Animals of India

Животные Индии фото

In India - a special attitude to all animals. Hinduism influenced this. According to this cult, violence against animals means to challenge God himself, because the gods rode animals. Hindus believe in reincarnation. According to this belief, the soul of any deceased can move into an animal. And no one wants such a fate for themselves.

The attitude towards the cow in India

The Indian people are especially cautious towards the cow. It is considered a sacred animal in India . They honor her as Mother, who, together with her milk, gives Life to all living on this Earth. Therefore, it is accepted as a full member of society among the Indian people. It is forbidden to beat. You can meet her even in an expensive restaurant. The owner of the restaurant will not be indignant. He will give the sacred cow something tasty and calmly lead such a “guest” to the exit. A cow in India can freely feel right on the roadway. And all the drivers will go around it until the animal itself moves to another place. For the murder of the sacred cow in India can be sentenced to 15 years in prison. And the person who did this will worry more not because he faces a prison. He will be sure that he destroyed his karma several lives in advance, killing sacred animal in India .

This animal behaves like a real one mother. She is the nurse for people. Is it possible to kill your mother in order to saturate yourself with her meat? For all believing Hindus, this is extreme savagery. Therefore, none of them can afford to eat cow meat. Protecting a sacred cow in India, man protects God himself. Many prayers have been dedicated to her.

Cows can walk on Indian beaches. Interestingly, cows in India do not moo like ours. They rather growl. Their sound is more like a tiger growling.

When a cow grows old, many people simply drive it out into the street. The Indians believe that they must make a large donation if the animal died at their home. Since such expenses are not for everyone, it is easier to let the animal go. So poor homeless animals sit on the roadway, forming traffic jams.

Слон – символ Индии

Elephant is a symbol of India

A clumsy, at first glance, animal is endowed with a visionary mind and quick reaction. The elephant in India was a reliable support and provided tremendous assistance in the everyday life of Indians. He carried heavy loads. It was a reliable vehicle in difficult terrain. This animal was caught in wild places and taught to obey humans. In captivity, elephants reproduced well, but they were taken to help only after seven years of age. Despite the fact that they are large animals, but up to the age of seven elephants are considered weak and unable to do work.

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Elephants were used in wars. They wore military uniforms and they made a terrible impression on the enemy. It is thanks to these animals that in ancient times managed to make the soldiers of Alexander the Great flee.

Ever since the distant past the elephant in India was the personification of wisdom, strength and prudence. His figure serves as the emblem of royal power. It is this animal that is a symbol of those qualities that the head of the executive branch should have: a sense of superiority, a penetrating mind, mentality, patience and friendliness.

The veneration of snakes in India

Only in this country snakes live so freely. You can meet snakes in India everywhere, even a multi-star hotel can have such a “guest”. During the monsoon rains, water fills their homes, and then many snakes appear in people's homes. Faced with a snake in his house, the Hindu does not throw a stick at her. He will try to convince the snake to leave his home. If she does not want to do this, the owner will call for the help of the snake charmer. And no one will be surprised, because the snake is also considered sacred animals of India . The caster's profession is dying. For his work, this man received only up to 40 rupees per day. This money is absolutely not enough to provide your family with the necessary means of living. In addition, people who practice the spell develop severe pulmonary disease. According to doctors, this is because, playing a special instrument, a person overextends the lungs. These people are slightly changing their direction in business. They create small groups that catch snakes in big cities. Indeed, from the bite snakes in India a wide circle of people dies.

The cobra is considered the most dangerous snake. After she bit, everyone wants to sleep. Then the speech becomes confused, there is clouding in the mind, respiratory muscles are paralyzed, resulting in death.

The bite of a coral snake and green viper, which are found in the north-eastern part of India, is also fatal. Of course, there are vaccines against the bite of these snakes, but it is not always possible to apply them on time.

In India, two hundred and sixteen species of snakes. Of these, fifty-two species are considered poisonous. Therefore, you must be very careful in this country.

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A split bamboo stick serves as a tool for trapping these creatures. People using this simple tool catch snakes, take them out of the city and set them free.

