very strong. But the achievement of spiritual balance, involves everyday work, on your body and spirit. Not everyone can go this route. Now, many yoga schools in India mainly teach their students breathing and the ability to meditate, focusing on the internal currents of energy. The main thing is to learn to get rid of muscle and spiritual blocks that do not allow prana to move freely throughout the body. By learning this, a person can move on to more complex practices, as his body will be ready for it. There are many different directions in the yoga school. All of them were developed by different people who came to some results due to hatha yoga classes.

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Ashtanga vinyasa yoga

This method is based on the powerful and dynamic execution of assans. It is directly related to breathing and movement. The ability of the individual to concentrate his consciousness on certain energy nodes and points. Pattabhi Joyce first described the basics of this practice in the year nineteen fifty-eighth. It was translated into Russian, in nineteen ninety-nine. Immediately gained immense popularity among many admirers of yoga. Very many, famous people of our time, practice this style. This includes Madonna, Sting, Tom Cruise and many other artists and politicians from around the world. Ashtanga practice implies that a person must have good physical fitness. If he has not been engaged in elementary physical activities for a long time, then even the most simple exercises can lead to unnecessary stress and injury. Therefore, in all schools involved in such practices, they zealously monitor the physical preparation of applicants.

Iyengar Yoga

This school is also very popular throughout the world and has a huge number of admirers. It is based on a method of very careful selection of assans. Step by step building it. It is necessary to learn, very correctly, to position the arms, legs, down to each finger. Also at this school the use of improvised means, such as belts, blankets or even bricks, is allowed. The main thing is that a person can perform Assana, even without good physical preparation. Over time, I could move on to more difficult activities. Iyengar, very well suited to all beginners of classes. Especially if before that a person led a sedentary lifestyle. At this school, the main thing is patience and determination. Gradually, mastering more and more new assans, you can feel how your body is changing. This technique, described in many works published in different languages, in different countries.

Yoga tours to India

The constantly growing interest among many people in yoga classes has generated such a concept as | || 198 йога туры в Индию . A group of people showing a common interest in a lesson in one of the schools in India makes an agreement and leaves for training. At one time, there was even such a thing as yoga visa . The main thing is that the school takes responsibility for the accommodation and meals of this group for the entire duration of the training. Now there are no such special visas. Simple student visas are issued. Age does not matter.

Йога туры в Индию

Yoga can be practiced at any age. It is only necessary to choose the location of this school, in which a person wants to study. You can start familiarizing yourself with these practices with short-term workshops. They will provide an opportunity to better understand the essence and purpose of this teaching. After that, under the control of the masters, choose a direction and then begin to study more closely all the mysteries of this method of mental and physical perfection. Yoga is the ability to stop and control the constant and useless flow of thoughts. The ability to direct these thoughts in the right direction for the body. Going to yoga tour to India , you must sincerely want this. You need to understand that you are not going to have fun, not on an excursion. The rules in the ashram can be quite stringent and a person should go for it consciously.

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You need to have good command of spoken English, so how teaching is exclusively in this language. You need to understand that once in the ashram you can’t drink alcohol, smoke or eat meat. In addition to all kinds of courses and schools designed for beginners, in India there are universities involved in the training of highly qualified specialists in teaching yoga. One of these is the Himalayan Yoga Academy. For several courses, teachers of the highest category and masters of yoga practices will help you master this art and get a good education in this direction. Payment for these classes, it can be very different, everything will depend on the chosen method of study. One thing is for sure, by starting these classes you can expect a change in your well-being for the better. You can do yoga just by visiting any of the resorts in India, in order to familiarize yourself with these practices, you can attend some introductory courses, of which there are a great many, in any resort town. If tired of daily entertainment, you want to improve your health, you can do this at any time.

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  • Аватар пользователя Сергей

    several times I tried to seriously do yoga, but for a long time I was missing, although I liked it, I don’t understand why.

    Aug 22, 2014
  • Аватар пользователя оля

    After a trip to India in 2007, I still practice yoga to this day, for me it's already like life, not I imagine my existence without it.

    Aug 23, 2014
  • Аватар пользователя lina

    again a matter of preference, for example I can sit and breathe for half an hour and not think about anything, for me this is boredom ...

    Aug 23, 2014
  • Аватар пользователя zara

    there are no friends to taste and color ... I love yoga, it calms me very much ...

    Aug 25, 2014
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