Проблема с собаками в Индии

The problem with dogs

Very interesting dogs in India. For some reason, they all have elongated muzzles and multi-speaking eyes. Dogs have almost the same rights as their owner, who is often chosen for themselves. Dogs can meet and accompany a person on the beach area. They are not begging for anything, but they are affably trying to look into their eyes. If a person liked this dog, she can put her head on his lap, recognizing her friend in him. Dogs can often be seen on the pillars in front of the villa. The height of the pillars is two meters. How do they end up there? This is also a mystery to Indians.

But the most unusual and interesting thing is how dogs escort the sun. To do this, they go to the ocean, find themselves a comfortable place under the palm trees and concentrate their eyes on the setting sun. Silently they watch the game between the light and the ocean. Once the sun disappears, the dogs silently rise and leave for the night. Looking at them, doubts that they were human in their past lives disappear.

In India, unfortunately, the largest number of stray dogs in the world. And this is a huge problem for the whole country, because approximately 20,000 people die from rabies every year. In remote rural areas (where people are not educated) there is an opinion that after a bite you can get pregnant from a dog. And many believe in this, so their behavior becomes very strange. People say that puppies grow inside them and even begin to bark. Instead of going to professional doctors, they go to the healer. And he gives his instructions, with the help of which puppies supposedly “dissolve and exit” through the digestive tract.

Amazing Indian cats

Indian cats are also different from our ordinary cats. They all have an elongated muzzle; cows and dogs have the same shape. You will not hear from the Indian cat a gentle purr or habitual meow. They growl impetuously, like cows do. Have the character of a pronounced melancholy.

Тигры в Индии

Tigers in India

Previously, there were tens of thousands of tigers in this country. At night, people were afraid to move far from the lights, so as not to become a tidbit for the tiger. There is a person’s fault in the fact that a greater number of tigers turned into cannibals. Often, a bullet did not immediately kill the beast, but only wounded him. The wounded and weakened beast could hunt only for weak prey. The man himself turned out to be this prey.

The Champavat tigress is distinguished as the most dangerous. On her account more than 400 dead. She was killed by the famous hunt Jim Corbett.

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The Bengal tiger is famous for its beauty and popularity. Its habitat is the Himalayan mountains, forests, plains and plateaus.

Today, wildlife does not contain a large number of these beautiful animals. Now they are protected, so their number began to increase again.

Monkeys and problems from them

The Indian people favored the monkeys, considering them also sacred individuals. These animals simply filled the entire space in the cities. They are far from harmless. Monkeys often bite people and harm their homes. A flock of monkeys grimaces to passers-by, takes food from them and takes away their hats. Therefore, they are caught. But these animals are smart enough and catching them is not so simple. Nevertheless, people are merciful to the monkeys, feeding them. Those monkeys that they managed to catch and take out of the city, after some time come back.

Обезьяны и проблемы от них

Pig toilet

Pigs are far from stupid animals. Saving themselves from hunger, they devour everything that comes before them. They don’t disdain even inedible food, eating garbage waste and even excrement of people.

A regular village toilet over a dug pit, which is connected to the pigsty, serves as a pig’s lavatory in Goa. All pigs devour everything that does not fall into their trough. Such toilets are still in India today.

Indian vultures

Nature created them like garbage men. Thanks to the huge wings, they can circle for hours on earth. Their beaks can dig up and devour the flesh. These birds play an important role in ecology.

Twenty years ago there were a huge number of them in India. Then they began to die out due to an incomprehensible kidney disease. They almost disappeared. They found that the cause of their death was diclofenac. This drug was given to cows for pain relief. Eating the corpses of cows, the body of the vultures could not cope with this medicine and they died. Indian authorities have banned the use of this drug because rats and wild dogs have taken the place of vultures. This has led to a surge in disease among people.

Very diverse and unique in its own way fauna of India . It is filled with cheetahs and jackals, elephants and camels, deer, bears, tigers and many other animals. In total there are 350 types of mammals, about 1200 different species of birds and 20,000 species of insects. The richest fauna in this country.

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